The World Looks Like It’s Getting Worse But Is It Actually Getting Better? Part 2

Up yours, Merchants of Chaos.

As I contended in The World Looks Like It’s Getting Worse But Is It Actually Getting Better? Part 1, while the bad news grabs the attention, don’t be fooled. Behind the bewildered smoke screen of hysteria, something quite remarkable is happening: slowly but surely -and perhaps at an accelerating pace – therte are clear signs that the world is actually become safer and more peaceful.

It is hard to believe when you are fed a daily diet of the worst and most alarming news the MSM has scoured the planet to find and serve up over your breakfast cornflakes.

Perhaps the planet still has a long way to go before it becomes a fit place for decent beings to live on but evidently it is heading in that direction.

As the planet improves, there appears to be an increasingly feverish effort by those who profit from fear and chaos to convince you otherwise. It’s a control operation, an effort to grind man down into fear and hopelessness and rob him of the self-esteem and confidence that would make him much harder to enslave or manipulate. It also sells more antidepressants.

Yet despite the efforts to grind humanity down, to bring us into terror or despair, states of mind where we are more likely to support nice profitable divide-and-rule wars with one another, Russia, Islam and God alone knows who else, we are instinctively less inclined to buy this crap and still managing to turn things around!

Good for us!Good for all the decent, honest people on this planet.

And up yours, Merchants of Chaos.


Anyway, check out this article for some interesting states and a new look at the real state of play.

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