Something very strange is going on. 

Governments appear to be trying to commit suicide, particularly those now proposing to make Covid vaccination compulsory.

I can think of nothing more guaranteed to make an enemy of the populace and end in tears for the government than the effort to force into people’s veins experimental biochemical agents.
Consider this:
With Covid 19 we are not dealing, per the UK government, with a high consequence infectious disease. The fatality rate among those who catch it is around 0.2% and the one-in-five-hundred it does manage to kill are almost always already ill/old/frail.
It is very similar to a seasonal flu except that for children it is FAR LESS LIKELY to be fatal.
Indeed, it is well known that for the vast majority of people, Covid19 is relatively mild. Despite transparent government efforts to fiddle and inflate the Covid stats, it remains clearly an illness nowhere near as high-consequence as diseases such a Polio, Ebola and so forth.
Not only that, Covid is known to be very treatable with several known safe and effective remedies, albeit governments seeking to inflate the so-called “Covid threat” have denied these to their people and in doing so have cost many citizens their lives as a result.
This is covered at length and in depth elsewhere but suffice to say the seriousness of the bug is not of a magnitude that justifies the pressure brought to bear upon people to get vaccinated. Not even close.
I can think of no other vaccine where such pressure was applied or indeed needed.

People perceived, rightly or wrongly, that the Polio jab, for instance, did what was claimed for it and protected them from catching Polio.

Once we were inoculated, we ceased to worry, even when we came into contact with that rare bird, someone who had not had the Polio jab.
One did not worry about catching anything from the unjabbed person. If he was not jabbed ,that was his lookout and laws passed to punish him for not being jabbed would have seemed bizarre.
He was no threat. Why? Because the vaccine worked.

If the government had suddenly started freaking out about how the unjabbed person was a threat because he might infect the jabbed with Polio, one would have taken this as an admission by the government that the Polio jab didn’t do its job of protecting one from catching Polio, the primary reason one was jabbed in the first place.

So treating the unjabbed as a threat of some kind makes no sense IF THE JAB WORKS.
Therefore, the pressure applied by governments upon the unjabbed citizens to get jabbed is an admission that the jabs do not work because they do not protect the jabbed.
But of course we are not talking about a bug in the same league as Polio or Ebola. We are talking about something that is usually mild and rarely fatal if you catch it at all, whilst the known remedies in the hands of competent doctors reduce the fatality stat to zero or near zero even among those classed as “vulnerable”.
So at this time, government propaganda efforts to the contrary, we have a growing perception in the public that Covid is little threat to most, millions have already had it, recovered and now have robust natural immunity, whilst the vaccines pushed on them are not very effective.
And then we have the fact that the biochemical agents being presented as vaccines are still classed as EXPERIMENTAL so the government is trying to enforce injection with EXPERIMENTAL agents.

This is something right out of the playbook of some demented concentration-camp Dr Mengele: FORCIBLY INJECTING PEOPLE WITH EXPERIMENTAL SUBSTANCES.

And now we add the growing perception that the experimental pseudo vaccines are not very safe either, as the death and injury toll from the jabs continues to rise alarmingly.
People were assured they were safe but those assurances are now exposed as insincere, if not deliberately misleading.
Now add in the fact that you are not counted as “fully vaccinated” until you have had three shots of the experimental biochemical agents with what is already, after only a few months, the worst safety record of any vaccine in history – indeed of all other vaccines combined.
Then we have the phenomenon of the vaccinated doing worse health-wise and covid-wise than the unvaccinated.
And just as the awareness grows and spreads like a forest fire through the populace that the government’s obsession with vaccination makes no sense in light of the relative mildness of the disease accompanied by an equally fast-growing awareness that the vaccines are unsafe and ineffective, the government pushes even harder with a determination to get everyone injected.

And that begins to look, even to the most trusting citizen, downright sinister.

Such a move is perfect timing IF you are trying to wreck people’s last vestiges of trust in their government.

The unvaccinated are now classed as those who have not had all three jabs, let alone had only one or none and it is almost certain that a few months down the line, those who have not had a fourth jab and then a fifth jab will be counted as not vaccinated.
Then with what appears to be the most puerile public relations blunder of all time governments get it into their heads to make these ineffective, unsafe, unnecessary vaccinations against a not particularly dangerous bug mandatory with fines and other punishments, something never before done with any vaccines against far more illnesses.
This is a move guaranteed to alienate millions of citizens, not just the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated but the vaccinated as well.
Now imagine this scenario:
Someone is forced against their will to submit to an experimental vaccine he or she does not need and does not want and which does not in fact protect them or anyone else from infecting others or being infected by others.

That mere fact alone is guaranteed to make enemies of millions of citizens who will start to suspect ulterior motives because health is clearly and manifestly not the issue or driving motivation.

Remember too that someone who has been conned or pressured or bribed or intimidated into getting jab does not mean “someone on the side of the government.”

Now imagine that after their first or second or third or fourth shot the jabbed person gets ill with blood clots, heart problems and so forth and/or one or more friends or relatives or colleagues also forced to get jabbed becomes ill, has a miscarriage, becomes sterile, has a heart attack etc etc or dies.
Over time, judging by what is now happening, those injuries and fatalities are going to grow larger and larger in number.
How pissed off with their governments are such people going to be?
The point I am making here is that governments are setting out to bring about their own downfall. Making these booby trapped experimental pseudo vaccines compulsory pretty much guarantees it.
It is almost as if SOMEONE (and we really do need to pull the string all the way down and find out WHO) is trying to being about a conflict between various governments and their own people.
Working through somewhat dim stooges in governments who have not grasped that they themselves are being played and ultimately sacrificed to a broader game, they are engineering, disaffection, revolt and conflict.
On the one hand you have the People, on the other hand the government and in the background a third party seeking to bring these two parties into conflict.
Somewhere up the line, if we are not wise, the result will be chaos and the fall of governments, fatal loss of confidence in national governments and representative democracy.
And into that chaos will step a one world governed via the UN to “rescue us” from what our “saviours” have themselves engineered.
So my hypothesis is this:
This whole nonsensical covid plandemic fiasco and especially making ineffective, unsafe, vaccines compulsory, whilst sinister enough, is not the end game.
The end result sought is upset with, loss of confidence in and even hatred for governments so that (they hope) we’ll all cheer when some small cluster of psychopaths and sociopaths steps in to “restore order” via a global dictatorship.
It is important to bear this in mind:
There is nothing wrong with democracy or with governments designed and run for all the people where such exist. They should be nurtured upheld and created. But they can be sabotaged by forces inimical to man until man loses confidence in his own creations.
We must, of course, continue to demand that governments behave in an ethical, honest and responsible manner and bring them to heel – and justice – when they do not.