The Dangerous Environment Caper and the Covadoodlebug

More on how war is being waged on the People


by Fabian Ubiquitus

There is a caper known as the “dangerous environment routine” which is a psychological warfare tool used by suppressive persons in governments and places of influence to terrorise, cow and control humanity.

Its name speaks for itself and you can observe this caper at play in various guises day in and day out in the media, the channels through which governments communicate to the people.

The current “dangerous environment” threat being used is that of an alleged deadly virus. This one has the advantage that it is cheaper to run than, say, a war or organising and financing an external enemy. An alleged virus also has the advantage of being invisible, intangible and “everywhere” – perfect for a dangerous environment caper, particularly as creation of the threat requires primarily merely a manipulation of numbers (the stats).

So the media is presently full of how there has been an alleged massive surge in “cases”. This raw number is a vague generality, the severity and demographics of which are unspecified, designed to strike terror in the hearts of jittery citizens.

The surge in “cases” derives in the main from a surge in testing still using dodgy and inaccurate tests. The opportunities for manipulation of the stats is the reason why the government has persisted with tests notorious for their inaccuracy.

The surge in testing similarly creates a surge in the stat of “hospitalisations”.

“Hospitalisations” sounds like loads of people rushed to hospital after having been struck down (again, nice and scary) but the figure is evidently mainly composed of people already in hospital being treated for other things and then while they are there tested using the dodgy tests as a matter of routine. If such a patient then gets a positive (false or otherwise, with or without symptoms), he or she is then counted as a case and a “hospitalisation”.

It is already well known that most cases are “found” in hospitals and nursing homes (see above).

Alleged daily deaths are reportedly at about 25. The demographic of this number is unspecified (for example, were they all over 90? etc). With the false “new cases” running at over 48000 this makes the ratio of deaths to infections one in two thousand.

Interestingly, this is pretty much in keeping with the IFR (Infection-Fatality Ratio) throughout this “pandemic”, which has been (from memory) about 0.02 percent. And this low figure is based on stats the gov has been manipulating to look as scary as possible. So the true figure – if we ever get it – is likely to be much lower and less scary than this.

One in two thousand deaths from the alleged bug is low. The figure is probably inflated in any case so ACTUAL DEATHS CAUSED BY the alleged bug may well be much fewer even than that.

Had early treatment with things such as Ivermectin (now know to reduce hospitalisations and death by 80% or more) not been denied peo0le who needed it, if you combine all these factors, you have a bug that is not only nowhere near as infectious as the numbers make it  look but one that is RARELY FATAL.

So we have a low death count that is probably falsely and needlessly high and a massive amount of testing across the country using inaccurate tests whose positives are then unscientifically and fraudulently called “cases”.

Theses “cases” have no symptoms (ie., are not ill) about 80% of the time. Many others have mild or moderate symptoms the same as those of flu, colds, hay fever etc etc.

The symptoms of the Covadoodelbug are so indistinguishable from other illnesses such as the common cold and so forth, the “only way” to tell that it is actually Covadoodle is through the dodgy tests that of course tell you no such thing. The sameness of the alleged symptoms between Covadoodle and other routine illnesses again makes it easy to bump up the Covadoodlebug stats.

Please note that this alleged surge of cases has occurred BEFORE the easing of restrictions and AFTER a year or more of futile and catastrophic lockdowns.

One of the ironies of this fiasco and its venal farrago of lies and contradictions is that the government’s own false-but-scary stats tend to show that its various measures to “combat” the false pandemic have been catastrophically ineffective.

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