Who’s holding us back?

An overview of the game called "Planet Earth, Present Time"


The following article gives a very apt insight into the state of play on this planet at this time – an overview, if you will, of the game in progress.

It is an important overview in terms of understanding the game’s twists and turns, which can appear confusing if not seen in its broader context.

A case in point is the ongoing Coronavirus psyop directed against burgeoning human civilisation.

In a nutshell ,what the author refers to as “The Elite” is an “aristocracy “that has evolved over the past couple of hundred years or so.

In similar vein to the pre-Revolution French Aristos or the Roman Patrician class, it has degenerated into a criminal cartel and from its perspective the ideal state for the rest of humanity is that of cowed and malleable sheep or cattle.

Examples of its efforts to cow humanity, some of which are alluded to it the article, are many. They amount to an effort to hold back the human community – to keep it sick, demoralised, divided and afraid – as it evolves and grows.

Yet humanity, evidently,  refuses to be cowed and kicks back against efforts to treat it as a herd and things have not gone as this aristocracy would have liked. The planet is changing. The peasantry insist on prospering and flourishing despite all efforts to prevent it.

And the Aristos are getting very jittery.

It may well be that in terms of the aristocracy’s effort to bend humanity to its will and reassert control, the Coronavirus Psyop is as last desperate and somewhat clumsy  throw of the dice.

Well, if not the very last, desperate in any case. And all it has succeeded in doing is waking up more and more people.

The  swift and powerful – and growing –  kickback against it is extremely encouraging from our point of view and terrifying from the point of view of the elite.

Take heart.

Pile on the pressure.


You are winning.


The Elite Prevent the Bright Future of Humankind

The elite deceive people to take power from them. Once people accept their deception, they can hardly see the truth, and then they cannot escape from their problems. This article addresses these issues and offers the solution.

The elite has emerged from the industrial revolution in the last three centuries. They dominate countries and people with the financial power they acquired. The elite have learned through history that suppressing people may initiate rebellion, which could take power from them and even their lives. They found it convenient to hide their power behind expendable politicians they control through the wealth they accumulated. The elite have no less authority than dictators who openly ruled people, but their control over people is much more secure and stable. People cannot remove the elite from power simply because they do not know them.

This article claims that establishing equal human rights will take power from the elite. Equal human rights will solve social problems and build a bright future for humankind.

Fake democracy

The elite have established liberal democracy as the best political choice of the people, by the people, for the people, and the people have accepted it. But this is false. The political system, the elite have established only follows their best interests.

Liberal democracy enables people to elect politicians who are supposed to represent their interests. However, politicians need money to be elected, and they can get it almost only from the elite. All problems of democracy start here. By accepting the money from the elite, politicians have to obey the elite. As a result, we have a democracy that follows the interests of the elite and not of people. Such democracy is a hidden dictatorship. The elite use politicians to oppress and exploit people the same way dictators did. The elite even force politicians to wage wars and colonize countries to profit from it.

For example, I have analyzed the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia and found that it happened because the elite wanted to spread their power to Eastern Europe. President Clinton must have refused to attack Yugoslavia, so the elite blackmailed him with the Lewinsky case. The elite also had to manipulate the American Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, Grand Jury and media for more than a year to be able to attack Yugoslavia. I have thoroughly elaborated on the aggression on Yugoslavia on my web site, but it never became well known because the media did not want to present it.

Two years later, the media suddenly decided to accuse the US government of the 9/11 terrorist attack without a shred of evidence about it. The massive false allegations against the US government convinced approximately half of the American people. It must have cost billions of dollars. Most likely, the elite has paid this amount to hide their involvement in 9/11. The elite used this terrorist attack to organize the aggressions and take control of Iraq and Afghanistan. It also brought them trillions of dollars in profits. People still do not have a clue about what happened on 9/11.

The elite are masters of deception. In the article  The Conspiracy of the World Exposed, I have presented the creativity of the elite in forcing the American presidents to commit crimes and their mastership in deceiving people about it. The elite have all the political power, and the liberal democracy established by them is a fraud.

Fake sciences

The elite preserve their power in society by imposing knowledge on people. They need scientists to propagate knowledge that helps them stay in control, and scientists help them because they depend on the elite. Scientists normally improve the world we live in, but social scientists never do because every improvement of society requires taking power from the elite, and the elite do not let it happen.

The elite have established capitalism and present it as the best social system. And this is true, but only because nobody is allowed to offer solutions that might improve or replace capitalism. The whole philosophy of capitalism is to let capitalists profit through the exploitation of workers. Sociologists who are social scientists as well, justify their existence by criticizing capitalism as an unjust system. However, under the control of the elite, they could not successfully search for theoretical solutions that might improve or replace capitalism even though creating good capitalism is not difficult at all.

Instead, sociologists support teachings that help capitalism survive. The elite has encouraged sociologists to support Marxism, the most prominent leftist ideology because they knew in advance that Marxism would not work and could not replace capitalism. History has proven it. If Marxism were able to replace capitalism, the elite would ban it, and not one Marxist would be able to propagate Marxism freely. People would not even know that Marx existed. I have explained it in the article  Marx still prevents the progress of society.

Karl Marx was made famous by the elite. It shows that the elite are well capable of deceiving the highest intellectuals. The elite have selected and supported false social sciences to stop the development of society. Social scientists become prominent when they successfully promote useless or wrong social knowledge. The development of social sciences is always based on references to its predecessors. When the predecessors are wrong, social sciences are wrong no matter what.

Social science has failed to answer the fundamental question: What constitutes a good and bad society? The answer to this question is not only crucial for the development of society, but it is also very simple. Equal human rights are the answer to all social problems, but social scientists have never tried to discover it. Social sciences are fake.

Schools teach fake knowledge the social scientists provide and became factories for producing social powerlessness. They prevent people from finding solutions to social problems. Schools control and imprison the thoughts of students, which alienate them from reality. The prime purpose of schools is to teach obedience, which can hardly contribute to the development of society. I wrote more about in the article  My Clash with Sciences.

Fake media

The elite control the information coming to people by owning the mainstream media. So-called independent media need money for their operations, which they can get from the elite only because nobody else has it. They pay this support by being obedient to the elite. The elite pursue their private interests by cheating on people where ever we turn. As a result, people live in an artificial reality.

Nobody else but the elite have both the interest and the power to create the chemtrail, flat-Earth, singularity, AI, 5G, UBI, and other conspiracies. UBI is included as well, even though nobody recognizes it. Media owned by the elite encourages UBI. But the fact is, the elite hesitate to increase the minimum wage of American workers by one dollar. How could they possibly agree to provide approximately 50 times more money for $1,000 UBI? The elite produce such conspiracies to make people busy with useless issues. The elite cheat on people, confuse, confront, and demoralize people to make them easy prey to their ruling.

I will present on the issue of global warming how masterfully the elite deceive people. They give media time to the most anxious experts of global warming to express their concern to people. It has created the impression that they speak in the name of the whole science. Besides, the Sahara desert indeed expands, and the Arctic shrinks as a result of global warming, giving the strength to their claim. On the other hand, a large number of scientists believe the problem of global warming is exaggerated. However, the elite who have produced all of the noise about global warming do not care about it at all. They use global warming to establish new rules which will strengthen their power in the world. Global warming is about reducing CO2 production, which is welcome, but the elite use it to prevent emerging economic forces in the world, especially in developing countries.

Social media is under the control of the elite as well. I often use Facebook groups to present my articles by hyperlinking them from my web sites. My pieces used to get attention in Facebook groups, but recently Facebook decided to block them. Readers who want to open the links to my articles get an error message. Facebook perfidiously let only me open these articles with the same link other people could not. I did not know it, so my posting of articles was useless. The lack of readers’ responses gave me the impression that my pieces were not attractive to people anymore. Facebook is filthy in following the interests of the elite.

Google blocks the search for my writings. If you search “Sarovic” on Google, you will find my daughter on the list before me even though she has only three public records. A few years ago, my last name held the first ten pages in Google. Google has recently blocked my web site www.sarovic.com from its search engine, but then I prevented Google analysts from reading me by blocking every Google IP address that visited my web site. Taking into account that they also work for the CIA and were not able to read me anymore, Google returned my web site to their search engine, and only then I let the CIA, my most loyal reader, read my work again.

Even in the last millennium, I was approached in soc.culture.something with an offer to earn good money for writing for the elite. I was contacted by mistake, but it told me then that the smallest segments of the information industry were organized by the elite to deceive people. When you see persistent reporting coming from everywhere without a particular reason, you may be well aware the elite have decided to fool you.

It does not mean that the elite have full control over the media. I was able to publish articles in the western world, but by the influence of the elite, people can hardly distinguish the importance of my articles, and they drown in the massive amount of propaganda created by the elite.

Fake life

The elite have initiated all events and talks in the Western World. They prevent any topic which may obstruct their interests. Nothing can reach people if it does not pass the filters of the elite. The elite have taught us everything we know. This means we think the way the elite make us think. We are what the elite have made us become, not what we are supposed to be by our proper nature. We are fake.

Politics, social sciences, and media are designed to weaken people and strengthen the elite. That means that regardless of what people do, they can do nothing to escape the oppression of the elite. This is the reason nothing changes. Today’s politics is an authoritarian dictatorship that prevents people from freedom of creating and meeting their needs. When people cannot satisfy their needs, they become destructive. This is the reason we live in a destructive society.

If we love baseball, democracy, money, or God, this is because the elite have made us love it. People hardly get a chance to love something if the elite do not let them, despite people believing that they have free will. The point is, people may only choose from the options that the elite give them and then whatever people do on the top of it is just developing the will of the elite. People do not have an idea of how to escape a lousy society and reach a bright future.

The bright future of humankind can be based on equal human rights only

All the social problems have their origin in authorities, and an escape from all social challenges lies in everything opposite from authorities. This is equal human rights. Equal human rights are everything we need to create a bright future for humankind.

History has already shown us that equal human rights are a desirable solution for humankind. The UN has acknowledged it by the declaration of human rights, but this declaration does not give power to people. People still depend on authorities everywhere so that they cannot create a good society.

Equal human rights must give equal opportunities to all people. It should not be rocket science to define what equal opportunities are supposed to mean. Everyone can come up with the idea alone if they eliminate all opportunities that are not equal and try to imagine their replacements. The solution to the problem is quite simple, and yet, society has never defined equal human rights.

Equal human rights have to give the same power to everyone. To achieve this goal, we need to rethink the knowledge authorities have imposed on humankind throughout history and start setting a new one from the foundation. I did it, and it allowed me to identify the bright future of humanity. Equal human rights will create a good society by giving equal opportunities to everyone. It will create an entirely different life to this one the elite have created for us.

I have defined equal human rights in the one-page article here in Duran. I have also introduced the implementation process of equal human rights in the trilogy of articles Good CapitalismGood Socialism, and Good Communism. The whole new social system is thoroughly presented in my book Humanism – A Philosophic-Ethical-Political-Economic Study of the Development of the Society.

I was able to define the bright future of humankind because I skipped all the alienated knowledge authorities have built throughout the history of humanity. I did not find scientific references useful for my work, so I had to define everything from the beginning. It empowered me with the conclusion on how to bring a better life to everyone, including those who have the power today. Oddly, people have difficulties in accepting a better life.

I have informed thousands of social scientists about my achievement, but they did not take my work enthusiastically. They would need to forget everything they learned from the authoritarian system of education to consider my work, and they do not want it. When I compare ideologies such as anarchismsocialism, or Christianity with my philosophy; anarchists, socialists, and Christians do not appreciate my effort even though it opens eyes. But they do not want to open their eyes.

George Orwell said: “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” Mark Twain said: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Remarkably, this is the main problem in reaching a good life.

In the last 20 years, over a million people visited my web sites www.sarovic.com and www.sarovic.org, and they took around ten thousand copies of my book Humanism. People sympathize with my work, but their support ends there. They are not confident enough to support my philosophy that challenges the traditional way of thinking established by the elite.

Once people start loving baseball, democracy, money, or God, they keep loving it no matter what. This prevents people from accepting changes necessary for a better life. As a result, we live in deception created by the elite from the day we are born till the day we die and cannot change it. Then, of course, we can’t reach a good life.

Only equal power in the hands of people may stop the elite and build a bright future of humankind.

The above article is from The Duran.

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