Man the Problem becomes Man the Solver – human ingenuity is senior to fearmongering

Instead of an Arms Race, how about an Envirnmental Solutions Race, a race where the winner is the whole human race?

by Steve Cook, UKR Director

A key strand of the globalist operation to control the planet is fear.

The spreading of fear, turbulence and dismay, the inhibition of man’s confidence in himself and his future, instilling in him the perception that the environment is overwhelmingly threatening, are promoted with malice aforethought because upset, frightened or demoralised people are less analytical and more susceptible to manipulation and control.

Hence, the globalist-controlled media – which now includes in large measure the social networks – will always peddle bad and alarming news, will always sensationalise existing problems and portray them as worse than they actually are.

Take an existing situation and set of problems, which may well be bad enough, and then blow them up until they seem much, much worse. Things are never as bad as the media portrays them and certainly never as beyond a solution. Things can be bad and in urgent need of our reasoned and analytical attention but the media will always make them seem worse.

Climate change is an example. Real problems are overblown into a threat both alarming and overwhelming until a sense of near-panic is instilled. Thus dismayed, people will accept any purported solution, no matter how venal. The carbon credits scam is an example. And, as we have seen with the carbon credits scam, acquiescence is engineered by alarming propaganda of the oh-God-we-are-all-going-to-die variety.  A problem that needs solving is turned into a money-making opportunity in which parasites with little real interest in or incentive to the solve the problem can profit by our fear and make themselves billions.

It is the fearmongering and profiteering to which we at UKR object, the hysterical effort to drive entire populations into fear and dismay below reasoned and analytical thought.

The climate debate has two extremes: on the one hand lies the alarmist fearmongering of Al Gore, virtually none of whose dire predictions of calamity have materialised and on the other the there’s-nothing–at-all-wrong brigade, with the vested interests of the fossil fuel industry cheering them on – who contend we can go on pumping C02 into the atmosphere will nilly from now until doomsday without consequences.

The truth lies somewhere between the two extremes, yet in the confused mess of conflicting messages with which we are bombarded, it is very difficult for anyone to analyse the true extent of the problem we have with C02 and its impact upon the global climate. It is not established beyond dispute the degree to which changes in the climate – often propagandised or falsely reported in any case – are the result of human activity, solar activity or climatic patterns that span millenia or some combination of the three.

Having said that, it is not unreasonable to assume that human activity and the production of greenhouse gases is going to have an effect in the long term.

It is also true that emergencies are caused by a failure to predict and we would be wise to keep an eye on the future and nip problems in the bud before they become emergencies.

UKR would argue in favour of replacing the how-bad-it-all-is fearmongering with a reasoned sense of responsibility towards our planetary home and towards the wellbeing not just of ourselves but of those generations to whom we will bequeath a planet in good or bad repair.

It seems to us that instead of investing in the spread of alarm and fear, instead of devoting time and energy to milking a problem for money or power or thc excuse to murder millions of people through “population culling” or some other outright lunacy proposed by the unhinged, our governments and their puppet masters would do better to invest in helping and supporting people of ingenuity who are applying reason to the problem and developing ingenious ways to actually deal with it.

How about, for instance, that those milking billions from the carbon credits scam, be made to invest a percentage of their ill-gotten gains into funding practical solutons like the one outlined in the articles recomended below, extracting Co2 from the atmosphere and using it to make fuel?

Or, better still, how about our government knocks off the devastating foreign military adventures and invests instead in a crash progam to develop the technology briefly outlined in the following article? Who knows what could be achieved were sufficient time, attention, resources and human ingenuity devoted not just to resolving a problem but actually turning it to our advantage, in this instance to fuel vehicles and increase the health and yield of crops?

After all, if two hundred years ago someone had proposed drilling deep into the Earth and extracting crude oil from it, then turning the oil into fuel to run a hundred million cars and hundreds of thousands of aircraft day in and day out, the “technical and cost problems” would have seemed insurmountable and the dream unreal. Yet, every one of the myriad problems such a dream presented have been solved and the dream has become a reality we now take for granted. The problems we must now solve in order to extract C02  from the air and recycle it back into fuel – or indeed any technologial solution to today’s problems – are nowhere near as daunting as that. There simply isn’t a problem on the face of the planet that man cannot resolve if he puts his mind to it.

Instead of an arms race or a race to conquer the Middle East and walk off with its oil, what if we had instead an environmental solutions race, a game where everybody on the planet wins?

If an arms race can inspire within decades sufficient technological wizadry to create missiles to blow up the planet three to five times over, then surely to God an environemental solutions race can similarly inspire the successful husbandry of the same planet – especially as people in general are likely to be more enthusiastic about bequeathing a garden to their children instead of a blighted wasteland.

If a singleTrrident missile costs $100 million imagine, by way of a crude example, if we built one less missile and invested the money instead in a program to develop the recycling of  C02. If our government can find over £8 billion to fund the Iraq war, then there is no knowing what could be achieved with a like investment in  something useful and to the benefit of the citizenry.

Imagine too, the advantages for a country that leads the way in perfecting the particular technology discussed in the article. The discovery and development of oil fields has made many a county rich and for thast very good reason the extraction of oil from  the ground has received astronomical investments of funds, resources and human energy. So why not invest in the development of a way to pull fuel out of the very air instead of the gound and increase crop yields at the same time?

My God, we can all be rich without killing the ruddy planet!

It is only necessary for Man to change his point of view, to refuse to buy into the propaganda spewed out by his decriers and defamers that seeks to convince him that he is Man the Problem and to become what he truly, innately is: Man the Solver.

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