Unite and Win!

National and Global Grass Roots Unity the key to Defeating Oppression

We heartily welcome and endorse the Truth and Unity Project, a very exciting development in the global social betterment movement.

In support of this new project and the bright idea behind it, we present a re-write here of the article “Unite and Win” which has for quite some time been at the core of the Liberty Beacon UK’s message to the world – editor

Unite And Win

by Anonymous

We confront a powerful Elite.

It is a well organised aristocracy that is perfectly willing to kill a few head of cattle so as to make the herd fit into the straightjacket of its utopian blueprint.

It is an Elite that has made itself the enemy of virtually every human group seeking to achieve anything worthwhile.

Arrayed against this Elite and its proxies are many thousands of betterment groups representing many millions of people.

Yet these countless thousands of groups are having a hard time making an impact against the forces of tyranny.

What has been inhibiting their efforts?


There are many thousands of groups each fighting against one aspect or another of tyranny. They represent millions of activists and many millions more people who at the very least agree with their aims.

Each group is fighting its own specialized fight, often with scant resources, against some aspect or other of overall suppression.

But each fights alone and behind the particular visible enemy it fights, there lies the combined might of a coordinated and powerful tyranny with almost unlimited resources.


What we are seeing here is the expenditure of a massive amount of energy that is unfocussed and dispersed.  

It is in the interests of the elite to keep the energy raised against it dispersed and the myriad betterment groups dis-united or even arguing with one another.

Yet, the way to gain maximum impact and force from a reservoir of energy is to focus it. Power could be defined as focused energy applied.


Imagine all the endeavour of all those myriad groups, representing millions of human beings coordinated and focused. How much power would it generate?

What if all those voices of protest were to speak with one voice? How loud would that voice be?

Governments listen to the insidious voices of powerful self-interested, criminal factions whispering in their ears “counsel” that the rest of us cannot hear. Meanwhile, no betterment group, acting alone, can raise from the grass roots a voice loud enough to MAKE government listen to their counsel.

So governments will continue to listen to and follow the counsel of criminals until there is a strong enough DEMAND from a grass roots citizens’ movement that they act in the interests of all the people.

My proposal, then, is this: all those thousands of groups that comprise what we could loosely call the social betterment movement should unite and form a Citizens Forum. The purpose of the Citizens Forum is to counsel government on behalf of all the people.


The Citizens Forum, or whatever name is chosen for it, would NOT seek political power. It MUST remain aloof from and exterior to political power.

It must ONLY concern itself with a watchdog function. It must confine itself to detecting and alerting the public to violations of the law, the constitution or the basic agreements as to right and wrong enshrined in the mores and customs of the people and to counselling government on how to correct those digressions or transgressions.

So, for example, some people are very much against large corporations per se whilst others are not against large corporations per se PROVIDED they behave ethically. But BOTH groups CAN agree that all entities and all people should be bound by the law, the constitution and standards commonly held as to what is good conduct. They could also agree that it is not acceptable for government to be derelict of its duty to bring these organisations and their individuals under the law and that government MUST enforce upon them good conduct according to commonly held standards of honesty and so forth.

There are many points of address when we start looking for undercuts upon which we can all agree and we can certainly all agree that the environment should be rendered safe for all honest men to flourish according to their abilities and contribution to the wellbeing and wealth of their communities.


It is not workable to pick myriad targets and try to rectify all of them at the same time. If we do that we will be right back into the dispersal again.

The way to approach it strategically is that:

The Citizens Forum should agree upon a specific target, a specific aspect of tyranny to correct and apply its coordinated and focussed effort to achieving that target.

My suggestion would also be – although ultimately it would be for the Citizens Forum to decide – that, per Sun Tsu’s Art of War – one does not engage in a battle unless one knows one can win it. So the target would have to be a winnable one

Once that target has been achieved, that battle won and that particular wrong has been righted, the Citizens Forum should then select the next target and apply a coordinated effort to achieving it: then the next and so forth.


None of the member groups would abandon or neglect their own specialized fight. They would keep their autonomy and identity and simply agree upon one target at a time which, when achieved, would facilitate the winning of their own specialized fight or enhance their own survival potential as citizens.

I think it entirely possible though that, in this new cooperative spirit, this recognition of one another as allies against a common foe, groups might increase the amount that they help one another, quite aside from the specific targets of the Citizens Forum.

I must stress again that the Citizen Forum would not interfere with its members or the priorities, programmes and policies of these members except to require that all members abide by the law and by common sense standards of honesty and good conduct. It would concern itself only with getting government to enact whatever principle its members have agreed is their current target.


It should be borne in mind that the Citizens Forum would comprise a confederation of hundreds, if not thousands, of groups with an aggregate membership of quite possibly millions of people.

When it speaks it will thus speak on behalf of millions of people. Collectively it will be able to put out and forward an agreed and coordinated message that will be seen or heard EVERYWHERE.  Millions of people speaking with one voice will be able to give government counsel that it MUST heed.

But can all these apparently disparate groups find common points of agreement around which to create a coordinated effort? What are the points upon which they CAN all agree?

There are points upon which they don’t agree for sure but within any group of friends, colleagues or family there will be things on which members disagree.  Yet, underlying those points of difference there are strong points of common agreement that bolster the survival of the group and its members.


Well, in terms of the social betterment movement, for a start every single one of them has a common enemy, the common source of the wrongs they are seeking to right: the vested interests of corporate power and the lies and injustices that emanate therefrom.

All groups would probably agree that the Constitution should be adhered to and not violated. Underpinning that is the bedrock upon which the Constitution stands: the mores and customs of the people.

The mores and customs of the people are simple points of agreement that the majority of men consider desirable. Most would agree that no man should lie for gain, that no man has the right to poison another, that scientific research should be honest, that advertising should be truthful, that no special interest group should have a privileged and hidden communication line into government and that there are certain standards of good conduct that all men have a responsibility to uphold and so on . . .  It is a long list.

The point I am making here is that it is possible for these manifold groups to find many points of agreement and common goals and upon these points of agreement we can found an alliance manifest in a Citizens Forum.

And once we have formed our Citizens Forum, it will be possible for its members to agree among themselves a viable target to be addressed. And each battle won would empower all groups to pursue their own specialized goals on a more level playing field.

Merely forcing government back under the Constitution, for example, would itself considerably liberate and empower all honest men.

I have my own opinions as to what the priority points of address might be but the decision would be that of the Citizens Forum. Groups of honest men working towards common survival goals can and will find points of agreement and work out a strategy that will lead them to victory.

Revolt is not the answer. Firm and united counseling of the government by a united Forum of honest men that defends our culture and our liberty is the way forward to a better world.

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