Good News! Hurricanes are not getting worse

Phew! That's a relief!

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In case you were wondering  – or perhaps were terrorised by false reports in the pathologically incapable of telling the truth, agenda-driven corporate media – hurricanes are NOT increasing in frequency or intensity. Quite the opposite in fact.

The “hurricanes are getting worse” like other lies such as “forest fires are getting worse”, “sea levels are rising”,  “polar bears are facing extinction” and “the Great Barrier Reef is dying” is proven by observation of the real world to be false.

Whatever you think about the climate, how it is changing and what is causing the changes, the assertion or implication that hurricanes are getting worse is simply not true. Therefore using a worsening of hurricanes as proof of anything at all is a total non starter. That does not however prevent the climate crisis cult from trotting it out for some  reason. Perhaps they are so short of actual evidence and are at the same time so desperate to prove the climate is about to implode, they have to make stuff up and trust that society collectively has the memory of a goldfish whilst nobody will have the sense to examine the assertion more analytically.

None of this should be taken to mean we don’t think the planet needs more conscientious and responsible husbandry, it does, and that there are no human activities that are damaging it, there are.

Our concerns are

(a) the hysteria over global warming and the fixation on CO2 emissions has distracted from real issues of concern (such as agro- and other forms of chemical pollution causing degradation of the soil and contamination of the food chain and so forth). We do not believe that distraction and fixation of the entire ruddy planet on a lesser problem  is accidental. (b) the erroneous obsession with Co2 and accompanying irrational panic are causing massive economic damage, whilst more urgent environmental problems are neglected and the intended end result is the tyranny that will result from mishandling a wrongly identified problem with crass “solutions”.

Individually, human beings are bright but when handing responsibility to governments they are often placing their survival in the hands of some of the thickest groups in history. Governments after all are rarely if ever the solvers of problems: they are the creators of problems which they then solve with measure that themselves become new and frequently worse problems.

Be all that as it may, the recent Hurricane Ian exemplified an increasingly rare event that the spin doctors of the globalists’ climate cult tried to use as “evidence” of man-made climate change.

The following is an excerpt from the excellent website Watts Up With That. Read the full article here

Hurricanes are Not Getting Worse

There has been no increase in hurricanes as the planet has modestly warmed. since the end of the Little Ice Age, around 1850.

Even the U.N. IPCC agrees, finding no increase in the frequency or severity of hurricanes.

  • The United States recently went through its longest period in recorded history without a major hurricane strike.
  • The United States recently experienced its fewest total hurricanes in any eight-year period.
  • Florida, America’s most hurricane-prone state, recently underwent its longest period in recorded history without any hurricanes.

Devastating hurricanes occurred long before the invention of SUVs and coal-fired power plants. And hurricane activity shows little or no impact from global warming. Even the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2018 “Interim Report” observes there is “only low confidence for the attribution of any detectable changes in tropical cyclone activity to anthropogenic influences.” The U.N. observation reflects hurricane and tropical storm data in Figure 1, below.

U.S. Impacts: Hurricane impacts on the United States are at an all-time low. The United States recently went more than a decade (2005 through 2017) without a major hurricane measuring Category 3 or higher, which is the longest such period in recorded history. The United States also recently experienced the fewest number of hurricane strikes in any eight-year period (2009 through 2017) in recorded history. Additionally, America’s most vulnerable state, Florida, recently concluded an 11-year period (2005 through 2016) without a landfalling hurricane of any size—the longest such period in recorded history. The Gulf of Mexico also recently) benefited from its longest hurricane-free period in recorded history (2013 through 2016).

More Wind Shear Negates Warmer Oceans: Whenever a hurricane forms, global warming activists claim modestly warmer global ocean temperatures are allegedly “supercharging” the storms. However, warm ocean water is just one factor in the formation and intensification of hurricanes. Wind shear inhibits strong storms from forming and rips apart storms that have already formed. Scientists have learned that global warming is likely to cause more wind shear in places where hurricanes form and intensify. That is one reason why even the U.N. IPCC admits there has been no increase in the frequency or severity of hurricanes. It is misleading to discuss one factor in hurricane formation (warmer oceans) while failing to discuss an equally important factor (wind shear) that diminishes hurricane formation and intensification.

Finally, it would require several hundred years of detailed hurricane data both before and after 1850 to accurately determine whether the natural trends and fluctuations of hurricane activity have been altered by the 1.3 parts per ten thousand increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide since 1850.  This is the period during which human activity contributed a portion of the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, most of which occurred since 1940.  Without such sufficient data, no scientific comparisons and conclusions concerning the impact of the tiny increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be statistically meaningful

Figure 1: This figure shows global hurricane and tropical cyclone activity are not increasing. Source: Global Tropical Cyclone Activity, Dr. Ryan N. Maue, accessed March 3, 2020,

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