“Vaccines are Safe” – the neat trick that makes the unproven look proven

How vaccines are “tested” against an equally toxic placebo

How vaccines are “tested” against an equally toxic placebo.

by Jon Davy

One wonders when so-called “fact checkers” are going to fact check the claims made by the proponents of vaccines. A Google search on the safety of vaccines usually throws up entry after entry claiming how safe vaccines are and how vaccines have been thoroughly and rigorously tested for safety. But have they really?

The below comes from a freedom of Information request to the Australian government. It highlights the neat trick used by the pharmaceutical industry to “prove” their vaccines are safe.

Now, it might turn out that vaccines ARE safe but the fact is they have NOT been properly tested and the fact that the industry avoids such testing and uses spin to conceal the fact suggests strongly that they have something to hide and we need to know what it is.

The other claim often made is: the ”overwhelming”, “scientific” evidence is that vaccines are safe. But the letter reveals that the evidence is not as scientific as they would have you believe.

And, of course, the apparency of scientific consensus is created by simply lauding favorable data whilst ignoring, marginalising or disparaging the many scientific studies that say otherwise. This is an effort aided and abetted by the pharmaceutical industry’s chums and proxies in government.

If you really want to dig in and discover just HOW MUCH this is true, a fascinating ebook that lays the whole thing out, with hundreds of links to scientific studies is here 

Here then is the FOI letter, with emphases added by us.  Click on this link to see it and the Australian Health Department’s reply – which interestingly does not answer the ruddy question.


Dear Department of Health,

We constantly hear from health officials that “vaccines are safe and effective”. But few people are aware of the fact that no vaccine has ever been tested against a true placebo for safety or effectiveness. So the claim that vaccines are safe and effective is based on complete pseudoscience, not science as falsely claimed.

The double-blind placebo-controlled randomised clinical study is the gold standard of medicine. Every drug must undergo these extensive long-term studies before being granted approval (even supposed life-saving medication). Every drug that is EXCEPT vaccines!

Vaccine safety trials use placebo-controlled groups that are either injected with another vaccine or an “active comparator” solution containing the same minor ingredients as the vaccine (eg. aluminium – a proven neurotoxin when injected – and a host of other toxic additives), less only the antigen, so that the vaccine ‘appears’ safe – but only in comparison to the equally toxic placebo. This is not a genuine placebo. Placebos in real scientific studies are inert. Otherwise the placebo is a waste of time (or a fraud).

Yet such scientific fraud and systematic deception of the public is not only endorsed by medical regulators and health authorities, it is deliberately covered up and censored from the public by powerful vested interests including the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture vaccines, the medical establishment who approve, endorse and administer vaccines, the medical universities and journals reliant on funding from pharma, the media who profit from pharma advertising and governments whose vaccination policies they feel obligated to protect – at all costs!

Few people, even fewer doctors, know that vaccines have NEVER been properly safety tested. As per the article below, this makes a mockery of the claims of vested interests that “vaccines are safe”.

So it’s actually health authorities – including Australia’s Health Department and medical regulator the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) – that is deceiving the public with misleading information by falsely claiming that “vaccines are safe”.

No Placebo in Vaccine Safety Tests

They found that none of the current vaccines on the schedule have any meaningful pre-marketing safety data. And worse, there’s never been a trial of a vaccine against a genuine placebo…the toxic vaccines were only ever compared with an equally toxic comparator (ie. another vaccine or the vaccine less the antigen only), rather than against an inert saline solution. Shockingly, such deliberate and blatant scientific fraud was not only permitted by medical regulators but fully endorsed as part of the licensure and mandating of vaccines on the schedule.

..”Contrary to commonly accepted dogma, vaccines are dangerous. Vaccine researchers — fully aware of this fact — design “safety” studies to hide vaccine injury and death. 

Rather than compare new vaccines to an inert placebo, researchers compare them to another vaccine, vaccines, or toxic vaccine ingredients, such as aluminum, which scientists routinely use to induce autoimmunity in laboratory rats. The result of these experiments is known beforehand: at least 2% of vaccine recipients in both the test group and the “placebo” group will experience serious adverse events. Researchers write off the injuries as “New Medical Events” unrelated to the test vaccine or to the toxic “placebo.”

I repeat for emphasis: Researchers intentionally injure, and sometimes kill, healthy children who would not have been injured or killed, had they been given a legitimate placebo. The FDA licenses new vaccines fully aware that industry “safety” tests are nothing more than scientific treachery.”..

Learn more here about the hidden fraudulent practices and endemic corruption within the pharma-medical industrial complex;


I request that the Department of Health confirm that they are either aware of this suppressed fact or, if not aware, that the Department of Health will investigate this crucial health issue with the TGA forthwith.

Yours faithfully,

Phillip Hayes.


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