Your government is lying but it is also very predictable

And forewarned is forearmed

by David Linden

Several things about the government’s Covid Terror operation have by now become obvious to just about everyone regardless of their views about the seriousness or otherwise of the alleged virus and the safety or otherwise of the vaccines being arduously promoted as a solution to it:

  • The government can and does cook up and present stats to “prove” whatever its current agenda happens to be and these stats often promote a “variant” that can be relied upon to appear that just so happens to support whatever the agenda happens to be.
  • The “data” and “stats” with which the government and media bombard you day in and day out make it impossible to arrive at a certainty as to what is actually going on. This is no accident. People like certainties and if they become starved for them they are increasingly likely to latch on to whatever certainty comes along, such as “trust the  government (Lol) and take your shot”. So here’s a  couple of certainties that you can be even more certain of:
  • If the government/media are asserting it, it isn’t true


  • Your government is lying

In that vein we have ongoing at this time a renewed effort by that government/media to sell the Covid Terror and persuade everyone to submit to their highly suspect, booby-trapped pseudo-vaccines.

It looks to me that an element of fear has entered into the government’s efforts. We are dealing with so very frightened people.

We already have a vast and historically unprecedented number of fatalities and serious adverse reactions related to the pseudo-vaccines that are destined as time goes on to get progressively worse and more difficult to explain away or hide.

The government’s response to what should have been a greatly troubling development has not been to exercise caution, have a proper investigation or some such sensible thing. It has been to suppress or brush off the news of those adverse reactions and deaths whilst piling on the pressure for more and more people to submit to those very same jabs.

We already have scandals brewing over the fraudulent use of the PCR test to bump up the fraudulently derived “cases”  stats, the ongoing relentless fiddling of the admissions and fatalities statistics and the suppression of several highly workable and safe remedies for what is in fact a very treatable illness so as to create the idea that the pseudo-vaccines are our “only hope”.

It is a level of bare-faced lying and crude manipulation that beggars belief, accompanied now by the fact that millions risked the vax on the implied promise that if they did, all this would be over, only to find it isn’t.

Not to mention that millions who enjoy the robust natural immunity that comes with having had the bug and gotten better have been vaccinated as well as the government forges right ahead and vaccinates those who are already immune!

But a massive problem is looming: if the warning of many experts are even remotely accurate, what we are going to see as time goes on is more and more illness and death among the vaccinated plus, when the next “flu season” hits in the autumn, escalating deaths among the vaccinated due to a heightened adverse reaction to the wild coronaviruses they come into contact with.

The escalation of illness and death among the vaccinated, once perceived by the citizenry, will see the fall of governments and the bringing to trial of those responsible for deceiving them into getting vaccinated – especially as the deceptions used are very easy to prove. There are likely to be a very large number of very angry people.

This is a nightmare scenario for the government, which has long passed the point of no return and which will only survive, it thinks, by maintaining in perpetuity the hoax it has been operating.

And it knows that this is coming so we can predict that it will – and is already –  pull every trick in the book to shift the blame away from the vaccines it has been pushing on the populace,

We can see the groundwork for this already being laid. The apparent relaxing of protocols in an “heroic gamble” by the government will be negated by suitably alarming stats cooked up to show a resurgence of “cases”. There is the appearance of a “super variant” or some such thing that somehow “gets past the vaccines”. This will be used to explain away the spike in cases and deaths those warning us about the liabilities of these vaccines have been trying to bring to our attention from the outset.

It’s coming. An epidemic among the vaccinated this Autumn will confirm it and it remains to be seen whether the public buys into the attempts by the very crew of liars that is trying to murder them to cover their sorry asses.

And the government is already working hard to get its cover story in place.

Meanwhile it pushes vaccination with renewed vigour as if hoping to get everybody done before the penny drops, by which time it will be too late. How many able bodied people will be left to carry the civilisation on their backs remains to be seen and how many of those will be the unvaccinated is also a matter of wait-and-see.

Of course, removing the unvaxed from the scene means removing the control group with which the health and longevity of vaccinated can be compared. A comparison between the illness and fatality rate of the vaccinated with the illness and fatality rate of the unvaccinated would tell us just how lethal the vaccines are. It will be interesting to see, if enough people decline the vaccines, how the health of the two categories compares.

For instance, we would be able to compare what PERCENTAGE of the unvaccinated are sick or dying of Covid, blood clots, heart disease etc etc) for each age group or demographic with what PERCENTAGE of the unvaccinated are dying for each demographic.

So for every fatality we would need to know (a) what demographic the deceased person was in and (b) were they vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Expect the government to avoid such comparisons and precision like the plague. Any effort to fudge or avoid such comparisons will be a clear sign of things to hide.

As for our Freedom Movement, it is clear that war is being waged on humanity and our duty is to do our best to rise to its defence.

A great many people have already done so and, importantly, these include a great and swelling number of honourable physicians, virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, pathologists, researchers, scientists, former Big Pharma executives, lawyers and so on and so forth.

All we have to do is persist, pour coals on our purpose to bring mankind through the darkness of this attack into the light of freedom and an era when he is no longer victimised by liars in his own governments, to unite and work together in a truly powerful global grass roots movement.

And let’s gear up now for what the government is going to do in the next phase of its attack on humanity.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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