Surprise! GSK vaccine containing deadly neuro toxins found to have damaged a child’s brain

Outbreak of common sense in Italy as Italian court rules mercury and aluminium in vaccines cause autism

by Steve Cook

I am not sure if it is broadly known that in September of 2014, Italy’s Vaccine Injury Compensation court adjudged that GlaxoSmithKline’s INFANRIX Hexa (a 6-in-1 monster vaccine for polio, flu, tetanus, Hep B, and diphtheria) caused permanent autism in a completely healthy child.

Come to think of it, it is probably not broadly known as the controlled media is doing what it usually does when not actually lying – neglecting to mention important things it has a DUTY to tell the public about when said important things might derail the Vaccine gravy train. The media don’t like derailing gravy trains, the Vaccine gravy train being a case in point. There are of course many other gravy trains: the psychiatric gravy train, GMO gravy train, Global Warming gravy train, EU gravy train, Terror Industry gravy train, Let’s-Make- the-Plebs-Sick gravy train and War Industry gravy train and so forth, to the point where the country resembles a sort of Clapham Junction of grievous fibs.

Be that as it may, you’d think that a court finding that vaccines cause autism would be worthy of a few headlines wouldn’t you? The revelation that we are being duped into injecting lethal substances into our kids is newsworthy isn’t it? Surely this is a matter important enough for the media to devote a few paragraphs to it. Or for an investigative journalist to dig the dirt? Maybe they are too busy cranking up the propaganda in support of Israel or some other psychopathic regime or persuading us to have a war with Russia in order to cull the herd of a few million or billion surplus rifraf.

Anyway, you can view at source the findings, which are written in Italian, here.

To summarise: the court took testimony from medical experts in reaching its conclusion that  GSK is liable. It summarized the vaccine’s ingredients as having thimerosal (One of the ingredients in thimerosal is mercury, a known toxin), formaldehyde, and aluminum (among many other poisons) and concluded that the unnamed boy suffered permanent damage (autism) as a result of being injected with this highly toxic concoction, a concoction created in the GSK laboratories with – my opinion – an evident determinsation to cram as many lethal substances into a single potion as possible and then persuade parents and doctors it is a good idea to inject their kids with it.

Now, mercury and aluminium are two of the most lethally toxic elements known to man, so far as the human organism is concerned. You do not inject them into someone unless you are trying to kill them. Yet for some reason it is perfectly all right to inject them into someone if you mix them up with other toxic substances and call the combination a vaccine.

This is not an argument against vaccination particularly. It is merely an argument against vaccines laced with poisons that place kids at risk. And it is sure as hell an argument against doing so and then pretending it is perfectly safe. Is it really beyond the wit of man to invent a vaccine that is simply a vaccine and not a disguised chemical warfare agent?

One major point that came out of the Italian Court’s investigation was the fact that GSK had prior knowledge that their INFANRIX Hexa vaccine causes autism.

GSK’s defense was that the they had evaluated risk against reward and decided the risk of brain damaging children was not worth mentioning against the “benefits for mankind” of their highly profitable vaccine.

This is of course very brave and noble of GSK for whom the “benefits to mankind” evidently included profits for GSK. But how come GSK have appointed themselves as exclusive arbiters of what is “good for mankind” to such a degree they did not bother telling the consumer – or indeed anybody else – about the autism link to the vaccine?  Are nobody else’s views on the matter important and does nobody have a right to weigh the pro’s and con’s for themselves. Even cigarettes have health warnings for heaven’s sake. Medical drugs list side effects and foods containing nuts have allergy warnings. So how about a little warning that the vaccine you are about to pump into your kid’s body comes with serious health risks?

Or maybe because if all the facts were broadly known and the issue of “benefits to mankind” were properly studied by people interested in the truth as opposed to money, GSK’s high-handed evaluation (tainted as it is with vested interest) might turn out to be as seriously flawed as its vaccine.

GSK’s excuse is nevertheless a clear admission that vaccines can cause autism. Considering the vaccines contain neuro toxins such as mercury and aluminium and so forth, is the link to serious brain damage really all that surprising?

As I said, this is not an argument against vaccination if (IF) it really helps but the principle of vaccination is one thing and injecting lethal toxins into the bodies of human beings is another.

The two issues should not be conflated.

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