There’s a new game afoot. Let’s play

And play to WIN

Intro by The Masked Writer

There is a new game in the making that the resourceful and energetic will win.

To give you an idea of it, here follows a post on Faceboook by the excellent and very highly recommened project, Awakened Pages (please check out their FB page and/or website). It is followednby a comment from one of its members that gives you some ideas of what you can do on a personal level and on a broader community level. The ideas are far from a complete list but hopefully will get you thinking about what YOU can do, for this truism applies:


Get active, get busy, ditch the TV and start creating (it’s more fun), HELP EACHOTHER, form groups, networks, liaisons, clubs of like minded people.

We are not just in a game called “Save our Civilisation” but a better game called “Create the Civilisation We Really Want to Live In” (as oppose to a hideous one being forced on us by those playing their own game of “Crush Humanity”).

We live in a tough universe in which only the proverbial tigers prevail. So we had better become tigers.

So, the Awakened Pages post first, followed by the comment.



“The Cost of Living Crisis” is being telegraphed in the “news”. That is one of their new 24/7 terms which will be constantly drummed in via wall-to-wall media coverage. This is how they plan to steal your wealth (or your disposable income, pensions, property etc.)
The concept of sharing a room in your home with others has already been floated with the troubles in Ukraine but that initiative also positions it in the psyche and opens the door to the reality that many may have to do it to make ends meet. It positions “communal living with others for the greater good” as a logical part of a new normal and a way to save the planet. The virtue signalers will lap it up.
This financial tsunami is coming fast and they are also talking about food shortages in the UK, Europe, and the world. They do NOT telegraph this stuff if they don’t plan to roll it out. It will materialise I have no doubts. (it is arguably here already).
It would be sensible to start thinking about all ways you can insulate and protect yourself and your family against this and act accordingly. How can you hedge your bets and get yourself into the strongest possible position? The answers don’t have to come all at once but it is important to get your mind tuned to tackling the problem so you are in a better position.

Chance favours the prepared mind…



We’ve stocked up a few months emergency supply of food.
We also recycle rainwater and have other measures in place that have nearly halved our water consumption/costs and are working on similarly reducing electricity/gas consumption with what looks to be a modicum of success. None of this depresses our standard of living and enjoyment of life.
I’m working on the possibility of each home generating its own power through a domestic wind turbine. Have a friend whose son works in the turbine industry so will be picking his brains to find out if domestic wind turbines to replace or reduce reliance on the grid are at all feasible. Imagine for instance if you have a small turbine that could just recharge your electric car. You’d then be looking at FREE FUEL. That innovation alone would transform the economy.
But it is important to remember that this crisis is ENGINEERED with malice aforethought. It takes a perverse skill to take a highly evolved technological civilsation capable of hitherto undreamed levels of production and reduce it to poverty.
There are many things that could be done about it given the political will, such as to bring these criminals to justice, abolish income tax, replace the debt-based money we are currently using as our idiotic and suicidal means of exchange with a proper money supply based on production.
But this requires the urgent formation of a broad, numerous and for-blood grass roots organisation to oversee and make behave those who comprise our government and expel therefrom the subversives who have infiltrated it and are working hard to engineer the crises we are experiencing.

We need representatives in Parliament who will force through vitally needed changes that will bring about a government designed and run for all the people for clearly we do not currently have one and those feckless sell-outs sitting in Parliament serve other masters than We The People and have no intention of making the necessary changes.


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