It Could have been a Whole Lot Worse for the Bankster Elite

 by Steve Cook

The Brexit vote has been a serious setback for bankster elite who have worked so hard to achieve their conquest of Europe by stealthy increments aided and abetted by a fair bit of fibbing.

What must be worrying them is how large the vote to leave might have been had:

(a) the true ultimate goals, motivations and modus operandi of the EU and the bankster elite and their horrible crew behind it been fully explained to the Brits
 (b) the case for leaving had been better presented (see above), than it was by people who inspired confidence(c) its history and how it was foisted on us by sly increments been better understood, especially by younger voters

(d) the debt-based money system we are using (one of the stupidest money systems ever developed by the criminal mind) and how it hands a few banking cartels the whip hand over governments been widely exposed and understood

(e) the TRUTH been part of the debate. The truth includes how the EU was set up to consolidate the power the banksters accrue from our nutty money system and how, having baited the trap with the empty promise of economic stability and prosperity (promises that never were and never can be kept), the “European economic community” was gradually and slyly morphed into the nascent superstate, an authoritarian structure thinly disguised as a democracy.

(f)  the Leave side presented a proper and more desirable alternative to the EU or indeed any kind of coherent, confident plan as to how we are to move forward and flourish and prosper once independent. It is entirely feasible to move forward and flourish and prosper as an independent nation. It is not hard to come up with a more desirable and workable alternative to the EU because the EU is a very, very poor plan itself (unless you happen to be a member of the bankster elite and do not care too much about the fate of the rifraff and hoi poloi, in which case it is a really good wheeze). It is just that the “great minds” campaigning for Leave somehow omitted to come up with anything that bolstered confidence.

Yet despite all this, Leave still won the vote!

Well over half the Brits who voted wanted to leave.
Had the Leave campaign been really on the ball and not masterminded by muppets, who for some amazing reason were reluctant to FULLY EXPOSE the bankster debt-money scam that underlies the EU effort AND our decline as a nation, it would have won by a much larger margin.

This will have frighted the life out of the elite behind the EU project.

Expect a propaganda backlash and every effort fair or foul made to stop us leaving.

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