Strong Voices in the Land: Fiona Hine

September 24, 2023 0

Today we are proud to feature the courageous Fiona Hine, founder of Covileaks and her crusade  for justice for the thousands of victims of the government’s Covid Psyop. We start with a video of her […]


The truth about the “get Russell Brand” fiasco

September 23, 2023 0

Paul Joseph Watson provides an amusing and very apt commentary on the media attack on Russell Brand and the evident frothing-at-the-mouth effort to shut him up before he becomes even more popular. And of course […]


Fancy a Revolution? No, but . . . .

September 17, 2023 0

Here is another very powerful briefing from Neil Oliver who has a knack for analysis that really nails the truth of our situation. The question ” Fancy a Revolution” is rhetorical, as nobody wants the […]

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