When they don’t want you to look, look closer!

The worst it can do is kill you

by Fabian Ubiquitus

Lhasa 19/8/20

With so much of the information that we are told or expected to accept or take on trust, there are other points of view and often much un-examined data outside of the spectrum of what is considered the orthodox, righteous view.

The “orthodox spectrum” of ideas steers us like a herd in the direction of a particular world view and the acceptance of the financial and political dominion of certain people – the usual suspects of the globalist Big Bucks aristocracy and their agents and minions seeded throughout the fiefdoms of what is virtually a feudalism with TV sets and shiny cars.

It is very, very difficult for us laymen when things are laid on us with such heavy “scientific” authority to evaluate the veracity or otherwise of what we are told.

Add to this the fact that views outside of the orthodox spectrum are usually vilified and ridiculed and their proponents character-assassinated. What they ACTUALLY SAID is often lost behind a smokescreen of  distortions by the well-coordinated disingenuous outpourings of establishment communications. Those hostile messages tend to swamp the lines of communication to and between the citizenry.

What this amounts to is the fact that ideas outside the spectrum of pre-approved orthodoxy are, through one ruse or another, overtly or covertly censored.

Gone are the days when the criminals who hijacked Christianity and turned it into a tool of oppression and profit could simply kill or torture anyone brave enough to rattle the cage of booby-trapped belief.

Someone entered into the culture the concept that people should be free to communicate and consider freely. This idea, like the notion introduced by Plato that people should have a say in their own governance, has been pure mischief so far as the high priests and parish preachers of modern orthodoxy are concerned.

These new concepts have produced remarkable advances – in case anyone hasn’t noticed or amid the noise and clamour lost sight of the fact, we HAVE built quite a civilisation (an imperfect work-in-press but a pretty fine accomplishment on so many levels compared with what our ancestors had to put up with just a century or two ago).

It is ideas that propel mankind’s forward march. Every advance, development, innovation or improvement begins with a new idea and without new ideas, nothing moves. The freedom to to think, evolve, communicate and exchange is a crucial survival point for the human community.

Ideas are the most powerful thing there is and, fortunately, progressive ideas are hard to kill so the modern authoritarian has had to become a lot more sly and cunning in how he deletes from humanity’s database ideas he dislikes.

This is not to say that every unorthodox idea is correct. I merely contend that we have a right to know what they are, to thoroughly examine and consider them and so see for ourselves whether they stand up to scrutiny.

And I am very suspicious that someone has something to hide when the proponents of some new or contrary idea are not merely argued with or slapped down with irrefutable evidence but instead subject to character assassination, smear campaigns and distortions of their actual message, flanked by efforts to censor that message so that it never gets out.

Notice too that efforts to censor ideas through media articles by wise journalists or the ploy of “fact checking” and the resultant deletion from platforms such as YouTube or Facebook are accompanied by the contention that an idea is “harmful”.

Oh yeah? While it is very nice of these much cleverer people to want to cocoon us snugly from harmful thoughts, it is never explained how exactly the ideas is “harmful” or to whom, in what way and for what reason. There is the implication that poor gullible suckers like you might”fall for it” and you need wiser, more intelligent people to protect you from all this “for your own good” . That is because you are not smart like them and you cannot withstand exposure  to ideas or evaluate ideas and come up with the “right ones” the way they can.

It is amazing how often the protection given you by these kind, thoughtful nursemaids for truth just so happen, quite coincidentally, to protect at the same time someone’s megabucks profits.

Ideas of themselves are never harmful. The effort to suppress, inhibit, delete or withhold them – or, conversely enforce or  enshrine them – on the other hand often are.

So when someone puts forward a contention that challenges the approved, prevailing orthodoxy on some subject and the custodians of orthodoxy start chucking toys out of their pram, the bet thing we can do is INSIST on checking it out and looking it over to find out what it is really all about.

The worst it can do is kill you.


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