Is Science Broken?

June 27, 2023 0

‘Science is broken’ SOURCE: Net Zero Watch   London, 5 June – Net Zero Watch is today publishing an important paper on the failings of institutional science. The author, statistician and philosopher of science Professor […]


What is science?

May 12, 2023 0

What is “Science? by Kieron McFadden A lot of gibberjabber concerning “science” and “following the science” is being put out by people who can’t define the word “science”, into a society in which most people […]


COVID: The Wrecking Ball To Scientific Integrity

July 27, 2021 0

Most Americans have at least until now maintained faith in the integrity of our scientific establishment. But COVID-19 and the scientific malfeasance it has spawned may be the wrecking ball that tears down even that […]


Cherry picking the “science” to fit the agenda

April 6, 2021 0

by Fabian Ubiquitus The PR platitude endlessly repeated by our government that it is “following the science” just isn’t true. Johnson and his fellow conspirators are simply cherry-picking which alleged experts to listen to and […]


Who’s holding us back?

July 22, 2020 0

Introduction The following article gives a very apt insight into the state of play on this planet at this time – an overview, if you will, of the game in progress. It is an important […]


The Legacy of Science

May 19, 2019 0

by UKR columnist Dave Randle Life managed to organise and operate the brains and bodies, the chemicals and the minerals of the Earth for millennia before Galen or William Harvey ‘discovered’ the circulation of the […]

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