Stand Together, march together, win together

December 21, 2021 0

Stvve Cook  December 21, 2021 This was posted by those great people of the Awakened Pages group. They exemplify the spirit of our Liberty Reset in which awakened and enlightened groups communities and individuals look […]


Why are governments trying to commit suicide?

December 5, 2021 1

by Steve Cook Something very strange is going on.  Governments appear to be trying to commit suicide, particularly those now proposing to make Covid vaccination compulsory. I can think of nothing more guaranteed to make […]


The Storm before the Calm

September 25, 2021 0

by Steve Cook People are wiser to the tricks of government and its puppet masters than the Enemies of Man carrying forward this attack on humanity bargained for. The resistance is growing at an exponential […]


What will happen #1

September 25, 2021 0

by Steve Cook People are coming out of fear and this is accelerating as the truth about the nature and extent of the government’s lies is proving impossible to suppress. The Freedom movement is now […]

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