Taking good care of our planet – a sensible game we can all play and from which we can all win

So let's all work together and grow a decent civilisation

An essay on Climate Change controversy

by Steve Cook

We citizens of the human community run into a bewildering morass or smoke screen of conflicting data whenever we try to understand exactly what is happening with our planet’s environment.

There is, apparently a natural law – or at least a rule of thumb – to wit; the degree of complexity is proportional to the degree of skulduggery.

The drive to care for our planet and even to enhance it – husbandry over pillage – is a pro-survival drive, a worthy endeavour and a healthy game. Common sense alone should tell us that. It is a game we can all play and from which we can all win.

Worthwhile human endeavours can often get hijacked by criminal elements and perverted to less worthwhile ends. History is full of such examples: various religions, governments, European peace and unity, world peace and unity and so on.

Yet underlying the apparent complexity and confusions is a basic simplicity. In  terms of the environment “debate” (or “hysteria” if you prefer), the simplicity can be summarised as follows:

The three main factors that affect the planet’s climate are:

1.) The Earth’s orbit around the sun. See explanation here

2.) Sunspots and solar activity. See explanation here

3) Human activity – production of CO2, water vapour, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases  and so forth.

The full extent of the impact of (3) above upon climate and its interplay with (1) and (2) is not yet fully understood. What we can do is strive for a better understanding of it.

The climate is going to change, go through warming and cooling cycles and so forth, no matter what we do. It would do so even if we were not here at all.

Climate “alarmists” assign human activity as the sole cause of all phenomena related to changes in the climate and completely ignore (1) and (2).

Phenomena caused by (1) and (2) can erroneously or disingenuously be blamed on (3) thus “proving” the alarmist propaganda. The fear thus generated empowers acceptance of the political agendum that seeks increased governmental control and restriction over the life of the human community. Failure to take into account (1) and (2) has rendered the predictions of climate alarmists such as AL Gore often wildly inaccurate.

Climate “denyers” assign solar activity and the Earth’s orbit around the sun as the cause of all phenomena related to changes of the climate and ignore or argue against human activity as a factor. This empowers the vested interests behind such endeavours as the fossil fuel industry that wish to protect their profits and political clout by preventing change. The do-nothing approach of the arch-denyers, based as it is upon an attitude of taking no responsibility for the impact of the human race upon its own planet, places the human race in danger of a disaster – sooner or later – caused by its own negligence and which, with greater vigilance, diligence and care, need to happen.

The truth lies between these two essentially dishonest propaganda extremes – some interplay between these three factors. Exactly where it lies, is not yet fully understood.

The propaganda war, in which false, slanted, conflicting or doctored data, omissions and so on are put out by these two warring camps creates a bewildering scene that the ordinary citizen finds almost impossible to comprehend.

There is nothing we can do to change the processes of (1) and (2) above, except to strive for more understanding of how they work, so as to better predict their effects upon the climate and to improve our technological ability to effectively deal with the consequences of those changes.

We CAN do something about (3) above.

Even though the true impact of human activity upon the Earth’s climate is not yet fully understood is pure common sense and a highly pro-survival goal to do everything we can to develop ways of living well WITHOUT polluting and damaging our planetary home or the species with which we share that home and with whose survival our own survival is inextricably intertwined.

In other words, taking needless risks with our own long-term survival is plain stupid. It is a stupidity on a par with waiting for a life support machine to break down before repairing it – as opposed to maintaining it diligently so that it never breaks down.

Thus, the drive towards clean energy, regenerative agriculture, the dismantling of war machines (themselves massive polluters of the planet) and all other ways of bringing about saner and more effective husbandry of our world is highly desirable.

And it is happening and awareness of the need for it is growing.

If possible, it would be best to speed that progress up a bit.


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