Point of attack

A response is insane if what is being responded to doesn't exist

by UKR Columnist Kieron McFadden

The various measures introduced by the government would be tolerable and I would accept them IF THEY WERE A RESPONSE TO A REAL MASS-KILLING EPIDEMIC.

In THAT context there is probably nothing much wrong with them.

From what I have seen the steadily dwindling yet still fairly large minority of people who still support the government’s measures and are upset by those of us who don’t, are of that frame of mind because they believe the epidemic is real.

Let me stress a distinction here: I am talking about people who believe the EPIDEMIC is real. Whatever one considers the provenance of the COVID19 illness to be (viral, mass hysteria, fear, body detoxing, whatever) the illness itself is real enough.

What has emerged over the past few months is that the illness itself is not as fatal or infectious as were were told. It has now become obvious that the falsification of key death, admissions and infections statistics and the unreliability of the tests and so forth, all combined to generate a false picture. Add to that the fact that not only is the bug not as infectious or dangerous as we have been told, it is also CURABLE, although cures such as hydroxychloroquine have been withheld from the People as part of the ongoing operation to create the scary scenario of a mass-killing virus of which we must all be very afraid.

One of the most delightful aspects of this whole psyop has been the discovery that millions of people have turned out to be not so easy to scare as the masterminds behind this caper hoped.

My overriding impression from my personal familial, social, online and business connections since this psychological attack was launched? Trust in whatever yarn government and media were spinning varied from none at all to slight. About 80% refused to oblige by living in fear and of all my connections I only know two people who MIGHT have had a dose of COVID19 or a similar bug.  In fact this year there seem to be FEWER people suffering from the usual seasonal flu-like bugs than previously. If anything, people seem to be slightly more well than usual, which is odd, especially for a mass-killing epidemic.

Nevertheless, I estimate about 20% are pretty much sold to one degree or another on the idea that there is an epidemic going on. Considering the propaganda onslaught to which they have been subjected by the most cynically mendacious British government and media I have seen since Ted Heath and his cronies conned us into Europe or Tony Blair WMD pack of lies duped us into attacking another country, I can quite understand why many people have that view.

It is not a surprise. What IS a surprise and a really pleasant one is how FEW people have that view in light of that propaganda onslaught.

Be that as it may, for those who are convinced there is an epidemic going on and that we are being told the truth, that the tests are reliable and all the rest, the mask-wearing, distancing, lockdown and other measures make perfect sense. They would make sense to me too if I thought for one moment the yarn we have spun was even slightly true. And of course in that context, what the government is doing appears completely (or fairly anyway) rational.

Thus it would seem to me that we can ague about, say, mask wearing until we are blue in the face but if we do not dispel the myth on which the mask-wearing is based – the existence of the killer epidemic – we are not going to get anywhere.

Mask wearing does probably have a limited workability and in the context of a REAL epidemic I would  ruddy well wear one – and put up with being slightly suffocated –  even if just on the off-chance it would do any good.

So the point of attack is simply: the epidemic is fake. Fortunately for us it’s an easy lie to address because the falsification of the statistics and the flawed tests are the Achilles Heel of the operators of this dismal psyop.

I had as customer say to me the other day: “I think the government is doing the best it can under the circumstances . . . ”

The guy was well into the irritating elbow-bumping, we-are-all-in-danger, frail-little-flowers, scary-invisible-menace thing although after we’d been talking for a couple of minutes he’s forgotten all about the social distancing, wear-a-mask-or-die nonsense. I didn’t bother to contradict him particularly, I just said.

“Yea, I know what you mean. I used to think the same thing. They had my support right up to the point it came out they’d been lying and falsifying the death stats and so on. They lost me at that point.” and I left it at that.

It gave him something to mull over.

I think that, deep down, a lot of people know they are being lied to and if they don’t think the government is lying, they sure as hell know they can’t trust what the media tells them, so their confidence is easy to shake.

Of course, people have different reasons for adhering to what my son calls the “Lockdown Death Cult”.

For some it is merely a question of having trusted the word of untrustworthy people.

For others, maybe they like the game of being afraid or their lives are so mild and uneventful that a big scary epidemic introduces some drama and some sort of a game. The customer I mentioned is a well-off bloke, retired, comfortable, not much challenge in his life and plenty of time on his hands to find something to worry about.

The fact is we are never going to “convert ” everybody. Even if BJ went on TV tomorrow and admitted the whole epidemic thing was a hoax and he’d been lying through his teeth, at THAT point some people would decide he must be lying for some reason because EVERYBODY KNOWS the epidemic is real!

After all, look at all the newspaper headlines saying it is so there must be an epidemic going on somewhere even it it doesn’t happen to me in my neighbourhood.

But no social change, no revolution or revolt or move towards greater freedom ever had the support of everybody. Most probably did not even have the support of the majority, just a brave and determined minority whom the rest would fellow if they set a good enough example.

Kieron McFadden writes exclusively for UK Reloaded and The Liberty Beacon network


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