A fresh look at mask hysteria

Article by the Masked Avenger

by Steve Cook

The Masked Avenger

Just a brief note on wearing masks.

The pandemic is now exposed as a fake, a whole scare constructed out of an alleged bug that is roughly as infectious/deadly as flu.

As far as I can tell, masks have a very limited effectiveness in preventing you catching the bug but are slightly more effective in preventing you breathing on others and thus passing on the bug if you have it.

As it is not overly infectious (notwithstanding government and media efforts to make it appear more infectious than it is) the vast majority do not have the bug.

We do now know that through the use of flawed tests, false postives and so forth, the whole “spread of infection” caper is falsely reported and exaggerated for maximum propaganda, traumatisation effect.

The bug is hardly killing anyone at all – and possibly next to no-one. This has become increasingly obvious since the government was found out falsifying fatality levels and could no longer get away with it.

Having said all that, common sense measures – such as cleanliness, personal hygeine and keeping yourself away from others, not coughing, sneezing or breathing on them especially if you think you might have a flu, cold or some other bug – are desirable.

So are taking repsonsibilty for one’s own health through not eating shite and so forth.

We are perfectly capable of doing this and responding to encouragement or advice to do this and do not need Boris the Prime Muppet or any other government muppet chucking his weight about, cancelling human rights or micro-managing a once-free society in order to achieve that end.

If you are already very ill with something else and/or old and/or on drugs/medicatioms etc and/or seriously deficient in vitamin D, you could be made seriously ill by this bug. Thus it is similar to flu.

Mercifully, unlike flu it does not so much affect younger people.

If you are vulnerable then please self isolate and take every precaution to protect yourself as y0u would with flu or any other bug.

When it comes to wearing a mask, I would probably do it anyway in confined spaces simply to reassure those who are vulnerable or frightened. At one time, I was of different opinion but now I am willing to wear a mask if it reassures others or affords some protection to vulnerable people who have not taken the necessary steps to keep themselves away from potential contamination.

I do not need it to be made compulsory. Like most citizens, I am amenable to reason and respond better to being asked for my help.

Government enforces mask wearing not because of the slight protection it maybe affords from an unpleasant yet routine bug but in order to implant in the public mind the Big Scary Epidemic “Contagion Movie” scenario that serves its attack on liberty.

Common agreement that we will wear masks in order to help protect the vulnerable from a flu-like bug that might bring on complications and, in a small percentage of cases, kill them would probably achieve much the same result as making them compulsory but without the fear-mongering aspect, spreading upset and shortening the government’s long-term survival prospects.

But a reasoned approach is too much to expect, apparently, from a unthinking machine such as a government, especially when that machine has been hijacked by authoritarian nutters.

Anyway, I’m happy to wear a mask if it helps reassure the truly vulnerable or those who have been frightened out of their wits by the propaganda spewed by government and its collaborators in the media.

I find it difficult to breathe in a mask. As I have a prior heart condition I am probably exempt.

So I wear my mask over my mouth but not my nose.

I breathe in through my nose and take my chances of my own free will with catching the virus.

I breathe out through my mouth and into the mask, thus catching any horrible bugs I might breathe all over others.

If I cough – which I hardly ever do since I quit smoking in June – I cough into the mask.

If I sneeze, I do what I always have done and use a handkerchief or make damn sure I do it well way from anyone else.

Wearing a mask only over your mouth enables you to avoid any health issues that might derive from mask wearing provided you breathe in through your nose.

Breathing out through your mouth enables you to still utilise the protection for others , however slight, the mask affords.

Wearing a mask in this way also enables you to send out a quiet message that you are not scared of any ruddy stupid little bug the government and its pharmaceutical pals have seen fit to advertise.

Sending out the “I am not afraid” message, if done by enough people, will reduce fear levels and, as people in Fear are more prone to get sick, infection levels of this and other bugs as well.


Wear your mask over your mouth openly.

Breathe in through your nose.

Breathe out through your mouth.


Additional notes.

To  my embarrassment I realised that I have taken the idea that this virus actually exists at face value. It is an “everybody knows” that most of us take for granted. Yet apparently, although clearly something is happening to make a small percentage of people sick, there is a school of thought that says that it is not caused by a virus and another school of thought that says this particular virus has not yet been isolated and identified as an extant entity. But I don’t know if this is true. I think it could be true, so if anyone has cast iron proof that viruses are what we are told they are or that the COVID virus has been identified as an extant entity, then please let me know.

Two other assumptions I’ve made are that the virus is transmitted on one’s breath droplets which leads to the second assumption that masks have a (small) degree usefulness. But are these “everybody-knows” data actually proven? So again, if there is cast iron proof out there that these two assumptions are correct, please let me know.



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