Great Propaganda Tricks of Today: Communist Jewish Muslim Israeli Khazari Refugee Spits at Girl in Austria in Sweden

by Steve Cook

The current propaganda effort to demonise Muslims is getting clumsy and transparent, so much so that only brain-dead neanderthals still fall for it, fortunately.

But just in case there is still anyone out there dim enough to be played by this nonsense, here is a current example of how dire (and stupid) it can get.

As you know, there is currently a great deal of effort being expended by the Zionists to demonise Muslims and so bring about a conflict between “Westerners” and Muslims that will weaken or even destroy both communities. It is the tired old Divide and Conquer strategy that has been used by criminal would-be empire builders since the dawn of barbarism.

Part of that campaign is to use the social networks such as Facebook to plant entirely made-up or distorted stories or isolated incidents falsely protrayed as “widepread” and so forth (lying, basically). You usually have an emotive story and an emotive picture guaranteed to get the less bright neanderthals among us hopping up and down with anti-Muslim hysteria and generally having a whale of a time grasping the opportunity to hate a large swathe of humanity.

The stories are planted by trolls or people so lost to humanity they will for money or jollies seek to engineer the misery of their fellow human beings. The fake stories are then forwarded and shared by idiots of similar disposition.

One such, I just saw on Facebook. Here is the picture and headline, which link through to an anti Muslim propaganda piece in a Zionist newspaper (where else?).

Akademikerball 2013 - Gewalt gegen Besucher!OUTRAGE IN SWEDEN: Sickening picture of blonde woman spit on by muslim ‘refugee’ draws outrage . . . LINK
Looks terrible doesn’t it? Guaranteed to stir outrage against Muslims if you buy into this crap, especially that disgusting Muslim guy gobbing on that pretty girl.
The only problem is, the SAME picture was used TWICE BEFORE in similar propaganda stories, one about a communist spitting on attendees at a ball in Vienna and the other about Jews spitting at people in Israel.
So it looks very unlikely that the spitter in the recent use of the photo is a Muslim at all! And the incident pictured did not take place anywhere near Sweden!
Of course, spitting at people is pretty degraded behaviour no matter the persuasion of the twerp who does it but equally – or more – degraded is this effort to drive communities into conflict by circulating falsehoods hoping that gullible fools will forward the message.
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