With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Appalling NATO/US lawlessness making Russia look good

Turkey’s NATO Exit & the New Turkey-Russia Alliance: A Turning Point in the Global Power Structure

The following is a fascinating discussion on the shifting geopolitical position that resuklts from NATO’s support or even instigation of the failed Turkey Coup. This was yet another US-led attempt to bring down an elected government, and in this instance the government of an ally no less.

The Turkish government, having learned that with friends like NATO you don’t need enemies, has begun to reevaluate whom it can trust and there is a real possibility it will leave NATO and seek alliance with Russia. This is turn could begin a domino effect that would see many Eastern European states, along with Greece, leave NATO as it is known that NATO membership is extremely unpopular with the people of those countries and has little if any popular support.

An important message: shut down the Soros-funded NGOs

The last few minutes of this discussion are extremely important as the venerable Sibel Edmonds talks about the role of NGOs funded by the arch bankster George Soros.

Working hand-in-glove with the CIA, these NGOs operate as front groups for the nation-wreckers of the NWO crime syndicate that operates out of Washington. They have been key players in exploiting the disatisfactions that exist in countries targeted for regime change and amplifying them to a point of civil war. As Edmonds points out, if Turkey were wise – or any country forr that matter – it would follow Russia’s example, recognise that these Soros-funded front groups are an anti-social menace and source of turmoil that you let operate at your peril, and shut them down, cut off their Western funding and kick them out.

This message is so important, we have featured it separately in the second video below. – Steve

The Main Discussion: Turkey’s NATO Exit & the New Turkey-Russia Alliance: a Turning Point in the Global Power Structure

Important: shut down your Soros-funded NGOs!

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