America: is the parasite killing the host?

Freedom Magazine: "Going Private. Contractors profit—national debt soars."

The following excellent article comes from Freedom magazine. It provides in our view a very concise account of how criminal corporations are operating parasitically upon what is at its grass-roots an essentially peacefully inclined and freedom-loving nation.

These corporations, or more accurately the criminal individuals driving and devising their policies, keep America in a perpetual state of war or preparedness for war, mainly through the concoction or provocation of real or imaginary external threats that hold American culture in a state of fear.

This man-made but seemingly interminable malaise enables these criminal cartels and their masterminds to suck America dry, siphoning off her wealth and productive energy.

This is a classically parasitic operation. While accusing fingers are hysterically yet with malic aforethought point at “social security scroungers” or “immigrants” as the reason for America’s bankruptcy the real parasites, the scroungers and con men who grow fat through the theft of a nation’s wealth without themselves producing anything of value, are the criminals running these military-industrial corporations.

None better epitomises the corruption than Dick Cheney: as the article states

“The change was made to put more dollars into the profits of companies like Halliburton and its subsidiary, at the time, Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR). Dick Cheney spearheaded the effort at DoD in 1991-92 and then stepped down as Secretary of Defense in late 1992 and became CEO of Halliburton—a sweet deal if ever there was one. … At the end of the day, privatizing the ultimate public function, war, was a very stupid and dangerous idea.”

Why Cheney has not been put on trial for this corruption and betrayal of his own country is anyone’s guess. WE can only surmise that the influence of these criminals extends through those agencies that might once have brought the internal enemies of America to justice.

But his is a parasite that kills the host. It will go on sucking out its life-blood until the host is dead.

It has turned what was once the world’s most productive and prosperous nation, into the nation most heavily, hopelessly in debt, relying, as we have featured elsewhere, upon monetary scams to stave off the final death-blow of bankruptcy. Yet these criminals, uncaring of the future of the American people, STILL pursue wars the country long since ceased to be able to afford and which can only be funded by the shouldering of more and more astronomical debt for which future generations of Americans will pay (at interest).

They operate like the boxing promoter who insists on pushing into the ring for more and more fights his prize asset even though he knows that asset has contracted a potentially fatal heart condition.

Ironically, the Reagan administration once finished off the Soviet Union by embroiling both countries in an arms race neither could afford. Less well managed, less  productive and less able to borrow to meet the cost of its war machine, the Soviet Union eventually went bust and collapsed. one might add too that the Communist were far less slick or adroit at propaganda than their American counterparts and so were less able to rely on their own people supporting or tolerating their lunacy.

And after the Soviet Union was dead in the water, America just went on building its war machine, concocting new enemies and threats to keep the appropriations flowing into the coffers of military contractors and financing it by taking on more and more debt until it too, some decades later, stands on the brink of economic collapse. You can’t go on racking up un-repayable debts forever. So now America is all set to reap what she has sown and go the same way as the old Soviet Union. The huge irony of all this is that Russia, better managed under Putin, has managed to pay off all its debts to the IMF.

Meanwhile, all it will take is the next war the lunatics in the Military Industrial Con-plex crave so badly to finish both the parasite and the host off for good. – Steve

Going Private

Contractors profit—national debt soars.


The national debt of the United States is more than $18 trillion and growing. Despite politicians’ claims, Social Security, the biggest entitlement program, hasn’t contributed a penny to that mind-numbing figure. In fact, economist Robert Higgs concluded that 91.2 percent of the national debt results from defense spending.

Read the rest of the fascinating article here

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