Vive La Resistance!

Resistance Update from France

by Boudicca

Global resistance to the V@x Hoax is exploding right in the smug faces of the degenerate enemies of humankind.

The medical community worldwide in particular is rallying to the cause of life, liberty and the pursuit of a better world as the kick back against oppression gathers steam.

Here is a vital message from a doctor in France taken off of a social network today.


Message from the Pr. PERRON on vaccines!

Dear friends,

France, which has been having a nightmare for months, wakes up.

In many cities in our beautiful country, the people are on the march to regain their freedom, to demand the return of democracy.

As a doctor, a specialist in infectious diseases and having served as president of many public health bodies or boards, including on vaccines, I measure the uncertainties that create fear and increasing disarray of our citizens. I take the risk of being called ′′ conspiracy ′′ again or better as ′′ reassurist “, terms referring to those who criticize or challenged unique thinking.

I end up being proud of these names, as my words expressing the truth have never changed since the outbreak began. I therefore consider it my responsibility to express myself again today on the whole medical aspect of Covid-19 and in particular on the subject of vaccination, now the central and almost unique element of health policy of the state.

Many French people have been mesmerized by the politics of fear. Since September 2020, we were told a terrible second wave of the epidemic, worse than the first.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Olivier Véran, the President of the Elysee Scientific Council, Dr. Jean Fran oisois Delfraissy, the Director<

General of Health, Dr. Jerome Solomon, Pasteur Institute have told us catastrophic numbers with an exponential increase in the death toll. Hospitals had to be saturated and swamped.

Even the President of the Republic, in a recent TV address announcing the reconfinement, predicted us no less than 400.000 dead, boosting the 200.000

dead estimated shortly before by Pasteur’s Pr Arnaud Fontanet.

These unrealistic numbers had only one purpose, to maintain fear to make us remain locked, wisely masked. Yet the widespread use of masks in general population has no scientific interest in stopping the SARS-COV-2. outbreak.

The use of masks should be targeted for the sick, their surroundings (especially those at risk) and caregivers in contact.<

The epidemic is regressing and has not led to any apocalypse. The dynamics of the curve had shown for weeks the profile of a seasonal epidemic rebound observing with some viruses, once the epidemic wave is over.

This reflects the adaptation of the virus to humans and is also a reflection of the collective immunity that progresses in the population and protects us naturally.

Currently circulating virus strains have lost their virulence. Authorities won’t be able to say this is because of lockdown as the downward trend began even before it was put in place.

The regression of the epidemic had even begun, in some cities, before the curfew was introduced.

Unfortunately, there are still deaths in very old people, big obese or people with severe diabetes, severe high blood pressure, already disabling cardiorespiratory or kidney diseases.

These people at risk are perfectly identified. Health measures should therefore be targeted to protect, detect and treat them as soon as possible from the outset of symptoms with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, which are widely confirmed in the efficacy and safety of which are given early treatment.

Many deaths could have been prevented. However, general practitioners and geriatricians were deterred from treating.

In this context, continuing to persecute our children behind useless masks remains incomprehensible.<

All these measures are being made for the French to demand a vaccine. What is the point of a widespread vaccine for a disease with a mortality of nearly 0,05 %? None of them. This mass vaccination is useless. Also, the risks of vaccination can be greater than the benefits.

Most worrying is that many countries, including France, are saying they are ready to vaccinate in the coming weeks, as the development and evaluation of these products went fast and no results from the The effectiveness or danger of these vaccines has not been published so far.

We have only had the right to press releases from industrial manufacturers, allowing their stocks to flame on the stock market.

The worst is that the first ′′ vaccines ′′ we are offered are not vaccines, but gene therapy products.<

We’re going to inject nucleic acids that will cause our own cells to manufacture virus elements.<

The consequences of this injection are absolutely unaware, because it is a first in humans. What if the cells of some ′′ vaccinated ′′ made too many viral elements, causing uncontrollable reactions in our bodies?

The first gene therapy will be in RNA, but there are projects with DNA. Normally in our cells, the message is DNA to RNA, but the opposite is possible in certain circumstances, especially since our human cells have since the beginning of the so-called ‘ endogenous ‘ retrovirus s’ embedded in our DNA chromosomes.<

These ′′ domesticated ′′ retroviruses that inhabit us are usually harmless (unlike HIV, retrovirus AIDS for example), but they can produce an enzyme, reverse transcriptase, capable of transcribing backwards, from RNA to DNA.

Thus an RNA that is foreign to our body and administered by injection could codify for equally foreign DNA that can then fit into our chromosomes.

So there is a real risk of transforming our genes permanently. There is also the possibility, by modifying the nucleic acids of our ova or sperm, to pass on these genetic modifications to our children.<

People promoting these gene therapy, falsely called ′′ vaccines ′′ are apprentice wizards and take the French and more usually the citizens of the world, for guinea pigs.

We don’t want to become, like tomatoes or the transgenic but GMOs (genetically modified organisms). A medical officer from one of the pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratories said a few days ago that he hoped for a personal protective effect, but that an impact should not be too hoped for, so the dynamics of the epidemic.

This is a disguised admission that it is not a vaccine. A top of it

I am all the more horrified because I have always been in favour of vaccines and have chaired immunization policy for years.

Today, we must say stop to this extremely disturbing plan. Louis Pasteur needs to turn around in his grave.

Science, medical ethics and above all common sense needs to take over.<

Christian PERRONN



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