The war on Reason – the true battle for Earth

The battle lines behind the smoke: honest people versus criminals

by Fabian Ubiquitus

Between the media, the government, the social media, information, disinformation, half truths and the informed or misinformed opinions of millions of human beings, each seeing the world from the unique viewpoint of their own education, experience and desires and each desperately trying to find certainties, the world can start to appear  like a dreadful mess of confusion.

But underlying all that there are some simplicities, some basic principles that one can observe and state dispassionately.

I am going to try to state some here. It may seem like I am stating the blindingly obvious and, indeed, I am because I am merely reminding you of what you already know but that knowing can become buried or lost sight of beneath the chatter, noise, kerfuffle and hysteria.

So here we go:

On this planet there live around 7 billion human beings

The vast majority of these are perfectly honest and decent and if you don’t mess them about or upset them, they will get along just fine.

A tiny minority of human beings are, to one degree or another, not so decent and are in fact criminal. For my purpose here, I define a criminal as a person who willingly and knowingly harms others for personal gratification or advantage. Personal advantage includes money, wealth, sex, property, power and the enslavement of other human beings.

Laws and moral codes exist primarily to eliminate from the environment the harmful, contra-survival actions of criminals. The sane, non-criminal majority recognise that for their own safety and happiness, the inhibition or elimination from the environment of criminal actions is vital.

A  just law or code of conduct can be defined as a law or precept that assists the efforts of the honest, decent person to survive, flourish and prosper by inhibiting or eliminating from his or her environment the actions of criminals that inhibit or thwart their effort so to do.

An unjust law or precept is any law or precept that assists the effort of the criminal person to inhibit or thwart the survival efforts of the honest person.

Those of criminal (insane) disposition do not like just laws and will seek to eliminate them, avoid them or inhibit or nullify their enforcement. The source of all efforts to nullify just laws is always one or more criminals.

Those of criminal intent will favour, propose, enact and enforce unjust laws, The source of all efforts to introduce or enforce unjust laws is always one or more criminal persons.

Some criminals are cleverer than others.

Governments and similar organisations, by virtue of the power they hold over large numbers of human beings, attract criminals who see in them extensive opportunities for the aforementioned personal gratification.

Governments, perhaps more than any other type of human organisation, therefore attract criminals.

Thus a government is either (a) set up by criminals in the first place so as to empower and facilitate their criminal ambitions or (b) if set up by honest people, will become over time infiltrated or infested by criminals.

When sufficiently infested by criminals or criminal groups, cartels or networks, the policy-making and executive apparatus of a group can fall into criminal hands. When that happens, the group itself enacts criminal policies and unjust laws and acts as a criminal group even while many – or even the majority – of its individual members are not  criminals.

This happens with governments.

They attract criminals because of the opportunities they present.

This is not  a new phenomenon and has been with us for as long as there have been governments and a minority of people of criminal intent.

When sufficiently infested with criminals, governments become criminal and operate against the interests of honest men.

The mechanics of the decay of governments are no more mysterious or complex than that. It is however in the interests of the criminal to make things appear otherwise because it is behind that smokescreen of complexity and confusion that he has installed in the hearts and minds of his fellows that he operates.

Honest people do not always perceive this because of that very smokescreen of confusion and also because, being decent, they often assume the motivations of others are as inherently decent and sincere and their actions as well meant as theirs whilst this is not always the case.

Thus, honest people can be hoodwinked and outsmarted by criminals – their own decency, in essence, used against them – and they can wake up one fine day to find themselves the minions of some criminal empire.

Honest people tend to run things honestly, resolve their differences and get along. Indeed, sane human beings will get along UNLESS actively prevented from doing so by criminal elements in their midst.

If people are not getting along, if things are sinking into deeper turmoil, disarray, conflict and upset, if the environment is becoming less sane and more dangerous, they are doing so because they are bring MADE to do so contrary to the best efforts of honest people to achieve the opposite. These symptoms are the sure sign that criminals are hard at work.

The cloak of respectability provided by the now-infiltrated great institutions of the land makes the person wearing the cloak no less a criminal if what he DOES from his position and with his power is criminal and results in the inhibition of the survival efforts of honest people.

By their deeds shall ye know them.

The common enemy of ALL honest people is NOT other honest people. The natural enemy (survival suppressor) of an honest person in London is NOT the honest person in Moscow, Baghdad or New York.

It is the criminal, whoever he happens to be and from  wheresoever he happens to be operating.

Criminals will naturally, for their own protection and to avoid censure for or inhibition of their criminal actions, seek to persuade or dupe honest people into wrong-targeting other honest people for their ire, retribution or imagined justice.

Thus we have wars and conflict and the fall of civilisations and we see right there a fundamental error that must be corrected if we wish a just and decent civilisation to exist and to endure for the benefit and support of all honest people.



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