On thin ice: the architects of mass deception

Thawing out the layers of deceit

by Steve Cook

At the turn of the century I was involved with monetary reform and the effort to expose the great banking scam that underlies virtually all of the economic difficulties we are having.

There is a reason why our economies just never seem to run right and lurch from crisis to crisis despite us living in the most materially prosperous age in history.

This is a fascinating subject and answers many questions but I’m not going to go into it here. If you want to find out more, then check out this book and this article.

To put it very briefly here: our economies are coughing and spluttering and conking out because they are running on the wrong fuel. The are running on interest-bearing debt as opposed to real money. All this is explained at length in the aforementioned book and article if you want to check them out. I recommend that you do because monetary reform is absolutely crucial and our civilisation will continue to flounder until the error is corrected.

Economic decline and constrictions upon our efforts to produce and exchange goods and services are inevitable while we continue basing our means of exchange upon debt.

The system is defended with every fibre of their being by those who accrue wealth and power and ultimately ownership of the planet from it. In a nutshell, it is rigged to siphon off and redistribute, gradually and by sly increments, wealth from the broad community of human beings into the hands of those at the helm of the banking cartels and their cronies.

It is hidden by a carefully manufactured smoke screen of complexity. As one observer so aptly put it, “it is a scheme so insidious the mind is repelled.”

Ironically it would be fairly easy to rectify with simple reforms but those reforms will only happen if government is compelled to do so by a demand from the People sufficiently loud and insistent as to outweigh the pressures our bought, blackmailed, subverted or simply dim politicians receive from the scheme’s incumbent psychopaths, according to my mentor all those years ago who introduced me to monetary reform, the late Dr Edward Hamlyn.

I also recall him telling me one time that the existing system, if not reformed, will inevitably lead to a gradual erosion of our standard of living and the sinking of nations, governments and industries ever deeper into un-repayable debt. Somewhere up  the line, he said,  the banking cartels and their cronies running the scam will have to find ways to get The People to accept a lower and lower standard of living and be squeezed one way or the other by ever-rising debt. His prediction was that they would use a “climate emergency” to achieve that persuasion.

That has now come to pass.

Dodgy science and the “climate emergency” cult present superficially plausible “reasons” why we The People have to put up with economic decline.

The “climate emergency” and the “measures to deal with it” before “we all die as our planet becomes an overheated wasteland” justify the pursuit of “zero carbon” and the pursuit of “zero carbon” brings about the crushing of  economies.

This is presently culminating in a catastrophic shortage of energy occasioned by a switch to “renewables” which are inadequate to supply our energy needs, phasing out fossil fuels and ‘unclean” energy sources prematurely before adequate replacements were ready.

The haste that led to this catastrophic economic damage was “justified’ by the “emergency that is going on”.

And so we have a monster for everyone to fixate on, which means nobody looks at the inherent flaw in the money system itself that will impoverish and enslave millions of people if nothing is done about it.

The “climate emergency”, then, is a psyop, a fabrication designed to distract and fixate so that the monetary fraud remains untouched. And the panicked efforts by dim politicians to avoid the “climate emergency” cause economic damage that is real enough.

And as everyone is convinced the emergency is real and the measures taken to deal with it are justified by the severity of the emergency, no matter how destructive they are to economic and social health.

And underneath all that, the great banking scam, whereby a handful of banking cartels operate parasitically to bleed nations of their wealth, continues untouched, its perpetrators remaining aloof from comeuppance and immune to justice. Meanwhile, the bulk of humanity sinks deeper into virtual slavery because the inevitable result of this scam is the ownership of everything and everyone – including governments – by a handful of banking/corporate oligarchs.

The weakness of the ruse, however, is that there is no climate emergency. For sure, there are things mankind needs to address, bad habits we need to knock off and a planetary home to keep clean and in good working order but there is no emergency large or pressing enough to justify the extremism of the “zero carbon” obsession  that grips many governments.

And this is becoming obvious to more and more people. The relentless propaganda drive to implant fear of a climate emergency in the minds of millions is not supported by proper science or observation of what is actually happening. It has, as the saying goes, more holes in it than a Swiss cheese.

It is beset by so many weaknesses that can only be compensated for by an incredibly vigorous and coordinated campaign to convince people of its reality by issuing false or slanted news items, relentless repetition of its mantras and some neat psychological warfare trickery. And by dedicatedly trying to stamp out dissenting voices, deny them lines of communication to the broad public or use more psyop trickery to discredit them.

Their position is so weak they cannot expose it to close scrutiny, awkward questions or reasoned arguments, hence the tendency to react to dissenting voices as if they had just uttered some sort of satanic heresy.

The problem they have however is that it is ceasing to work as more and more and more people become alert to the fact that they have been lied to or fed pseudo-scientific codswallop, given predictions or alarming news that contradict observable reality and so on.

Therein lies the danger: economies are being destroyed because of the alleged “climate emergency”, so imagine the anger if it ever becomes broadly recognised the so-called emergency was at best an exaggeration and at worst a fiction.

Now we have the energy crisis. Driven by the fake emergency, governments have phased out workable energy sources without first putting in place adequate replacements.

Wind and solar don’t cut it, yet were favoured whilst other technologies (such as wave power and thorium reactors) were neglected. It’s almost as if technologies inadequate to the task of supplying a thriving economy were deliberately chosen and technologies more suited to our needs were abandoned.

And so we may well wind up in a godawful mess in which millions are going to be cold and hungry and the economy will implode. If that happens, there will be  a revolt if the citizenry cotton on to the fact that it was all done in the name of a climate emergency that was not really happening or at least not to the degree or severity that justified blind panic.

This may well explain why the effort to sell us the climate emergency have been stepped up to levels of unprecedented intensity and, as the energy crisis bites those effort will intensify further.

The damage that has been done is considerable. The next few years are  going to be a rough ride but we’ll get through it and emerge from it stronger if we work together as a community of communities, help one another and apply Reason instead of reaction or hysteria.

People are going to go cold and hungry and when they do their patience is going to evaporate. God help the architects of this mess if people realise the suppression of their life and living, hopes and dreams were motivated by a falsehood. The falsehood therefore must be defended at all costs.

They are on thin ice and they know it.


Man, the solver. Wave hello to the future!

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