Trickery, deceit and cynical cheats. What you get when the ref’s asleep

Missing; a government willing to act as a referee that ensures a high standard of ethics and integrity in matters that directly affect our long term survival prospects

by Steve Cook

A legitimate and highly desirable role of government is to stand watch over industry to ensure it operates at a high standard of integrity in its scientific rigour and its honesty, particularly where these affect the ability of the citizenry to live healthy, happy. productive lives. And to enforce high standards  where an industry or some segment thereof will not behave ethically and with responsibility to their fellows on their own initiative.

Such principles apply of course to common-or-garden criminals but all the more so to large corporations whose conduct, when it goes criminal, can adversely affect the well being of millions of people.

When government neglects to fulfill this role – essentially to act as the referee to ensure no-one cheats – the game descends into an anarchy in which the honest players are  fouled and trampled on with impunity

Some large corporate interests, when not adequately policed, will tend, if they are so allowed, to sink into trickery and deceit in order to market and sell their products and make their profits. They will do so to the degree that they have fallen nt the hands of people of criminal disposition And they don’t care whom they place at risk or harm outright. Put simply, they will happily  to get away with murder if they are allowed to. It is therefore the duty of the government, as in the case of any criminal enterprise, to force them to behave themselves if they will not do so out of their own sense of decency.

When it comes to the cynical use of trickery and deceit uncaring of the risks long-term harm that may be done, two cases in point are the vaccine and 5G (telecom) industries.and their efforts to convince us that their products are safe.

The fact of the matter is that, despite the industry’s claims, vaccines have never been properly, fully and with complete scientific rigour tested for safety, whilst a vast body of data indicating considerable long-term harm has been ignored, covered up or brushed aside. We covered that in this article along with the clever scientific deceit that “proves” how safe vaccines are.

Along with that little piece of trickery goes the covering up of the long term harm done by vaccines. See Public should be told that vaccines may have long term adverse effects on the US National Library of Medicine website, which ends with this conclusion:

Research into immunisation has been based on the theory that the benefits of immunisation far outweigh the risks from delayed adverse events and so long term safety studies do not need to be performed. When looking at diabetes—only one potential chronic adverse event—we found that the rise in the prevalence of diabetes may more than offset the expected decline in long term complications of H influenzae meningitis. Thus diabetes induced by vaccine should not be considered a rare potential adverse event. The incidence of many other chronic immunological diseases, including asthma, allergies, and immune mediated cancers, has risen rapidly and may also be linked to immunisation.

We believe that the public should be fully informed that vaccines, though effective in preventing infections, may have long term adverse effects. An educated public will probably increasingly demand proper safety studies before widespread immunisation. We believe that the outcome of this decision will be the development of safer vaccine technology.” [emphasis added – UKR]

And here the authors nail another issue: the claim that the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks.

It may well be that, as the authors say, when the true long term harm done by vaccines is fully confronted, the long term harm outweighs the short-term benefits! But of course the vaccine industry appears to make every effort to prevent the issue of long-term harm getting the spotlight it should have.

I am thinking of poor old Andrew Wakefield who had the temerity to suggest that maybe we should study the issue to see whether there is a link between vaccines and autism. He did not actually say there IS a link, merely that we should look and find out whether there is one. For suggesting that we should do the scientific thing and investigate, the guy had his character assassinated and his career destroyed. The vaccine industry was mighty determined that we should be discouraged from getting any funny ideas such as LOOKING. Well, why do they not want anyone to look? What are they afraid they will find if they do?

So we have the claim that the benefits outweigh the risks and I don’t know about you but if I am going to have my kids injected with a vaccine I want to know that the risks/benefits issue has been thoroughly (THOROUGHLY) investigated and not given a lick and a promise.

Now, I can’t tell you that the risks are greater than the benefits because I simply don’t know but what I do know is that we will all win if this issue is brought into the open and thoroughly studied and evaluated from all possible angles.

The use of scientific trickery to convince us of safety is not unique to the vaccine industry. The telecom industry is at it as well in its rush to make lots of money by bringing 5G to the consumer. Again, a little bit of trickery has been used to  place in the public mind the belief that 5G does no harm and poses no risk to health even though its safety has NOT BEEN FULLY AND RIGOROUSLY STUDIED. See this article..

Again, we get the message that the benefits of 5G far outweigh the risks but in that case the industry should be made to PROVE IT. If the technology is as safe as they say it is and they fully believe what they are saying, then they should have no problem with the matter being brought fully into the spotlight and thoroughly studied from every angle.

A faster internet and so forth would be lovely and a great boon to mankind and I sincerely hope that it DOES prove to be as safe as they claim.

But right now we do not know that for sure. I’m not willing to simply take their word for it especially as they have such a powerful financial stake in the outcome and the full spectrum of the health and safety issue has not been addressed and investigated in full. 

If our kids get sick or people in general suffer a  suppression of their health and general wellbeing from exposure to EMF radiation, is that a price worth paying? 

The telecom industry may think that it is, but do you?

We return once more to something important missing from this scene: a government willing to act as a referee that ensures a high standard of ethics and integrity in matters that directly affect our long term survival prospects.


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