Extinction Rebellion – another globalist front group?

The Merchants of Fear are at it again


The creation and spread of fear and dismay is a control operation by the globalist merchants of fear. It is part of the psychological warfare being waged against the people of Earth. Psychological warfare techniques were refined into a crude yet effective technology during WWII by the psychiatrists of the Tavistock Institute in London under John Rawlings Reese. Since WWII they have been deployed against the citizenry by the globalist crime syndicate obsessed with extending its dominion over the people of the panet.

They use the impact of shock and fear to inhibit analytical thinking and render people more easily suggestible or acquiescent. The shock and fear are conveyed by emotive push-button words like “threat” znd “global warming” and when “global warming” ceased to deliver the same emotive impact, “climate change” was introduced. The fact of the matter is that the climate is always changing and it has just gotten about as warm now as it was during the medieval warm period half a millennium ago. It used to be that when we thought of “climate change” we’d think of the natural patterns of change that extend over millions of years. But what do you think of instinctively now when you hear of “climate change”? You think of hurricanes and tidal waves and melting ice caps, dead polar bears, rising seas, scorching heat, crop failures, mass starvation, all manner of horrors of biblical proportions and a vague, creeping threat to your survival don’t you? So all the propagandists have to do is push the “climate change” button to elicit that instictive emotional response.The technology may be crude but it can be effective if you are not aware that it is being done or are inclined to accept what you are told by plausible propaganda sources such as the media or fake popular movements. The antidote to it is simply increased awarenesss.

In this instance the psychological shock and awe is being delivered by the spawning of a front group masquerading as a grassroots movement peddling threat in the form of alarming news of the oh-god-we-are-all-gonna-die variety. The objective is to instil terror or dread in the population to the point where we will accept unquestioningly erosions of freedom and yet more taxes to “deal with the threat of climate change”, none of which will make a blind bit of difference to the climate but will, like the carbon credits scam, neverthless make some rich non-productive bankster parasites even richer.

There is nothing wrong of course with concerns for the husbandry of our planet, nor with the people demanding sound and rational policies and some fresh ideas from their government – governments are unlikely to act constructively unless there is a strong demand from the grassroots. But there is everything wrong with genuine concerns being hijacked and many well intentioned people being used and played by a parasitic cabal serving another agendum entirely and scaring the hell out of our kids to achieve it. – Steve

Extinction Rebellion – Protesting For Your Own Enslavement

This will be a somewhat brief look at the globalist induced cult protest movement otherwise known as Extinction Rebellion, we have to give credit to Mark Windows who has done some incredible work on the topic over on his website at Windowsontheworld.net

We also have to give credit to nowhere.news and wrongkindofgreen.org for their extensive research into the background of this globalist organisation.


We’ll start with the Founders of Extinction Rebellion as this sets the stage for all that follows. Though they claim to be a decentralised movement with no leader, no central point of organisation the reality is clearly quite different. The following is an excerpt from their about us page on their website:

We organise in small groups. These groups are connected in a complex web that is constantly evolving as we grow and learn. We are working to build a movement that is participatory, decentralised, and inclusive.


Gail Bradbrook is one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion, as nowhere.news quite rightly points out the warning signs of her motivations were made loud and clear in a presentation she made at the Off-Grid Festival in 2016. She referred to Otpor, the so-called ‘grass-roots’ movement who instigated the Serbian ‘Bulldozer Revolution’ of 2000, as ‘just a bunch of kids’ .

She went onto share her admiration for Gene Sharp, however, what she failed to discuss was the fact that both Optor and Gene Sharp were both heavily funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, an American NGO whose activities run parallel to the regime-change objectives of the US government, widely considered to be a ‘plausibly deniable’ above-ground arm for CIA meddling.

Another notable oversight from her talk was any mention of what replaced the corrupt governments that these activist movements toppled: slick neoliberals, passing ‘reforms’ that enabled the rapid re-organisation of their economies to suit western multinationals; and in the case of Egypt, the coming of the Muslim Brotherhood to power – later to be replaced by the military dictatorship of al-Sisi, which persists to this day. [source]

Thanks to Wikileaks we also know that one of Optor’s leaders, Srdja Popovic, is well-connected to STRATFOR, a private intelligence firm “that gathers intelligence on geopolitical events and activists for clients ranging from the American Petroleum Institute and Archer Daniels Midland to Dow Chemical, Duke Energy, Northrop Grumman, Intel and Coca-Cola.” . We have discussed STRATFOR before in an investigation we did into Alex Jones and his Infowars media empire, this organisation has a hand in more socially influential areas of the World than we could ever imagine. Their direct connection to US Intelligence Agencies though not admitted is universally accepted.

Gails official story to why she got involved with this rebellion is down to a Hallucinogenic experience where she had a realisation of the trouble we were in and how she needed to fix it.

The name of the UK Limited Company set up to receive funding which is gathered on their Fundrazr crowdfunding page is called Compassionate Revolution LTD. At the time of writing, they have raised over £400,000.

As you can see from the Companies House details in the link above there are two more Directors, we’ll move on to them now.


Julian Roger Hallam is allegedly an academic, studying activist group behaviour and ‘conditional acceptance in activism’. Hallum is a professional activist and was also, alongside Gail Bradbrook, involved in the Occupy protests which were as it turns out the blueprint for Extinction Rebellion.

Now Julian, or should we say Roger, as this seems to be the name he is using likes to talk, the problem is he generally talks total nonsense but assures us its based on Science – Hint: Its not.

Hallam often talks about agriculture and how with just another 2 degrees of temperature increase no grains will be able to grow and everything will just die away. He claims that in just 12 years we will all be extinct. All this of course is backed by zero science, in fact the opposite has been occurring for the past decade with habitable land rapidly on the increase.

There is a lot more speculative information surrounding Hallam which we wont reveal right now as the accuracy of the information has yet to be confirmed.


So the final entity behind XR (as they love to call themselves) is George Barda the infamous ‘professional activist’. His brother Henry Lloyd Blackmore Barda , manages “upstream risk management” for BP.

Barda and Bradbrook are “compassionate revolution” – a group that attends activist gatherings, collecting names for Hallams ‘conditional acceptance’ research. George Barda was also involved in the state and intelligence backed “Activism”.

Barda was also involved in the Occupy protests of 2011. You can see him in a brief interview at the protest here.

Why do we keep bringing up Occupy I hear you ask, well check out the following video.

“The New Democracy will work with a combination of government open infiltration and citizen groups taking Direct Action.” 

Demos Think Tank


An organisation such as Extinction Rebellion needs to protect its inner core, in their case, they have what they call Dragons to defend this core, with Alpha Dragon being the leader of this security team, don’t laugh.

The dragons were also present in the Occupy protests once the movement had been infiltrated by the George Soros funding.

You can read the responses made by the Dragons to a member of the public who asked some general questions about the nature of their organisation.

Download Full Document

The purpose of these Dragons as you can see is to keep away prying minds, what exactly the writer of these emails asked is unclear as they were not included in the document, but regardless the secrecy and threatening nature of the Dragons is somewhat unnerving.


Now here is where things get interesting, let’s just step away from Extinction Rebellion and move over to another Climate Change activist group called ‘We Dont Have Time’. In the words of Ingmar Rentzhog one of the founders of We Dont Have Time:

Our goal is to become among the biggest players on the internet

Ingmar Rentzhog

On August 18th 2018 everything changed, this is a tweet from ‘We Dont Have Time’:


We Don’t Have Time

One 15 year old girl in front of the Swedish parliament is striking from School until Election Day in 3 weeks

Imagine how lonely she must feel in this picture. People where just walking by. Continuing with the business as usual thing. But the truth is. We can’t and she knows it!

The 15-year-old girl in question is none other than our favourite climate change mascot and Nobel Prize Nominee Greta Thunberg. This image appears to be Greta’s entrance into the public arena.


There is a great article which goes into far more depth then we will on the manufacturing of Greta Thunberg, head over to wrongkindofgreen.org to read their extensive investigation.

We Dont Have Time initially cited Greta Thunberg as a youth advisor on their website, however, this has since been removed – fortunately, a screenshot was taken at the time:

How long she was a youth adviser for is uncertain, but we can be sure it wasn’t for long as the snapshots of the website stored on archive.org reveal none with her name as a youth advisor. We suspect it was sometime between November 2018 and February 2019 that Greta was listed and then removed.

David Olsson and Mårten Thorslund put together an article published over on Medium on August 23, 2018:

“Greta became a climate champion and tried to influence those closest to her. Her father now writes articles and gives lectures on the climate crisis, whereas her mother, a famous Swedish opera singer, has stopped flying. All thanks to Greta.”

The article is a sales pitch for Greta to the World, it is testing the waters to see if this is the champion the World needed to fight for action against climate change.

“Yesterday I sat completely by myself, today there is one other here too. There are none [that] I know.” — Greta Thunberg, August 21, 2018

This is branding at its very best and guess what, it worked. Before long schools across Sweden began having mass walkouts of children on their way to join Greta’s cause. Fast forward a few months later to this month and we had 123 Countries participating in School Walkouts for climate change protests.

Since news outlets such as ourselves have been highlighting the connection between lobby groups such as ‘We Don’t Have Time’ and Greta Thunberg, she has issued a statement on her Social Media accounts denying any knowledge that she was being used by the group to push their campaign, and they have since apologized – however, as this great article from Sign of the Times points out:

Greta’s father, Swedish actor Svante Thunberg, said that the family knew nothing about Rentzhog’s use of Greta’s campaign to bring attention to his new lobby group. Surprising that Rentzhog never mentioned it to him when he was promoting his wife’s book (which he was doing at the time of Greta’s protest). However, Rentzhog skill in public relations, and status as one of multi-millionaire venture capitalist Al Gore’s ‘climate network leaders,’ possibly helped to get Greta’s message out

Greta, unfortunately, is being used to deploy the nefarious agendas of others under the guise of saving the World. Schools have allowed children to bunk of school in order to participate in these protests without the usual recourse of a fine to the parents.

‘You say you love your children above all else and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes.’

Greta Thunberg – CNN

The common narrative being pushed by Greta is that this imminent doom we are allegedly facing is the fault of the parents, the generations before them – this is now echoed by children across the globe.

Greta Thunberg, We Dont Have Time, Extinction Rebellion and various other outfits that have popped up are all one of the same, accessories to each other and tools for the Globalists.


The motivations behind all these mock-up organisations are the same, it is preparing the populations of the Western World for the heavy restrictions and increased taxation that is to come. They all basically follow the guidelines of Agenda 2030.

A World driven by the 5G smart grid, monitoring your movements, your waste, your consumption’s, your affiliates, your communications. Corporations are looking at ways to monetise every aspect of our environment while Governments are looking at how best to tax our relationship with the environment. This is literally what Extinction Rebellion and others are begging our Governments to do, even though in reality they are all working on the same page already.

A curious mind may wonder why the Founders of XR are not opposed to the 5G rollout, an entirely untested technology that could have devastating effects on life on Earth?

Extinction Rebellion Founder Gail Bradbrook is a former director, and now in charge of programme development at CitizensOnline, where she is as a “digital inclusion strategy specialist, consulting with a wide range of clients such as EE, London Connects and the Cabinet Office.”

The Board of Directors of CitizensOnline also contains a former head of Exxon Mobil as well as Lord Anthony Tudor St John, ex-senior consultant to Merrill-Lynch and Legal Counsel for Shell, who’s heavily invested the satellite and aerospace industries which will be involved in the roll-out world-wide of dangerous, damaging 5G coverage.

Interestingly Gails departure from Citizens Online as a director occurred very suddenly as her exposure in the XR campaigning became more prevalent. Overnight she was removed and the Companies House historical record of previous directors failed to show her ever existing as a director at the organisation.

As we said earlier there is so much to look at when investigating this climate change agenda and the likes Extinction Rebellion, we have merely skimmed the surface to give you a quick overview, however, if you would like further reading then check out some of the links below and be sure to listen to the great podcasts from Windows on the World.

The above article comes from the excellent OYE News – Real News and Critical Thinking. Please pay OYE News a visit for many more illuminbating asnd thought-provoking articles.

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