Hold the line!

Humanity rising and the power of "no!"

Humanity rising and the power of “no!”

by Kate Orson

On Wednesday I went to meet a friend in Siena. We found a restaurant with outdoor seating, heaters, and Christmas music playing.

We felt so welcomed by the owner.

We talked about the whole drama that’s going on. We laughed and shared plans for if things get more difficult.

On the way back to the train station a thought popped into my mind, ‘we are strong.’

The last few weeks I’d felt fear creeping up on me, as more restrictions and mandates are announced in Europe. But there was a simple power in meeting a like-minded friend, and everything shifted. We are strong. We are stronger than we have ever been. We have lived in this abusive power structure for our entire lives, and now we have found a line that we will not cross.

This is something that the ‘powers that were’ don’t know what to do with. They know how to bribe and coerce. They’ve moved on from ice cream rewards, to work mandates and barring us from transport and libraries.

Do they know what to do, with us the strong ones? This is our strength in this pivotal moment in our society. Finding the line. Recognising the line, and holding the line.

They could use force. They have the means to use force. But as soon as they do that, then the darkness that drives them reveals itself. The civilised veneer of society crumbles.

So they keep churning out the propaganda, and the gene therapy, hoping that they can push and manipulate and cajole enough without being seen.

We see you.

We know your force. We might fear it. And yet. We are stronger than it.

All of us who know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing in this world, that would make us cross that line.

What an absolutely amazing thing it is to find this strength inside of ourselves. To recognise that our own sovereignty is stronger than any rule or abusive decree that any authority can try and control us with.

We have lived our entire lives under this system. And now we have the exit plan. It starts with saying no. And their determination to push, and push and push will be matched with our sovereign “no”s.

Those of us who hold this “no” so strongly will never change our mind.

And yet there will be others who are saying yes now, who will change their mind later.

Our numbers can only grow.

So Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, wife of Heiko Echter von der Leyen, president of a company which specialises in gene therapies. We see you.

We with our 150 million person strong collective of “No!”

You can try with your mandates and decrees while breaking every informed consent law, and human rights treaty there is.

There is nothing you can do against a “no”, that will never shift.

I feel pity for the desperation, and self-destructiveness of a system like the narcissistic charmer who tries to appear nice, but is one step away from revealing the true nature of their character.

Just try it.

Fines will be thrown out of the court. People will learn the difference between ‘following orders’ from the government, and acting in accordance with the law.

Italian Archbishop Vignano, explained in a recent interview, how laws were originally created to be god’s law, to ensure life on earth was fair, and just and in accordance with god. Whether you believe in god, a higher power, or are an atheist, these laws were intended to maintain a civilised society.

There are people who support the government, and their authority, without realising that they have abandoned the laws their authority was founded upon.

Now everyone is given the choice, follow orders from the government, or learn what is legal and right.

It’s a scary time, it’s wild out there, and our minds may be full of thoughts of what might happen.

But this is what I believe, that every “No” is heard, by god, by a higher power.

Every “No” will be granted a safe path.

e will emerge through the forest of dangers, and we will find our way. Just remember no matter how scary their threats are the “No”, aligns us with what is right, and just, with god, with a higher power, with the universe. This is our protection and it is so much stronger, than any of their games.

Ultimately, they do not have the laws of nature on their side. In their arrogance and superiority they thought they could cheat them. But now, we are at the endgame and their power is desperate and crumbling.

Out of the ruins a new earth is born where we are truly free.


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2 Comments on Hold the line!

  1. Good one, i practice the power of NO and will never submit – don’t do facemasks and never have, will never bow to criminals and dictatorship.

    Thanks for positive article Ms Orson – blessings.

  2. Thank you, Kate, for your comforting words today.
    Yes, they are needed,- yes, we must remember we are not alone, even if it feels like it some times.
    God Bless you 🙂

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