Government and MSM freak out selectively: talk up one epidemic while talking down another

On the relationship between vaccines and autism, there is at the very least more than enough evidence to give "strong grounds for suspicion" that should be thoroughly followed up and not swept under the carpet.

On the relationship between vaccines and autism, there is at the very least more than enough evidence to give “strong grounds for suspicion” that should be thoroughly followed up and not swept under the carpet.


The following is an interesting and thought-provoking article.
To clarify: the position of us at UK Reloaded is that we don’t have all the answers as to the exact causes in the alarming increase in autism. Clearly something is causing the autism epidemic and we need to find out what it is so that something can be done to rectify the problem.
It is absolutely essential that everyone is encouraged to LOOK and look THOROUGHLY  and not take the “don’t look in our direction” dismissals of the vaccine industry and other vested interests at face value. Their very dismissiveness, the speed for instance with which the industry’s pals at YouTube and Facebook delete dissenting or cautionary voices, strongly suggests they are hiding or protecting something.
On the relationship between vaccines and autism, there is at the very least more than enough evidence to give “strong grounds for suspicion” that should be thoroughly followed up and not swept under the carpet.
It is notable too that the powers-that-be and the MSM take  a vast interest in the COV19 epidemic but little interest in the autism epidemic. Why the diversity of interest between the two epidemics? Could it be that “doing something about” the first promises to make revenue for the pharmaceutical industry whilst doing something about the second might cost the pharmaceutical industry billions?
Thus we are pleased to present the following article which makes a powerful case for lifting up the proverbial carpet to see what ghastly mess has been swept under it.

The Age of Autism Continues 1 in 21 English Schoolboys Autistic

Excerpted from the Child Health Safety site.  As if we aren’t reeling with enough sadness and turmoil right now. The Autism epidemic roils on, with our protests squelched, our voices ignored, and our patience thin, our future in doubt.

Official UK statistics indicate 1 in 21 English schoolboys is now autistic.  Worse still when school leavers are included, in just 15 years the total number of new autistic school children and young adult school leavers is 258,000 according to CHS’ estimates from the official figures.

This is good solid information.

We have only just heard for Northern Ireland that: One in 16 Boys is Autistic Show New UK Official Statistics – But Nobody Cares – And Its Worse than COVID-19

These are all truly horrifying figures.  And you can see from the chart how the numbers have been increasing every year.

If the USA follows the same pattern Americans have today an extra 1.6 million autistic children and young adults added in just the last 15 years.  But the US has the highest vaccine burden of any country in the world, so the figure could be higher.  1.6 million is a crude estimate for the equivalent number of new autistic American children and young adults added to the US population over the past 15 years. This is calculated by multiplying CHS’ estimate for England by 6 times.  The USA has approximately six times the population of England [330 million US vs 54 million England].

People like Sir Norman Lamb a former UK health minister and Matt Hancock the current English Secretary of State for Health along with many others have been pretending nothing is wrong and that vaccines have nothing to do with causing autism. It is just not true and the evidence has been building up for over three decades now.

The British Government can spend billions on a lockdown caused by junk science but does not care about 250,000 new autistics added to the English population in just 15 years. To these we need to add the Irish, Welsh and Scottish autistic children and the now young adult school leavers in those regions over the past 15 years. [emphasis added by UKR]

The figures these estimates are taken from are highly reliable. They are not from inaccurate surveys. The figures are official government figures from the annual schools census. The census counts every child in school in England known to be autistic.

The hollow claims of those who either want to cover up this disaster for children and their families or bury their heads in the sand or sit in denial, that there is no real increase are hollower by the second.  It is not credible nor scientific.

But if anyone wants to play stupid games claiming there is no increase and we always had these numbers of autistic children, the recent figures from Ireland show that nearly two thirds of autistic children are stage 5.

What does that mean?  It means if we always had the same numbers of autistic children and young adults before now, two thirds of them would be so severely disabled you could not miss them unless you were blind deaf or dumb or the UK’s National Autistic Society, [NAS] or the UK’s Autistica or Professor Brugha and his UK team of “expert” autism researchers at Leicester University. or even Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and his team at Cambridge University.  Professor Baron-Cohen and his team were quoted in The Independent  saying:  READ MORE AT CHILD HEALTH SAFETY HERE.

The above article is from Age of Autism.

Visit Age of Autism for many more thought-provoking articles



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