Patriots of Earth take heart, the Empire of the Cabal is crumbling

Behold, the decadent creature born of nineteenth and twentieth century banking and its corporate symbiotes is in its death throes


by Steve Cook

I do not know who wrote this article.

I believe it was a lady freedom fighter, presumably in America.

As soon as I find out who it is, I’ll give her all due credit.

I am publishing it here because it pretty well sums up the state of play and where things are headed.

Sometimes in a war, when the bullets and shrapnel are flying, one can lose sight of the fact that the enemy is losing ground and his rearguard actions are become commensurately frenzied and more desperate.

Hence, the poor execution and clumsy transparency of   the Coronavirus psyop – a desperate effort to nail down control before the you-know-what hits the fan. Which it is going to do very soon.

The game is not yet won but we are winning it. We should all take heart and really pile it on now. When the enemy’s lines begin to crumble, his flanks are turned and his forays return bruised and bloodied, that is the time to attack with renewed vigor

Let’s push forward and win this thing and usher in a true Golden Age for Man once the criminal cartels holding human civilisation back are gotten out of the way.

The article talks primarily of the US and the US is at this time absolutely key to the evolution of freedom and a higher civilisation on this planet but the entire human community of Earth should be heartened and emboldened by the crumbling of its common foe.

The dinosaur known as The Cabal, the Big Bucks corrupt aristocracy who made the fatal error of thinking of humanity as cattle, a decadent creature born of nineteenth and twentieth century banking and its corporate symbiotes is dying. It is in its death throes.

When a creature is in its death throes it is nevertheless dangerous.

We are witnessing the damage that can be done by its thrashing tail.

Here, then, is the summary by author, as yet, unknown of how the battle for Earth is playing out.


The banking cartels are reeling.
Hollywood is hamstrung as parts of the the state of California have returned to CV shutdown status, and so many others in the industry are in full panic because of the arrest of Ms. Maxwell.
The Federal Reserve is now under US Treasury control.
WHO has not only been defunded but now Trump just gave WHO their notice that America withdrawing from the WHO.
Ghislaine Maxwell is in Federal custody, is a cooperating witness with the new-look FBI and new look SDNY, and is singing like a canary, with tapes of elite perverts that she entrapped along with Epstein. Elite pedophiles like Steve Bing are now killing themselves the moment former SDNY attorney general and Frazzledrip Clinton video gatekeeper Berman was fired by Barr.
Celebrities, politicians, the mainstream media, and Big Pharma heads are crapping all over themselves, reeling from taking so many losses in the last several months.
Make no mistake about it: all of this is centered around the US Treasury’s hostile takeover of the largest Central Bank in the world, the Federal Reserve, the transition into NESARA implementation through the selection of 200 (soon-to-be-300) constitutionalist judges reshaping the appelate court system, and now the impending hammers of disclosure coming from John Durham and Ghislaine Maxwell’s canary song.
It’s been an irregular war, and sadly casualties are part of this war, but when you think of the hundreds of thousands of children that have been saved from the D.U.M.B. facilities of the Satanic Pedo-Cabal-Elite, this year has been an unqualified success for the patriots.

All of the pieces are in place for the avalanche of justice to continue to come down but this time in a very public fashion.

Many are slowly awakening and realizing that this battle is against a HIDDEN ENEMY that would see our nation fall. They are quickly finding out that not only do we vastly outnumber them, but our resolve to restore our Constitutional Republic has never been stronger than what it is now.


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