The General Election UK: a Tale of Two Buttocks

June 8, 2024 0

by Steve Cook The next episode in the ongoing puppet show called “Party Politics” is but a few weeks away. The puppet show is getting boring and enthralls nobody except the terminally gullible. Full of […]


On parasites and empire . . . .

January 31, 2024 0

by Fabian Ubiquitus I present for your consideration a concise in-a-nutshell insight into the continued genocidal, authoritarian behaviour of the US and her poodle Great Britain. The support of the current genocide in Gaza by […]


Something incredible . . .

July 8, 2023 0

Something incredible is happening in Europe, that will fuel the Awakening   SOURCE: Stop World Control Something incredible is happening in Europe that will have a tremendous worldwide impact. Hundreds of people are going to […]


Powerful documentary reveals what’s going on

June 17, 2023 3

Intro by Steve Cook The following documentary is a must-watch for all freedom fighters and concerned citizens. It is a powerful and sincere work that will raise your understanding of the insidious characters and modus […]


Money, Corruption, Manipulation and Betrayal

December 6, 2022 1

by Jane Hill, Leader, Anew UK “Money and corruption are ruining the land; crooked politicians betray the working man.” In 1978, Ray Davies wrote Live Life, a classic of  its time. Just ahead of the […]

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