The globalisation of good will

The key that unlocks the door to tomorrow

by Fabian Ubiquitus

Lhasa, Tibet, Saturday 8/8/20

ANY motion can be turned to humanity’s advantage. The current cranky and ill-conceived effort by somewhat demented tinkerers to control the planet is no exception.

Several great positives have emerged from their psychological warfare offensive against the people.

One is that they have revealed themselves, their methods and their collaborators and accomplices a little too much for their own comfort.

Another is that they have thereby made themselves the common enemy in the minds of many people throughout the human community and that, at last, is the CORRECT TARGET.

Another is that they have inadvertently increased the sense of brotherhood among people, the concept of humanity as one race wherein our nations – ideally at least – are self-governing neighbourhoods confederated into a broader global community.

Another is the speed with which the culprits – the global crime syndicate of psychanthropists, would-be authoritarians and utopian tinkerers who just LOVE to use the planet’s human community as their experimental laboratory –  were found out.

Another has been the speed with which resistance has flourished, a growth that is now almost exponential and promises to sweep the globalist criminals aside in a massive groundswell of popular revolt – PROVIDED we persist.

But there’s another from which we should all take even greater heart. Consider:

  • There are MANY good people out there willing and able to speak out and fight back even at personal risk. This has been a revelation and one should take great pride in belonging to species capable of such courage and character, man’s habitual defamers and detractors notwithstanding.
  • Among these heroes of the evolution are a veritable army of medical professionals, people of great honour who take the Hippocratic oath seriously and are not about to let the politics of totalitarian turds force them into violating it.
  • There are millions of people of goodwill willing and able to get along. Among the vast majority of human beings there is NO thirst for war, destruction or mayhem, no desire to rob or deceive or cheat or disenfranchise their fellows.
  • Among them are people of immense ingenuity, capability, creativity and constructive power. And YOU are one of them.
  • There are advanced technologies capable of producing wonders in so many fields thanks to the powerful minds of generations of thinking men and women.
  • There is a sane pro-survival desire among the human communities of Earth for unity and the protections afforded self and others by just laws applicable to all. It is that very desire that has been hijacked by the globalists and perverted into the incremental process of enslavement. Yet that human drive for cooperation, peace and unity as a species is nonetheless real and worthy.

The point I am making here is that, right here and now, we the people of the human community of Earth have in our possession ALL the ingredients, components, skills, resources, willingness and desire necessary for the construction of a new and betterg lobal  civilisation.

They comprise the wherewithal for a new kind of globalism infinitely more desirable, beneficial and endurable than the shabby, tawdry and uninspiring imitation put forth by the globalists, a global community not enforced or imposed by trickery and deceit but GROWN from the grass roots and which consults the willingness and desire of people of good will, which the planet has in great abundance.

The globalists, intent upon their self-serving mockery don’t want you to know this. Hence the turmoil, the infiltration and sabotage of decent movements, the divide-and-rule and the relentless injection of dismay into the affairs of men.

But their crime syndicate is of no service or help to Man and therefore of no value. They have nothing to offer humanity and stand merely as an impediment to our  creation of something vastly superior

They are getting in our road.

Sweep them aside.

For we can conceive and play a better game.

Fabian Ubiquitus writes exclusively for UK Reloaded and The Liberty Beacon network.

His true identity cannot be revealed


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