On injecting Prime Ministers with experimental biochemical agents

Boris says he's had the jab - but is it yet another fib?

SOURCE: WeFightBack.net

by The Masked Writer

(This was written on Monday 22nd March 2021)

So our somewhat vacuous PM was on FB this morning on the instructions of the commies and behavioural psychologists and other master manipulators of SAGE, announcing proudly he’s “had the jab”.

This raises several question, such as WHICH jab specifically or was he, like many of those who have been suckered into it, not been told which one they are getting?

Personally, I don’t believe him. This is for several reasons not least of which is the fact that he and his crew have done nothing but lie relentlessly and without remorse from the beginning.

Another reason is that they know darn well the vaxes are experimental and a long way from being proven safe.

Exactly how unsafe or deadly or what-have you in both the short and long term these biochemical agents are, nobody knows.

Nobody knows for the simple reason that long term trials have not been done. The proper testing was so not done and the effects of these agents on people so not known that WITHIN DAYS of their roll out it was discovered that people with allergies should be warned not to have them. But get this: IT WAS NOT KNOWN until AFTER loads of people were vaccinated that people prone to allergies were likely to have serious bad reactions.

So much for, “These agents have been thoroughly tested”. No they haven’t. You have a bare-faced lie right there. If they had been, they would have known about the allergies problem.

Of course, it turned out that during the “testing” various short cuts were made, including not testing them on people with allergies or other underlying health conditions!

Given that half the ruddy populace they are proposing to inject with these chemicals have known or as yet undetected allergies or other underlying health conditions this a bit of an oversight. Only testing them on really healthy people; that’s through testing is it?

And of course there are no warnings issued so as to achieve (hah!) informed consent to the effect that, “these vaxes have only been tested on people who are really well so if you are not in tip-top shape we cannot guarantee your safety.”

All right, so it’s known that in the immediate term there are an extraordinary number of adverse reactions occurring and possible deaths as there have been more deaths with COVID19 in the three months AFTER the vaxes were released than in the preceding NINE months (in other words, since the release of the vaxes the alleged fatality rate has more than tripled).

This has come as a surprise even to those trying to warn people that there are health and safety issues being ignored because those issuing the warnings were concerned about the long term health issues over the ensuing months and years, which is where you normally expect the serious health problems and fatalities deriving from a dodgy vaccine to show up.

The immediate high number of fatalities and serious bad reaction were a surprise and do not bode well for the long term effects of these substances that the government has now had half the population injected with.

The betrayal of trust that is occurring here is staggering, although one has to question the gullibility of people trusting the government in the first place. I mean, who in the right mind would trust a government with their life?

Not to mention the fact that that when the three most untrustworthy entities on the ruddy planet: the government, the corporate media and the pharmaceutical industry are all saying “trust us” as if with one voice it is not a wise move to respond with , “all right then” and , no questions asked, hold out your arm so a stranger can inject some unknown government-media-Pharma-sponsored chemicals into it.

Be that as it may, the point here is that a large number of bad reactions are showing up immediately or soon after a person has been injected. Some are fatal, many are not.

Those that are not are often dramatic.

We do not know the probability of anyone taking the vaccine having a dramatic or worrying bad reaction as yet because we do not have accurate stats (and probably never will have accurate stats considering the gov’s track record of fiddling statistics) but all we know is that it happens and it happens too frequently for comfort.

So, looking at it from the gov’s perspective: there is a risk when you give a high profile person such as a celebrity or a minister the vax that he or she might get a bad reaction dramatic enough to make the news.

So now imagine some high profile person who with great fanfare, has the the vax and then gets sick, faints, winds up in hospital develops strange lumps or some such thing – or even dies.

The adverse publicity and scandal would kill the whole “let’s vaccinate everybody” caper stone dead. Imagine: some film star or minister takes the stage and is publicly injected, then curls up in agony and has to be carted off to Casualty in an ambulance. That’s the whole caper up the spout and the satanic dreams of the globalist Covid Terrorists in ruins.

So they’re are not going to take chances.

My suspicion, and one voiced by Dr Vernon Coleman and others, is that when these public vaccinations occur, the celeb or high profile person is receiving a placebo – something the powers that be KNOW is safe.

Those receiving the placebo, to be fair, probably do not in most cases know they are receiving a placebo. They think they are getting the vax. And considering the vaxes are not guaranteed to protect you from infection or stop you infecting others (duh!) and there is a whole fog of confusion deliberately created around what they will and won’t do, adverse reactions, fatalities, compromised immune systems, variants and mutants and strains and so forth they will probably never realise they were not actually vaccinated.

And of course we have the scenario where someone like Boris SAYS he’s had the vax somewhere or other out out view of the public. Maybe he did and they waited to see if he got any reaction that could not be convincingly blamed on something else before announcing it.

Or maybe he did not and this is just another glib PR utterance.

All this is of course conjecture on my part. We are always and inevitably forced into the position of trying to guess or figure out what these fools are doing because we know we cannot afford to take at face value a single thing they tell usd.

But I ask you to consider whether the propagandists and mass psychology experts steering the government would actually risk publicly injecting the PM or any other celeb with ANY substance whose effects they cannot confidently predict?

I think they are devious and evil but I do not think they are stupid.


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