COVID Hypothesis. What going on now?

UK Gov further fleeces its flock

by Kieron McFadden

Vaccines properly and responsibly trialled and tested are quite possibly (possibly) a boon to mankind.

Peering into the blizzard of “data” that emanates from the COVID Hoax orchestrated by the government and other agencies of Suppression Central, we have to squint our eyes a bit in an effort to read what the treacherous swine are up to,

The sudden “miraculous” appearance of all manner of dodgy vaccines all at once, ordered in advance of approval and breathlessly eulogised by the Prime Moron is a case in point.

Here’s my hypothesis:

The COVID hoax is steadily unravelling.

Much of it has hinged upon the PCR tests returning bazillions of “positives” that are then interpreted by the propagandists as “cases”.

This now stands exposed as a knowing fraud executed with malice aforethought on account of the fact that the PCR test cannot detect a live virus and actually detects remnants of DNA from previous and often long-ago infections of Coronaviruses such as flu, the common cold and COVID19 and so forth.

It has been a useful tool for the spreading of misinformation but that is coming to an end.

Court cases, lawsuits and the general shattering of credibility loom.

There has already been a court case in Portugal where lockdowns and so forth were declared unlawful as they were based on the fraudulent PCR test.

The gov can no longer milk the PCR test and needs to ditch  it now before its whole caper is totally shredded.

A new test is being brought in, the Lateral Flow Test (LFT) which, being apparently a bit more accurate, will expose further the fraud that has been going on.

Rely on the government, with helpful instructions from its psyop handlers from British Intelligence (Brigade 77 etc) and so forth, to try to lie its way out of it but generally speaking the Hoax’s days are numbered.

One – but perhaps not the only – goal of the Hoax has been to create an excuse for the gov to use taxpayers’ billions to buy lots of vaccines we don’t really need and which have not by any stretch of the imagination been properly trialled and tested with due diligence.

So the game now is to get those dodgy, quickied, shoddy, cheap and nasty products (the vaccines) purchased, taxpayer billions spent, vaccine companies enriched etc etc before the whole caper folds up.

When it does, the manufacturers and vested interests will be laughing all the way to the bank. The citizenry will be left to pick up the tab and suffer the fallout – but they are just cattle so it doesn’t matter.

Boris and his henchmen will be well looked after, steered clear of prosecutions (they hope) and so on, although expect a few minions to be thrown to the wolves. There is no loyalty or honour amongst psychopaths.

If the rushed vaccines kill or maim people, the manufacturers have been protected from prosecution by their pals in gov. The deaths and illness will in any case be blamed on a “new virus” or a “mutation of the existing one” or some such ruse.

Those who die or suffer – and the first to be injected – will be the vulnerable such as the elderly and in a reversal of the current line their deaths will be blamed on their pre-existing condition. The government however will, if this version of culling occurs, save millions on pensions, NHS costs etc and the money can be put to better use further enriching it pals.

Hence, the rush to get those vaccines being ordered and paid for come what may.

Hence the mind-boggling irresponsibility and recklessness of the rushed vaccines and the muppets selling them to the people via government “briefings”.

The flock is being fleeced with cynical abandon by criminal lunatics.


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1 Comment on COVID Hypothesis. What going on now?

  1. Those who die or suffer – and the first to be injected – will be the vulnerable such as the elderly and in a reversal of the current line their deaths will be blamed on their pre-existing condition. The government however will, if this version of culling occurs, save millions on pensions, NHS costs etc and the money can be put to better use further enriching it pals.
    I wrote the following piece On
    Coronavirus COV-19. Day 6 & 7 14-03-2020
    Hi Everybody.
    Sorry I dropped a day; I have been having a hard time getting my head around the approach the UK government has taken with regard to controlling this Pandemic. I question why the UK is going against the successful proven strategies to contain the virus in other countries, it just does not make sense to me; so, I engaged some lateral thinking and went to the old adage follow the money. After a considerable amount of research on mainly government web sites a purely financial explanation for their actions became a distinct possibility.
    what they are employing is called the herd immunity theory.
    If you want to read up about it I have a link at the end of this article.
    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” or is it?
    An interesting factoid about the UK, there are 13 million pensioners over 65yo in the UK. They receive 105 billion plus in old age pensions yearly. By allowing the virus to spread unhindered and attack these people equates to a budgetary savings of 100 billion a year. Not bad for a little old virus! But if you dig a little deeper some other enlightening statistics come into play, like in 2011 there were 7,744,927 households where at least 1 person has a long-term health problem or disability in England and Wales.
    Are you familiar with the expression “Follow the money”? It is not just pensions, just think for one minute, the NHS was totally overburdened before this virus struck, kill off 13 million of the eldest and sickest in the UK and all of a sudden the NHS becomes fit for purpose, then think of the overburdened nursing home industry not enough beds, problem solved. Add the housing factor into the equation, just look at these statistics
    • 6.5 million households in England are headed by someone aged 65 and over; equating to
    around one-third of all households (ONS, 2018j).
    • 78% of households headed by someone aged 65+ are owned. Of these older adult
    homeowners, just 6% are still paying a mortgage (Airey, 2018).
    • 16% of households headed by someone aged 65 or over socially rent, while 6% privately rent
    (Airey, 2018).
    • 64% of outright owner households are headed by a person aged 65+ (MHCLG, 2019).
    • 27% of households in the social rented sector are headed by a person aged 65 or over
    (MHCLG, 2019).
    • 88% of the growth in the number of households between 2016 and 2041 is projected to be in
    households headed by someone aged 65+ (ONS, 2018j)
    Across the UK, the combined value of the UK’s housing stock in 2019 was calculated to be a record high of £7.39 trillion after increasing by £101.8 billion over the previous year. Home owners without a mortgage now account for £2.63 trillion in housing value, or 36% of the total. This number has grown as older home owners clear their mortgage debt, this coupled with the fact that the value of unmortgaged owner-occupied homes has risen 67% over the last 10 years; this leaves an unprecedented 46% of home owner wealth in the hands of the over-65s.
    Now let’s do the math, 46% of £7.39 trillion gives us £3,399,400,000,000 let’s call it £3.4 trillion’s worth of property owned by the over 65’s. Now add in the good old inheritance tax which in the UK which currently stands at 40% after the tax-free allowance of £325,000. In 2015 there were an estimated 26,994,000 dwellings in the UK, 46% of 26,994,000 is 12,417,240 housing units owned by the over 65’s. If this amount of property was released onto the market imagine what would happen to housing prices in the UK; The bottom would fall out of the market, there would be a huge glut of vacant property on the market. Now look at the ramifications of that with a few more statistics.
    figures show in 2018 1.15 million households were on waiting lists for housing last year with only 290,000 homes made available, soon there will be more homes on the market, than they know what to do with.
    At Budget time in March 2020: The UK National Debt is estimated to be £1.84 trillion; this debt would be wiped out in short order and some. The mass simultaneous deaths of the over 65’s in England would be a magic panacea for what ails them. The financial boost to the economy would me immeasurable, the virus solves so many societal challenges, one has to wonder that because the majority of pensioners are a liability to the government, they would not be sorry to see them go nite nite!
    Now the British government would not be that callous and insidious would it!

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