The world looks like it’s getting worse – but is it actually getting better? Part I

by Steve Cook

The latest corruption scandals around the IAAF and FIFA join the many other corruption scandals from different quarters and fields of human endeavour that have exploded all over the MSM and the internet.

The list appears to make a sorry litany of human criminality and degradation. To name just a few of the aforementioned scandals that have surfaced:

  • The current IAAF scandal that unmasks massive, endemic and chronic corruption through the IAAF’s upper echelons and even extending to alleged bribery by a Russian bank!
  • The FIFA scandal; corruption at the highest levels of the world’s most popular team sport.
  • The Gladio scandal that exposes a decades-long operation by criminals within NATO to use terrorism to manipulate international events and strengthen the power of certain states. This has involved the deliberate creation of “Islamic” terror groups and involves not just criminals within NATO but also criminals within the Islamic religions who collaborated with NATO for the benefit of the Western elites. This has been so extensive and through that one begins to wonder whether without the efforts of criminals embedded  in the regimes in Washington, London and their NATO allies on the one hand and the Western backed hotbed of Wahhabi terrorism, Saudi Arabia on the other, there would actually BE much terrorism for us to worry about.
  • The exposure of the so-called “science” of psychiatry as a fraud several hundred years in its cancerous growth, engineered as a population control device and a profit-maker for drugs companies.
  • The exposure of the banking system – another fraud centuries in its gowth – that has handed power over half the planet to a group of criminal bankster oligarchs and resulted in one needless war-for-profit after another.
  • The exposure of 9/11 as a criminal escapade that fraudulently “justified” a “war on terror” and which is absolutely crying out for a proper investigation and long-overdue justice.
  • The exposure of the “war on terror” as itself as an inherently fraudulent caper engineered by the same criminal elements responsible for much of the above-mentioned debacles.
  • The exposure of pedophile and other sexually deviant activities at the highest levels in America and Europe.
  • The exposure of the fraudulent science and criminal intent behind the we-do-not-care-whom-we-kill-as-long-as-we-make-lots-of-money shenanigans of the corrupt corporations in Big Pharma and Big Agra.
  • The exposure of the new World Order effort to bring about a sort of global coup and move us all under a world totalitarianism with all the joys that will bring – about as much fun as living out one’s days in Lucifer’s garden shed.
  • MK Ultra and similar brainwashing capers.
  • The Zionist infiltration of the Western political and media estates.
  • Apartheid, genocide and massive humanitarian crimes by criminal elements within the Zionist occupation of Palestine. Support of these atrocities by leading Aerican and European politicians (such as Cameron) who have sworn allegiance to Israel.
  • The exposure of the global warming fraud  and the money-making scam behind it.

And so on and so forth. It is a long list and involves criminal activity on a massive scale.

The exposure of so many of these in so short a space of time can be pretty overwhelming and can make it look as if the world has descended into a cesspool of corruption.

But has it? Or is it in fact beginning the task of pulling itself OUT of a cesspool of corruption it has been in for quite some time? The first thing you have to do if you are going to climb out of a cesspool is recognise that you are in one.

Before you lose hope entirely, I would ask you first to consider the following and whether there is in fact genuine cause for optimism.

  • Many of the scandals now coming to light have been going on for quite some time. Centuries in some cases. We did not know about them.
  • Now thy are coming to light and the world is waking up to what has been going on for a very long while.
  • The perpetrators of them comprise in fact a very small portion of the human race in its entirety. The vast majority of human beings are not scheming criminal scumbags trying to enslave or kill off their fellow human beings.
  • The fact that these many horrible crimes ARE being exposed and are not remaining covered up means that the good guys are winning.
  • Now that we know about them, we have a chance to do something about them. The more we know and the more we understand about who has been doing what to whom, when and how, the better chance we stand of rectifying the problem, repairing the damage and making sure the same thing does not happen again. If nothing else, the knowledge will make us a lot harder to fool the next time.
  • EQUALLY OMPORTANTLY: despite all the above and despite the lurid headlines by which the MSM assults one’s morale and esprit, the world is statistically becoming calmer and less violent!

A case in point is the propagandists who have been working straight out of the Joseph Goebbels playbook for quite some time now to

(a) demonise Vladimir Putin and get us into a war with Russia and

(b) have Islam blamed for the corruption and demise of the West and therefore fought, whilst those actually responsible for the demise are overlooked in the confusion and not fought at all.

Those propagandists have found it much harder than they once might have done to get a war going, people just ain’t buying their crap the way they used to.

Now that the criminals behind them cannot so easily lie to us and get away with it, their operations are starting to crumble.

I say again: criminal activities that were not seen for a very long time are now being seen. The corruption is now visible. This can make it appear that the world had suddenly “gone bad”.

The fact that we can now see it is an improvement.

The fact that people care enough about it to be outraged is a good thing. It would have been much worse had no-one been particularly bothered.

What we are seeing is the beginnings of order being put into a confusion that has been present but masked for a long time. When you put order into a confusion, confusion blows off (discharges).

By way of an analogy think of any time  you set about tidying up a really messy room or garage. For a while it is tough going. It seems like the confusion is getting worse. But if you persevere, after a while things start to straighten out and order goes in. At the end of it, you have a nice tidy room.

But if one is fazed by the intitial blowing off of the confusion and backs off from it, one never arrives at the tidy room: one merely stays in the middle of as mess.

A wise man once said that clean hands make a happy life. This I understand to mean that the more honest one is, the more one lives a clean life without transgressing the mores and customs of the society in which one lives, the happier and better one will live.

Certainly I have found it so in my own life. I have never been an angel (who has?) but the degree to which I have been able to live honestly and without transgressions of the moral codes of the society, the betterr and happier I have felt.

And having given counselling in my time and worked for several years in rehab I have seen the relief a human being can experience at coming clean about his own transgressions and pecaddiloes long witthheld and long troubling his peace of mind.

And having come clean of the things he has done, if he then sets about building a life for himself free of them. he lives so much more happily and calmly. And the strsange thing is, the world around him appoears to calm down as well.

It seems to me we can extend this phenoemnone to the society, to nations and the world. The more there transgressions are communicated and brought into the open and into the light of understanding, after the initial confusion has blown off, we can start to build a world with cleaner hands, happier and more at peace with itself.

Of course, the truth is being given up rather reluctantly by the transgressors. Part of the reason for that reluctance is that those who are caught up in those various crimes fear retribition.

But suppose we all got together and called an amnesty? Suppose we just skipped the revenege and punishment thing for the sake of the future of humanity and made it safe for men caught up in criminal endeavours to admit their crimes? Suppose we gave the transgressors a window of opportunity to confess and come clean and pardoned and forgave those who did? And punished (severly) only those who refuse to do so or refused to mend their ways once given an “out”?

Would that not hasten the arrival of truth?

And human brotherhood.

The stars await.

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