And for their next trick . . .

How a psycho government nudges us into fascism

by UKR Columnist Kieron Mcfadden

It should be pretty damn obvious by now that the government’s psychotic fixation on micro-policing the citizenry has little to do with a bug that by the stats and evidence to hand is of the same order as a seasonal flu and not the big mass killer they’ve been trying to talk it up to be.

Well, that caper is now pretty much blown out of the water, so why they persist in trying to keep their capsizing Titanic afloat begs the obvious question: what is the REAL purpose of these confiscations of our liberties, smoke-screened by an ongoing propaganda campaign based upon clearly falsified and tinkered stats?

To my mind what we are witnessing is a coup using the fake epidemic as a smoke screen.

So watch for this neat trick:

1.  Government announces it will introduce “marshals” at great public expense to “monitor” observance of its rules restricting our basic freedoms.

2.  But it disingenuously reassures us these marshals “will have no actual powers”.

3. People breathe a sigh of relief and relax about it. After all, what can be the harm if they have no powers? It’s just another bonkers move by a bonkers government.

4.  This begs the question as to what is the ruddy point of paying this small army of patrolmen if they have no power to do anything?

5.  The government informs us that the councils and police  will have to recruit, organise, train and pay these marshals. See? It won’t even by implemented by the State but by the less threatening local councils and our generally well-liked police force!

6.  The fact that you and I will have to pay for the billions of pounds it will cost to form, train and launch such an auxiliary enforcement corps on account of a seasonal flu through higher taxes or reductions in other services is conveniently glossed over.

7.  The councils and police ask the obvious question we are all asking: what is the ruddy point in going to all that expense and trouble if these marshalls have no powers to enforce anything?

8.  So the councils and police and perhaps some citizens, if they are really gullible, tell the government that they really do not want to go to all that expense and trouble if the marshals have no power to do anything. They should be given some powers!

9.  The government then tells us: “Well, see? The police and councils are demanding that the marshals have powers! We didn’t want to give them any but we are going to bow to  demand from the councils, the police and the public and reluctantly give these marshals the following powers . . . .

Best to watch for and anticipate that one.

You can take action on it by contacting your MP and local councilors and objecting to the cost of this caper, and insisting that they do not betray their people by falling for the ruse and, in essence, assist a criminal government to nudge us deeper into a fascism. You can make a noise, create a stink, warn others (it doesn’t matter whether they say they believe you, tell them anyway) and deny your enemy the quiet sag into tyranny for which they are hoping.

What we are dealing with is a political elite that is NOT our friend. It is the common enemy of every decent, honest citizen. It is subjecting once free societies to conquest by sly increments, a little bit at a time, with each move seeming innocuous on its own.

It is the strategy of frightened, psychotic men, of a political elite afraid of its citizenry, which cannot count upon support from any but the most timid. A slide into tyranny of this nature is always the symptom of a State state in its death throes.

But we have the power to bring the nation’s governance back from the brink of death and into a robust condition of liberty and productivity, a government designed and run for all the people and a nation at peace with itself.

We are going to have to understand all this and learn to fight back and deal with it if we wish to get our freedoms back.

It’s a game fit for heroes and fortunately there are a very great number of you now in the Resistance and the number is growing.

And we are learning.

Kieron McFadden is the author of Monetary Reform, Not Monetary Union.

He now writes exclusively for UK Reloaded and the Liberty Beacon project


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