Who’s got the ear of government and what exactly is being said?

Urgent, important: how hidden communications cut the People out of the loop

Urgent, important: how hidden communications cut the People out of the loop

by Steve Cook

To start, first take a look first at this government press release

“PM call with Bill and Melinda Gates: 19 May 2020

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to Bill and Melinda Gates today via video call.  Published 19 May 2020

“They discussed the UK’s contribution to helping countries around the world tackle coronavirus and the important work of the Gates Foundation in this area.
“Both parties expressed their hope that a viable vaccine will be found as soon as possible.
“They also shared their commitment to the vital work of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and looked forward to the upcoming UK-hosted Global Vaccine Summit on June 4th.”
     Aside from it being little more than a PR piece for the Gates’ vested interests and the globalists’ progrom of population control/reduction through the ruse of booby-trapped vaccines, it raises important issues:
     Whilst it is perfectly fine for a government to receive advice or submissions from private individuals or corporate and other vested interests, what is not acceptable – and indeed dangerous is for the rest of us – is to not know what that advice or those submissions are.
     The PM’s conversation with the Gates is a case in point. The press release gives us the PR line – which might or might not be true/half true – we have no way of knowing precisely what was said during this discussion.
     Was the PM receiving his orders? Was Gates giving him sound advice? Was he told a load of nonsense that merely served the Gates’ agenda? We don’t know.
     We at least know in this instance that some sort of discussion took place. On many other occasion we probably do not know even that. “Discussions” or “consultations” take place routinely without our even knowing they occurred.
      In essence, we The People, are cut out of the loop and excluded from conversations that are, apparently “none of our business”. We know these people are talking about us behind our backs and are probably up to no good but we have no way of knowing what is being said. There’s a game going on of some sort in which we are not being given the choice of participation.
      As government decisions and policies affect our survival and that of our children, then that exclusion is unacceptable.
      It occurred to me that this nails down an issue that is absolutely crucial to the establishment of a government we can trust to work for ALL the people. It is a key factor in the decay of our our democracy and its incremental slide into policies inimical to our survival as free people.
      In a nutshell: there are myriad lines of communication between government and various corporate and other vested interests that are hidden from our view. We do not know what is being said by whom to whom or discussed or what “advice” is being given or what plans are being hatched.
     If we are to revive our democracy and elevate it to a new high level of constructive cooperation between our government and all the people, then these hidden communications must cease.
     For instance, when Johnson spoke to Gates, had the conversation been recorded and the UNEDITED recording been released to the public, say by being posted on the government’s website for anyone to view, then we would all be able to know exactly what was said. We would then be able to evaluate it for ourselves.
     The fact is that WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW what was said, as the PM is supposed to be representing the interests of the nation.
     If the PM, Gates and any others in on the conversation have nothing to hide, then they would have no objection to this.
      Another example among  a great many is the SAGE committee that advises the government on the current catastrophic Lockdown fiasco and the “science” that the government says it is consulting. All right, well we want to SEE it or HEAR it.
      Again, we all have a right to know what this committee is telling our government. The committee’s meetings could easily be recorded or videoed and put into the public domain.
      Once again, if  these meetings are honest and sincere, then those party to them should have no objection.
      Let’s put an end to having to the glib “take our word for it” statements or PRy press releases from politicians we don’t know we can trust.
      We can summarise this as, for want of a better title, “THE PRINCIPLE OF WRITTEN SUBMISSION”.
     Under this principle, ALL discussions between government, government agencies and so forth and ANY person, body or entity and ALL submissions to government by any person or group whatsoever MUST be a matter of written, recorded or videoed record viewable by any citizen.
      The citizenry would have the inalienable right to know what was communicated and, if they so desire, comment upon or challenge it with their own written submission.
      For the first time in history we have the technology to do this, so let’s use it.
     Thus there should be a law that enshrines this principle and renders illegal ANY meeting, discussion, advice and so on not recorded and made accessible to the citizenry and any submission or request or advice from any person or group that is not put IN WRITING and similarly made public.There should be heavy penalties for violation of such a law with NO-ONE exempt from it and its penalties. Any politician (ANY politician) or official found to have broken this law would be automatically removed from  office.
     Any person who is a party to or accessory to this violation would be subject to heavy fines and other penalties. Thus it would be a legal requirement for the conversation between Gates and the PM to be recorded and published unedited. Should any meeting or discussion occur between them that is not recorded both the PM and Gates  would be liable to prosecution.
      It would be easy enough to set up an Inspectorate empowered to monitor this line, investigate written reports received of observed or suspected violations and, where evidence of violations is found, submit that evidence to the judiciary for standard justice procedures to take the matter further.
     With such a system in place and vigorously applied, criminal elements will think twice before trying to convince government to sanction the drugging of children, the misappropriation of national funds, the plunder of the NHS or whatever the criminal agenda happens to be.
      This would also place honest citizens and honest groups and business and so forth in better communication with government because, as things stand, the communication lines into government have been largely usurped by powerful corporate, banking and other wealthy interests.
     In essence, the government cannot hear the people when crowded around it are all sorts of dodgy characters screaming in its ear.
     No honest group will object to this principle.
     Let’s take the example of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) which campaigns for an end to psychiatric human rights abuses. If the PM rang them up and said, “What do you think we should do about psychiatry?” CCHR would doubtless tell him in clear and unequivocal terms and have no problem with the conversation being a matter of unedited public record.
     But expect those with some hidden agenda to squirm like crazy and present all sorts of specious arguments as to why we “can’t do that!”
     This principle and its enshrinement in law is well worth campaigning and pushing for. It is a chance to make a considerable improvement in the evolution of governance WITHOUT upheaval or the unrest that is inevitable if government continues in the direction it has been going.
      So let’s insist on it and see who squirms.



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