Turning the tide: a message to the Freedom Movement

Do not undervalue what you have achieved

by The Masked Writer and Fabian Ubiquitus

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We have put this network of websites together to help the broad freedom movement reach more people by promoting, forwarding and publishing its ideas and communications and showcasing as many of its great articles and videos as possible.

If enough of us get busy writing and publishing and helping one another promote our ideas,we can simply out-create the efforts of the CMM (Corporate Media Matrix) to censor and stifle the myriad free voices of challenge and dissent.

The future to which the dark minds behind the CMM are seeking to steer humanity is pretty horrible. Our job – one of our jobs – is to remind people that they can dream up futures much better than the dreary, soul-less, micro-controlled dystopia gestating in their blackened souls.

Along with that we can provide and help provide strong voices to alert the People to encroaching tyranny and arm them with knowledge as to the various lies, tricks, deceits, evasions and double-speak that are used to smoke-screen the effort to put that tyranny in place.

If you would like to submit or recommend articles, news items and videos that should be promoted by the network, then please leave a note in the comments.

This is the perfect time for us all to quadruple our efforts and that there are other developments in the pipeline that we think you will like. These are not our creation but we have been honored to have been briefed about them. They must remain confidential for now but when the time is right, we will brief you about them.

Meanwhile the fight goes on.

The world is changing.

The Freedom Movement has grown at a miraculous pace these past few months and the growth seems to be accelerating as more and more people come on board – or are driven on board – as a result of the spreading awareness that we are under attack by a cultish cabal of wealthy utopian nutjobs.

That awareness will continue to grow as the psychotic misbehaviour and criminal activities of the co-called elite become increasingly unhinged and more and more evident.

Please spare a moment to reflect that that growing awareness springs in large measure from the efforts of each of you freedom fighters to spread the truth of it and to counter and eventually annul the efforts of the CMM to steer and subdue the people by attempted micro-control of the information they receive and upon which they base their decisions and agreements.

You have been all that stands between man and tyranny.

Imagine if you had not been around or spoken up, if there had been, for instance, no brave doctors, virologists and epidemiologists to counter with a more responsible scientific view  the disingenuous corporate orthodoxy that seeks to blitz the minds of men and no strong voices in and around the People’s Media to carry their message to the populace.

If we had been silent, the hoped-for tyranny of a degenerate corporate aristocracy would now be complete.

Thanks to you, the disinformation emanating from the lie factory of Suppression Central is challenged at every turn and the sources of those challenges become more numerous, more ubiquitous, more vociferous, more articulate and louder by the day.

Thanks to you, we are recovering in essence from the initial dismay of a surprise attack to the point where the attacker’s vanguard is bogging down and its flanks have been turned.

We are winning this fight, slowly but inexorably gaining the upper hand and can roll things forward to the creation of a new and bright civilisation based upon true human needs and wants and the basic principle, in a nutshell, of not mucking people about.

The average citizen is bombarded by a relentless torrent of propaganda, false reports and slanted news. Just turn on the radio, for instance, and listen for a while to the hysterical barrage of disinformation he or she is subjected to concerning the current engineered crisis. At the same time, dissenting, questioning or warning voices are stifled and info that does not fit the suppressive narrative is filtered out.

It is something of a miracle that people like you have managed to keep your heads above this cloying sludge of spin and falsehood. It says much for your strength of mind.

It is not so much that people are sheep. It is that there is an effort, through a disinformation overwhelm and propaganda onslaught to turn people INTO sheep.

Well, we can do something about it and have been doing something to such a degree that there is an air of desperation now to that aforementioned effort to suppress because it is having the opposite effect. The more that the CMM of the press, social media networks, internet Big Tech and political glove puppets seek to suppress the truth, the more it becomes energized.

The issue of vaccines is a case in point. The more chicanery, shenanigans and vast resources are devoted to foisting eugenicidal experimental biochemical agents on humanity, the more they are brought into question.

There was a time when the “safety and efficacy”of vaccines and the reality of “killer viruses” and wotnot were an unquestioned “everybody knows” broadly accepted the way men once accepted the orthodox view that the Sun goes around the Earth.

No longer.

We have never seen a time where the whole paradigm of vaccines and viruses was so questioned. The questions have proliferated in the teeth of the most concerted efforts seen in the modern era to crush dissent, reduce the broad spectrum of information to the narrow tunnel vision of authoritarian orthodoxy and slap down intelligent discussion.

This inexorable progress has been due in large measure to YOUR efforts, YOUR articles, posts, blogs, comments, questions and challenges, your willingness to disagree with the servility of the cowed, your unwillingness to be silent or refrain from pumping out the truth.

And YOUR efforts have saved lives. Every person in whom you instil, for example, some caution over the new experimental biochemical agents for which the populace are being duped with unseemly recklessness into acting as unwitting guinea pigs, may well be a life saved or a person saved from lifelong illnesses.

So do not underestimate or be duped into under-valuing the power of your voice, alone or in concert with others because it and others like it are turning around the fortunes of a planet, helping it avert the subversion of its civilisation and giving it a future.

Our role in the Freedom Movement and its grass roots People’s Media is not necessarily to be right about everything. We have no monopoly on wisdom and we make mistakes. But our job is not to do everybody else’s thinking for them – leave that effort to the drones and front men of the CMM.

Our job is to encourage, prompt and cajole others to LOOK, to question, to challenge, enter new ideas, form alliances, to rise above the CMM and not simply take its specious utterances at face value, to defer to the broader spectrum of ideas, viewpoints and possibilities that lie beyond its narrow blinkers and to think for themselves.

And this is what we have been doing. It is working.

We just need to do more of it. Lots more.

We need at this time to pour coals on our efforts until the invigorating, revivifying flame of truth spreads like a forest fire that burns down the psychological citadels of the liars and defamers of man who seek to crush his courage and his pride and render him cowed, tired and compliant.

We are not sheep or cattle, nor are we the serfs or plebs or slaves of bygone yesteryears.

We are free men.

Nothing, of course, stays the same. Things change. They grow or they shrink, they live or they die, expand or contract. They rise or they fall.

And we have decided to rise: the psychopaths of Suppression Central can stick their mind games and totalitarian dreams where the sun don’t shine.

M.W. and F.U.

The People’s Media

Media of the People, by the People, for the People




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