The war on humanity: a dispatch from the Front

VIDEO: Stew Peters and Dr Jane Ruby explosive revelations

Intro by Kieron McFadden


The video briefing below is well worth watching all through.

Many priceless observations are made, not least of which is:

THE CDC WANTS THE USE OF THE PCR TEST DISCONTINUED BY THE END OF THE YEAR. One of the issues with it is (and they ruddy well admit this) that the PCR test does not distinguish between SARS COV 2 and the many influenza viruses that are out there.

THIS IS A STUNNING ADMISSION. Many have been well aware that the PCR test is not fit for the purpose for which it has been tasked but this admission by the CDC confirms it, whilst explaining how influenzas miraculously vanished as Covid19 “took hold”.

In other words, here is YET ANOTHER aspect of this fiasco that confirms that the various people who stuck their necks out to warn us we are being played were right.

The PCR test has underpinned the entire fake pandemic scare and the suitably scary false numbers of infections, hospitalisations and fatalities “with Covid”.

It is now no longer good enough for us to debate whether the so-called pandemic was a smoke-and-mirrors fake. The evidence for that is overwhelming, which explains the desperate effort shut down or shut up those who mention it: there is no answer to it.

What must happen now is that we move on from whether the pandemic is a fraud, to WHY this fraud was so thoroughly engineered and inflicted on us.

To that we must add “by WHOM?”.

This revelation is, or should be, a game changer because the entire scare has been based upon the numbers produced predominantly  by the utterly fraudulent PCR test. This is indeed fraud on a massive scale.

Consider too that a PCR positive was all that was needed to label a person a “case”, whether actually ill or not.

The symptoms of the alleged virus are very easily confused with other ailments such as cold, flu, hay fever and so on.

Some years ago (2014, I think) the WHO evidently changed the definition of a “pandemic” from something marked by widespread deaths to something involving widespread cases.

The consequences of that fraud should now be obvious.

The show in the video covers many other aspects of this psychological warfare attack on the People.

Among these issues is that of “batch testing” which appears to be yet another deceit and scandal in the making.

I can understand why in France the irate citizenry are attacking testing centres and these centres are apparently the intruments of wholesale fraud.

Here, to help understand what is being discussed in the video, is a definition of batch testing taken from this website.

“Also known as batch testing, pool testing is different than other testing methods since it takes the testing samples from many people at once and tests them for coronavirus together. This is how it lowers the need for supplies (like the reagents required to do the test) and time.

If the test comes back with the presence of a positive reading for the virus—amongst the group as a whole—then each person in that testing pool would have to be tested individually and have their results analyzed to see whose sample amongst the group has the positive result.”

On this topic I’m not sure whether Stew and Dr Ruby have nailed it. The key is the sentence highlighted in red above. If a batch comes back positive then each person in the batch would have to have their sample analysed to see whose in the batch was allegedly positive.

So the question here is :  are the samples of each member then analysed or are they simply told they got a positive? It does not seem clear in the video, as far as I can understand, so this question needs  to be clarified so we know whether there is yet another layer of deceit here.

But we should not forget that the PCR test is not able to diagnose illness – that’s simply not what it does and not what it was designed for and the WHO had already admitted the return of false positives is widespread.

Add to that the admission that for the last eighteen months the CDC and other health agencies across the world  have been using a test key to the entire scare that cannot distinguish between Cov19 and flu and you have, or should have the scandal of the century.


CDC Seems To Tacitly Admit PCR Tests Can’t Differentiate COVID And Flu

The Trouble With PCR Tests



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