by The Masked Writer

I count myself extremely lucky in that almost all my friends and family and indeed my neighbours and most of my clients have not bought into the Covid Terror psyop being inflicted on us by the subversive faction that has taken over our government.
Only two that I know of out of hundreds have let themselves be scared into submitting to one or other of the experimental “vaccines”.
But I’m aware that nevertheless a large number of people have bought into the government lies, falsified stats and so forth unquestioningly.
I’m slightly amazed to discover there are people out there who still think they can trust the government with their lives (not to mention the corporate media and the pharmaceutical corporations for heaven’s sake!).
Why do people do that? There are those who do look and question and challenge what they are told by dodgy characters like (Lol) Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson. And of course, once one does that the various lies and deceits that have created the fake pandemic come into view. You don’t even have to be clever to see them. You just have to be willing to look.
Many people will look if you coax them to do it but others just won’t.
The trouble with looking is you might not like what you see. And what is there to be seen in this case is a tremendous evil on the part of creatures who consider us cattle and are perfectly willing without conscience or remorse to treat us as such.
That amount of evil takes quite a bit of confronting. It is beyond what normal, sane people can easily conceive or imagine or tolerate or even believe is possible.
When faced with some situation that is pretty grim or shocking or hard to tolerate, some people choose the direction of going unconscious, of lessened awareness – anesthesia if you will. Others take the route of dealing with the situation by being more awake and more alert.
So if you have been able to look at it and not flinch or look away, and see what you see, you should be proud of yourself. It takes quite some doing and is definitely not comfortable. You should also bear in mind that YOU are what is right about this civilisation and upon which its future greatness will be built.
It is your willingness to look and see what you see and not compromise with what you observe to be so upon which the future of our human community depends. For YOU are its strength and its hope for a brighter tomorrow. You are all that stands between mankind and tyranny.
Alongside this phenomenon of ability to confront evil, we have the thirst of many to agree with, blend in with or “be like” everybody else. Put crudely, it is easier or cosier to think what everybody else thinks or what the well coordinated corporate media propaganda machine has convinced everybody that everybody thinks.
So while there appears, for instance to be a strong and numerous agreement with everything that comes out of Boris Johnson’s mouth, that’s what they will agree with. There is some kind of bogus solace in being like everybody else or being approved of by everybody else.
But if it starts to filter through to them that such-and-such isn’t necessarily what “everybody thinks” and alternative ideas can be made known in large enough real or apparent numbers and broad enough ubiquity, then their own agreements will start to erode and change. The corporate media, of course, has gone into overdrive to prevent that from happening. It is an overdrive that has an air of desperation about it because the numbers are shifting and that shift is largely thanks to your effort and persistence and willingness to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy on every channel that presents itself or can be created.
Remember, Galileo was once alone in his contention that the Earth went around the sun and the prevailing orthodoxy that the sun went around the Earth was a mighty, entrenched and often vicious machine ready to snuff out all those who questioned it. But where is that orthodoxy today?
And that was one man and we are already millions.
The numbers are shifting despite the efforts of the corporate media and facile politicians to preserve their orthodoxy. There are those who will continue to toe the orthodox line until it kills them and we cannot help them. Nor can we wait for their approval before we move forward and create a better world. But there are those who have enough in them to look and challenge, even if it doesn’t happen overnight and they have to be coaxed and encouraged to do so, one increment at a time.
We are conquered by increments. Conquest by increments is the modus operandi of our oppressors: a little bit, then a little bit more, then a bit more, liberty eaten away in tiny often barely noticeable bites until it is gone.
But it works the other way too. Awareness and new ideas can liberate man increment by increment, one person or idea or datum or question at a time so we should not despair if change does not come all in an easy overnight rush.
There are already enough of us and if we are persistent and keep at it, hammering home the challenges, questions and truths increment by increment, with patience, persistence and drive, one day we will reach the tipping point where the entire operation of the defamers, deceivers and enslavers of man collapses.
We have already created an ascending spiral of liberation where every person who comes into agreement with us makes it just that little bit easier for the next person to agree, then the next, the numbers growing until the agreement is broad and powerful and standing with us is the place to be.
We just have to be sure when that day comes that we do not then become a new orthodoxy that no-one is allowed to question.

 The People’s Media