Good news! Scientists Discover We Are Not Necessarily Doomed After All!

Is the Global Warming Hoax Finally Dead?

Well, it has finally happened. The whole global warming scam has been exposed as a fake. The article featured below gives you a good summary of the truth.

Importantly, it gives a good basic description of the MONEY MAKING/POWER-GRABBING SCAM and CORRUPT MOTIVES that underlie it.

The Earth is not going to perish and if we look after it with a good sense of responsibility and refuse to let lunatics wreck it, it will serve as our planetary home for the forseeable future and beyond.

The discrediting of the global warming hoax DOES NOT absolve us of our responsibility to take good take of our planet for ourselves and future generations. It does not make it okay for corporate pillagers to be let loose to smash the place up. Just because one discovers one is not dying of cancer after all does not absolve one of the responsibility for looking after one’s nutrition and personal hygeine.

Matters of deforestation, pollution, clean and sustainable energy, contamination, sensible land husbandry that safeguards the vitality of the food chain and doing right by our fellow man and fellow life forms with which we share this world still demand our conscientious attention.

Husbandry is senior to pillage.

But if we are to do all these things, we need to operate on observation, information and experience that is not contaminated by falsehoods or slanted by the lies entered in by criminal groups with totaliarian or utopian agendas.

Someone hijacked the Envoironmental Movement and sought to capitalise upon the genuine concerns of decent people. That hijacking can now be brought to a swift end, the hijackers ejected and brought to justice and the rest of us can resume the business of surviving on a healthy planet.

Global warming is not going to kill us. We have a future. We do not have to live out our days in fear. We have a breathing space in which to sort out the disorganised mess that passes for governance on this planet at this time and a chance to dispense with hysteria and predict and resolve survival problems with reason, preferably BEFORE they become screaming emergencies.

Emergencies are caused by a failure to predict.

And a failure to predict derives from an unwillingness to LOOK and perceive what is ACTUALLY THERE, as opposed to some delusion dreamed up by some group of loons with less than our best interests at heart. – editor


Anatomy of a Massive Con Job! by John Truman Wolf gives an anatomy of the global warming hoax and a concise summary of how, why and by whom it was invented and perpetrated. The hoax joins other outright fakes and/or bogus threats invented to manipulate and deceive humanity into continued slavery to a criminal elite (the debt-based money system, psychiatry, “war on terror”, “threat ” of Islam etc etc) in the spam folder of history. Please click here to read the article. – editor


Global warming or Global Governance? This docuentary is long butv well worth the time if you really want to understand what has been going on. It is produced by Sovereignty International. – editor

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