How corrupt/Incompetent do Americans want their President to be?

Or is there some sort of national suicide thing going on here, with large numbers of Americans determined to elect a government that will do them in?

It really would be a good idea to have someone honest and sane in charge of America but by the looks of things that ain’t gonna happen.

Looking at the US from the UK one cannot help but be staggered not only by the fact that Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is somehow not in gaol but that a large number of Americans are still considering voting for her! How corrupt/incompetent do Americans want their President to be? Or is there some sort of national suicide thing going on here, with large numbers of Americans determined to elect a government that will do them in?

From aid to terrorists, to the WACO massacre, Benghazi, Libya to this latest scandal, put briefly in an article from, the damning evidence against her rolls out relentlessly. On a sane planet no-one in their right mind would vote to place such a person in charge of a country, let alone a country so well placed to determine the wellbeing or otherwise of the entire planet.

The behaviour of the United States government since it was hijacked by the current sorry crew who now comprise its “elite” has been a disgrace, a foul chapter of international anarchy, global destabilization, war for profits, the fostering of terrorism, relentless bombing, regime changes and other international mischief. One wonders how much more peaceful and stable our planet might now be, were it not for the efforts of the aforementioned hijackers to generate mayhem.

The planet needs some HONEST and someone SANE at the American helm, not yet another mentally ill lunatic taking orders from the bankster puppeteers of Rothschild, Soros and the rest of the criminal cartel that seems hell-bent on wrecking what global civilisation we have. And let us not forget that while these parasites have infested American governance and then used that nation’s resources to bring chaos the Earth, they are busy wrecking America too. This is a parasite that ultimately kills the host.

You can define leadership as the ability to bring order. Successive America governments have brought more and more disorder both internally and externally, so this is lousy leadership, or more accurately the very antithesis of true leadership.

If Clinton becomes President I am not sure America will survive it. I just hope the rest of the planet can.

Anyway here are more revelations about yet another little bit of corruption that should see her in gaol not strutting her nefarious stuff on the world stage – Steve


To date, there is no one on the face of this earth that can deny Hillary Clinton ’s ties to terrorist and countries that support Sharia law. The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable. As WikiLeaks continues to release waves of emails from Hillary Clinton proving she provided arms to ISIS and other terrorist groups, another leak has come out against her.

Hillary Clinton developed a master plan when she was Secretary of State. She would approve major weapon deals to countries in exchange for large financial contributions to her “Foundation.” [emphasis added] This is called “pay-for-play.” That is highly illegal and unethical, but clearly Hillary can operate above the law. In the leak, it is proven that Hillary was allowing Saudi Arabia to manipulate our visa programs.


There was already strong evidence that Saudi Arabian terrorists exploited the US visa program, but now we KNOW they were granted the opportunity to do so at the behest of Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.

The documents PROVE Hillary Clinton doubled the number of visas for Saudi visitors to the US, while helping cut a deal with the Kingdom to waive security procedures for Saudi nationals upon their arrival in the US. So, what does that actually mean?

It means that Hillary allowed anyone deemed a “higher up” in the Saudi government to come and go into the US without being vetted or screened. As a refresher, Congress unsealed the 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission Report that proved high-ranking Saudi officials funded the terrorists that carried out 9/11. These are the people Hillary associates herself with.

The annual number of non-immigrant visas issued to Saudi nationals soared 93% during Clinton ’s tenure as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, hitting a record 108,578 in fiscal 2013 and reversing a post-9/11 pause in Saudi visa approvals.

Hillary Clinton was abusing her power as Secretary of State. She was allowing Saudi nationals to come into the US whenever they wanted to buy properties, corporations, and build ties with congressmen so they could have more influence in American politics. In exchange, Hillary has received nearly $25 million from Saudi Arabia alone.[emphasis added]

Before leaving office, Clinton helped negotiate a little-noticed January 2013 administration deal with Riyadh to allow Saudi visa-holders to enter the US as “trusted travelers” and bypass the normal border security process. The next year, the State Department issued an all-time-high 142,180 Saudi visas, consular data show.



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