The Psycho-Puppets panic

Economic you-know-what hits the fan

This featured article from our friends at Your News Wire, if true, goes a long way towards explaining why Western propagandists have been engaged in a feverish but ultimately unsuccessful campaign to demonise Vladimir and rush us all into doing something we are very sure to regret: go to war with Russia.

Nobody except perhaps some neo-Nazis in Ukraine, ISIS and, of course the Gang of Loons running Washington has much of a beef with Russia: few of us are in a hurry to sacrifice our children and indeed the future of the planet to having a fight with people with whom we have no real quarrel except the fake ones propagandised in the Zionist MSM and the internet. Washington’s psychopuppets however are in a very suspicious tearing hurry to get us embroiled in a war before the coming economic you-know-what hits the fan.

Russia’s efforts to protect her economy and her people from the bankster crime syndicates and their proxies that are busy bringing cultural destruction to the West have made that country’s leader distinctly unpopular amongst the aforementioned criminals.

The West is quite likely facing the prospect of a financial collapse but the seeds of that collapse were sown a long time before Putin was even born and the bankster oligarchs fear that, ultimately, Putin’s actions will expose their economic con game and its attendant crimes for all to see – and that people will cotton on to how to solve the problem and usher in a new bankster-free Golden Age of sane economics.

As for how to resolve the coming economic “melt down” rather easily, READ THIS. Don’t let anyone sell you some we-are-screwed apathy. The solution to the problem is right in front of our faces.

As for what Vladimir Putin is doing that so panics the bankster oligarchs and their crew of traitors, collaborators and enemies of the people in Washington and London, read the featured article below:

Russia Creates Law That Promises “Western Economic Collapse”

President Putin has created a new set of laws that, once passed by Parliament, will create the worst “economic cyclone” the Western world has ever seen, plunging the U.S. and Europe into a financial collapse. 

 The Security Council (SC) have stated that the new laws were drawn up over the last year in order to deal with Western aggression against Russia. The law states that all Russian companies, both public and private, must cease paying over $700 billion in loan payments to any banks that have an association with any country that currently has sanctions against Russia. reports:

Once these “Weaponized Default” laws are enacted, this report continues, they would serve as payback for the twin Western manipulation of global oil prices and the Russian ruble—the manipulation involved unleashing on the global oil market over five million barrels a day of excess reserve production that were held back by Saudi Arabia, plus derivative manipulation at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crashing the price of oil last year.

To the timing of President Putin submitting these feared “Weaponized Default” laws to the Duma today, this report explains, was due to the grim report given to the Security Council by Economic Development (MoED) Minister Aleksey Ulyukayev warning that the current period of low oil prices may last for decades—and which British experts are now saying could fall to the “doomsday” level of $10 a barrel.

 Also spurring President Putin’s timing of submitting these laws to the Duma, this report notes, was the successful opening of the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX) which will forever de-dollarize Russian oil from the United States global petrodollar system thus breaking America’s hegemony and its ability to finance its wars using other nations’ money.

Adding to the growing pushback against the United States petrodollar system and its allies continuing to advocate for global war, this report continues, is China—who this past week ordered all of its banks to cease purchasing US Dollars in its bid to protect its nation and economic interests from these warmongers too.

Though the American “presstitute” mainstream media has failed to allow their citizens to know the full and dreadful impact that President Putin’s new “Weaponized Default” laws will have upon them, this report further states, the same cannot be said of that nations oligarchs—who in the past fortnight alone have caused their stock markets to lose over $1 trillion—and to put that stunning figure in context, it’s like wiping out the combined value of the following tech giants: Google (GOOGL, Tech30) ($508 billion), Facebook (FB, Tech30) ($281 billion), Intel (INTC, Tech30) ($154 billion), Netflix (NFLX, Tech30) ($50 billion) and Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) ($29 billion).

Even more astounding than this massive loss of wealth to the American people holding their retirement and saving monies in stocks and bonds, this report grimly says, was President Obama telling his nations citizens last night that their US was economy was doing fine and that his critics were “peddling fiction”—like legendary American stock market guru Art Cashin who yesterday warned that panic in this market “will shock the world” and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) warning all of its elite clients yesterday to “Sell Everything!” and stating: “This is about return of capital, not return on capital. In a crowded hall, exit doors are small.”

To the only Americans that will be protected in this “economic cyclone” enveloping the Western world, this report further notes, are their elite oligarchs who have had gifted to them by the Obama regime a separate tax structure designed to protect their billions—while the rest of the American people will be left competing for jobs in the only industry the United States is now the unquestioned global leader of—prisons, and that have become so morally corrupt the Obama regime even had passed a new law mandating that at least 34,000 ‘illegal’s’ have to be behind bars every day to benefit that nations private jailing companies profits.

With Russia being the world’s largest oil producer, this report continues, fully 75% of its oil can be exported which President Putin’s new “Weaponized Default” laws will protect no matter how low the price of oil goes—but the same cannot be said of the Obama regime backed barbaric Middle Eastern ally Saudi Arabia whose despotic de facto leader, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has not only brought his nation to brink of ruin—its soon collapsing will, undoubtedly, cause the Western nations to unleash a new set of oil wars too.

But before the West embarks upon these new oil wars, this report concludes, they should first re-familiarize themselves with their own history—and as recently detailed by the American foreign policy writer Michael Peck who in his article 5 Oil Wars that Ended in Disaster succinctly warned:

“For the last hundred years, oil has been a frequent reason for war. Nations have fought wars, or shaped their military strategy during a war, to conquer oil fields or prevent rivals from controlling the commodity that is the lifeblood of industrial economies and modern militaries.

But what good is capturing an oil field when you wreck your country in the process? Several nations have learned the hard way that the price for capturing oil can be much greater than its value.

For the American leaders, and plenty of others throughout history, the price of oil indeed proved to be higher than any could imagine.”

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