Who will be thrown to the wolves?

As the Coronavirus psyop unravels and the resistance grows, we wait to see which pawn will the puppet masters sacrifice

by Jon Davy

Damascus, 10/8/20

A few months back when this whole COVID19 psychological warfare attack on us started, it seemed to me that it would be orchestrated so that it could be strung out, come what may, for as long as possible so as to cause the maximum amount of inconvenience and damage to the point where everybody would so heartily sick of it all that they’d agree to almost anything to have it over and done with, including surrendering liberties to mad governments and letting lunatics inject us with booby trapped vaccines.

At least that is what they are hoping will happen but  there is no guarantee it will go the way they want. They might just end up cheesing enough people off that they and their stooges will find themselves strung up from proverbial lamp posts.

The operators of this caper, I think, did not anticipate the degree to which resistance and awareness has exploded.

They made at least two grievous mistakes. One was underestimating people. They think we are cattle and can be treated as such and that is a pretty basic error because we ain’t.

The other was making a ham-fisted job of falsifying/manipulating the statistics. If you are going to massage the death stats, use faulty tests and so forth so as to try to fool millions of intelligent people then you need to do it more cleverly and less transparently. It is not enough if you want to demoralise and cow an entire society to simply fool the more dimwitted. You also need to also fool the brighter people, of whom there are millions.

It has now become so obvious that the government and media have colluded to make this virus appear more dangerous and deadly than it actually is that everybody except the comatose can now see it.

It has become equally obvious that this virus is similar to a seasonal flu in terms of its fatality rate, infectiousness and so forth.  See here for a reasonably apt comparison between COVID19 and influenza.

One could go on an on and on stating the ruddy obvious about the deliberately falsified death stats, the misrepresentations, exaggerations, the flawed tests and the fact that this epidemic, such as it was, is for all intents and purposes over, having followed pretty much the natural cycle for viruses irrespective of lockdowns or no lockdowns. All this has been dealt with very ably elsewhere by countless observers. A good summary of the situation, should you want to read one is here.

So the government now has a problem.

It has been caught out talking up and propagandising a pandemic so supposedly serious and terrifying that it justified tremendous damage to the country in order to “deal” with it.

The current virus is, by the way, serious enough for the vulnerable the way influenza and other bugs are but nowhere near serious enough to justify the destruction of the economy.

The government has long since passed the point where it could have owned up and admitted it made a “mistake”. It just kept right on lying and lying and lying and keeping the whole smoke-and-mirrors charade going.

It cannot now do anything else because it would have to admit it essentially created a catastrophe to handle a fabricated threat. It would have to admit, too, that in order to “save lives” it actually cost us an as yet untold number of lives through insane restrictions on the ability of the NHS to do its job AND its failure to implement the known cure, hydrocychlororoquine.

It is trapped in its own lies. I imagine there are some politicians, civil servants and “advisors” who are starting to sweat right now as they watch their deception dissolve under the light of public scrutiny.

This government was only elected last ruddy December! I don’t recall any government overseeing so much damage to the country in so short a space of time and we Brits have had to put up with some mind-numbingly bad or treasonous governments over the years.

Somewhere up ahead lies a reckoning. The true economic cost of the destruction is going to be felt and it will be felt at more or less at the very point where the entire population with the exception of the comatose will know we have been played.

By that time, the media will have deserted the sinking ship and turned on the government. The government will point accusing fingers at its “experts” (the very people it CHOSE to listen to) and at the media. A lot of people will be wanting to know WHY all this happened, WHO were the puppet masters pulling Johnson and Hancock’s strings.

If an enemy power had visited upon on our nation the level of sabotage we have just been subjected to, we would have regarded it as an act of war.

It is indeed an act of war, with key political figures in collaboration with the enemy.

It is just that we have not as yet been able to precisely identify that enemy.

They are not, this time, a country. In fact, the various countries of the planet have them as a common enemy,  as I  think Putin and Trump and possibly Xi have realised.

For sure, it will be a group of some kind and the members of that group will have names and will have to answer for their crimes.

In the meantime, that enemy, those hidden puppet masters, will sacrifice some pawns or maybe a rook in order – they hope – to save themselves.

Personally, when the-you-know-what hits the fan, I expect them to toss Boris Johnson to the wolves.


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