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Intro by Steve Cook

What is coming to light as the UK sinks into the power-supply crisis is that the problems manifesting today were a long time in the making.

By “in the making” I mean years of incompetence, mismanagement and downright criminality by the clique of chinless wonders administering the nation’s affairs on behalf  of whatever overlords happen to hold the whip hand over them.

This has resulted, in a nutshell, in the neglect or outright abandonment of workable technologies without adequate replacement. The entire future of the nation was then pinned on misrepresented “sustainable” or “renewable” technologies whose unsuitability for the task is now becoming glaringly obvious.

Moreover, it was known for many years that prematurely dispensing with workable means of power generation without first ensuring we had put in place an adequate replacement, we were heading for disaster. But instead of correcting the mistakes and doing something to head off catastrophe, the powers that be compounded their felony by lying about it and covering it up (see this article).

I refer to the obsession with wind and solar power. These are ingenious technologies but they have limitations that render them unsuited to the tasks demanded of them. Among those limitations – aside from the fact that they are not as “green” as the sales pitch and spin make them out to be – are their unreliability. When there is no wind or sunlight there is no power. In other words, they do not supply the constant, reliable flow of power our civilisation requires. This has necessitated the introduction of power-storage (battery) technology that itself, whilst ingenious,  has serious shortcomings yet to be confronted let alone overcome. Not least among these is the fact that the technology utilises elements (copper, geranium and so forth) that do not exist in anything like the quantity needed to supply the world with enough batteries.

Fortunately there ARE technologies that can fulfill our energy needs. These have been neglected and now we need crash program to get them built and on line as fast as possible. This cannot be done overnight, so we may have to work together with fortitude and resoluteness to weather the storm of our deliberately-created energy crisis for a few years whilst we get the show on the road but it can be done (provided we can acquire help (as opposed to hindrance)  in the form of  oversight by a reasonably honest government truly motivated by service to the People).

These technologies can either singly or in combination satisfy our need for affordable energy and are actually in many respects overall kinder to the planet than wind and solar.

One of the technologies I refer to is nuclear energy, particularly utilising thorium-fueled reactors that are cleaner than their uranium-fueled counterparts . This is discussed here and here.

The other is quite possibly the cleanest, simplest and safest solution of the lot and it is described in the following three short videos. Check them out and see what you think.


Find the video here

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Watch the video here

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Watch the video here

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<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”” title=”Ocean Energy – Tidal Current Turbine” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>




The energy debacle – an appalling tale of ineptitude and corruption



Thorium energy – the missed opportunity. But it’s not too late, nor a moment too soon



The  future’s bright, the future’s Thorium




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