The Mask myth unsmasked

May 15, 2021 0

by The Masked Writer You’ve probably noticed that the Globalist front group masquerading as our government tends to make up “the science” and “the data” as it goes along. It started with the mind-bogglingly inept […]


How your government makes you sick

April 20, 2021 1

by Fabian Ubiquitus Seems to me that although the PR spin and hand-wringing from the subversive faction laughingly  known as “the government” and their corporate puppet masters is all about purported deep concern for your […]


A fresh look at mask hysteria

October 9, 2020 0

by Steve Cook The Masked Avenger Just a brief note on wearing masks. The pandemic is now exposed as a fake, a whole scare constructed out of an alleged bug that is roughly as infectious/deadly […]

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