Notes on the forward progress of Mankind #1

Evolution is more desirable, beneficial and workable than revolution

by Fabian Ubiquitus

One of my primary concerns over the past few months has been that we are quite possibly heading for some kind of a revolt.

Indeed, the government by its actions with the fake pandemic and the resultant virtual coup that has shoved aside our democracy and delivered us into the hands of rule-by-idiots has seemed to be asking for it.

That of itself is a concern: our government and several other governments across the planet appear to be doing everything they can to provoke unrest and a reaction that could soon turn into a revolt.

My guess is that someone – I know not precisely who at this stage, although one could probably identify some of the front players – has an agenda that requires the provocation of unrest, turmoil and economic catastrophe into which can goose-step some sort of authoritarian, messianic nutter who will “restore order” and ” save the day”.

No doubt the shaken citizenry of a nation on its uppers will be unduly grateful to said nutter for rescuing us from the chaos his cronies and puppet masters created.

So I’m not personally hoping for a revolt and certainly not for a revolution.

But let’s look at the positive side of all this, what’s RIGHT about what happening because it is the RIGHTNESSES that we can build on and enhance if we wish to evolve into a higher survival condition.

On that note, one cannot be but extremely encouraged and heartened by the kick back of the citizenry against the current effort by Boris and his cronies  to bring the nation to its knees. There is a massive yearning for improvement out there and that energy can be focused into stimulating an EVOLUTION into a higher form of governance and social brotherhood that works for ALL the People.

ALL the people, not just a handful of rich blokes or mass-drugging Big Pharma psychopaths etc.

So, it seems to me we need to make several things happen:

  • we REFUSE to play the divided-and-ruled, let’s-be-at-one-another’s-throats game the would-be oppressors of Man are trying to get us to play.
  • we unite and work together by finding and agreeing upon common goals and working principles the vast majority of us find desirable. By way of example, some of us believe vaccines are safe and others believe that vaccines are not safe but we can ALL agree that the science of vaccines and their safety should be trustworthy, honest and ethical.
  • Principle: when energy is dispersed it generates no power. Power is focused energy. What is loosely termed the “Freedom Movement” comprises a very large number of people of good will and bright ideas but its weakness is its energy is dispersed. Groups and individuals of good will wind up fighting, essentially, on their own the entire combined might of global oppression. The freedom movement might be dispersed and uncoordinated but you can rest assured the so-called  tinkerers working to impose a global utopia they never bothered to ask us about sure as hell ain’t.
  • Imagine though the power to steer government in the right direction the planet’s people of good will could generate if their insistence became more focused through common ideals, goals and agreements. And I mean internationally, as well as within the borders of one’s own nation. If the human community on this planet is going to unite, it is going to be at the grass roots via a broad recognition of our natural kinship. It is never going to happen through any effort to ENFORCE it from the “top” by the planet’s self-appointed “Very Best People”. The effort to unite people by force achieves, at best, a pretence of unity.
  • among those agreed-upon principles is the restoration, as a first step, of our parliamentary democracy and all our traditional and common law rights and freedoms. Those rights and freedoms INCLUDE – among many others – the right not be lied to, conned or manipulated.
  • Having restored Parliamentary Democracy to its fullest and freest extent, we then agree upon and pressure for adjustments and improvements one-by-one that result in a government more inclined and able to work for all the People. By way of an example, we could be have enshrined in law the principle that ALL human beings (including corporate bigwigs, oligarchs, bureaucrats, politicians and Prime Ministers) are bound by the same laws (with NO exemptions) and each person is responsible for and accountable for his or her own actions.  I’ll discuss this more fully in another essay but that one principle alone, enforced and enacted without fear or favour, would cut out about ninety percent of the criminal shenanigans that go on at the highest levels.
  • In other words, we do not need a revolution. We need to take responsibility for what we have and DEMAND specific improvements to it.
  • And the test for any such evolutionary adjustment is its workability, the ultimate test of: do our lives become freer and more tolerable or don’t they?
  • Do we survive better or don’t we?

Of late we have drifted downwards a little in the wrong direction, towards a disenfranchisement of the people and a whittling away of our power to devise and build our own dreams and ideal scenes.

Yet as things stand, that drift is easily corrected if enough of us can galvanise ourselves, which we can. We are not as far from a MUCH improved civilisation as the enemies thereof would have us believe. We are VERY close.

Why else d you think the enemies of mankind are so freaked out and so compelled to launch desperate measures such as the COVID psyop, which will probably prove their undoing?

Ultimately the test of the direction and evolution any social or political movement is simply this: are we flourishing or not?

And you and I are the best judges of that.



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