The Ministry of Terror

How stats are used by manipulative scumbags to terrorise the people

by Kieron McFadden

It is important we understand exactly how the government is fiddling the “new cases” stats so as to create statistics that make it look like we have an epidemic on our hands.

There is a very good detailed explanation of how it is being done here, provided by Dr Mike Yeadon, who is the former CSO and VP, Allergy and Respiratory Research Head with Pfizer Global R&D and co-Founder of Ziarco Pharma Ltd.

The article is very thorough but it takes quite a bit of getting your head around, so let me try to provide a brief in-a-nutshell explanation for those with busy lives who do not necessarily have the time to spend on it.

  • First off, the misrepresentation requires steering the public’s attention away from four important facts.
  • The first is that, per the mortality stats and so forth, this bug is comparable to seasonal flu.
  • Secondly, the outbreak ran its course, as these outbreaks do, quite some time ago. In so doing, it followed the pattern of similar outbreaks that have come and gone over the years.
  • Thirdly it is necessary to ignore the fact that the PCR test in wide use is inaccurate and returns false positives and just pretend that all positives are “cases” even when they have no symptoms.
  • Fourthly, ignore the fact that the ONS has already established -through more accurate but painstaking methodology than the mass-use PCR testing – that the COVID19 bug is actually present in roughly 1 in 1000 people. In other words, take any random group of 10000 people and you’ll find that about 10 of them have the bug. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have a serious case of it because how serious it is depends on age and background health and so forth. But roughly 10 will have it and for one or two of them it is going to be serious.

The main weapon in the arsenal for “detecting” the spread of the virus is the PCR test.

The PCR test isn’t very accurate. How inaccurate? Opinions vary. Experts such as Dr Yeadon contend it is so inaccurate it should not be used at all.

The Health Secretary says that it returns false positives in about 1% of people tested. This doesn’t sound a lot but therein lies the deceit.

It is very likely the Health Secretary is understating the level of inaccuracy (indeed the Foreign Secretary recently let slip that the unreliability of the test is MUCH MUCH higher than what the Hancock tells us) but for the sake of argument let us be kind to Hancock and assume that the test gives a false positive in one in a hundred people tested.

That means that in any random group of 10000 people tested roughly 100 people will show “positive” when they do not actually have the virus .

At the same time, about 10 people who actually do have the virus will, correctly, test positive.

So one day, 10 000 tests are done and 110 people test positive (10 who actually do have it and 100 who don’t have it).

So the government, knowing full well the level of inaccuracy it is ignoring, luridly proclaims that “110 new cases were found today!”

While we are at it, let’s point out too that  it is inconceivable that the Prime Minister does not know this, the government’s experts do not know this and that every MP in the Parliament does not know this. To believe that they do not know this is to believe they are capable of a level of incompetence utterly unacceptable – and indeed dangerous – in people who are entrusted by the rest of us with  running the ruddy country!

Be that as it may, returning to our stats, the true number of cases is ten but the number reported by the government is 110: the stats make a flu-like bug appear roughly eleven  times more infectious than it actually is. That is a 91% inaccuracy rate!

There is another destructive ramification of all this dedicated lying and misrepresentation that is worth mentioning.

Imagine you have been to a restaurant and given your details per the so-called track-and-trace system. One of the restaurant customers is later tested and tests positive for COVID19. So you are contacted and told to self isolate for 2 weeks.

But the chances are greater than 10 to one that the person who tested positive doesn’t actually have the bug.

So you wind up being self isolated with all the loss of income and production that involves because you ate in the same restaurant as someone who was in fact perfectly healthy!

But remember, all this is based on a generous false positive rate of just 1%. The Foreign Secretary has suggested the test may be about 93% inaccurate. If the government is going to lie to us, they should at least get their story straight.

Well, let’s be generous again and imagine a false positive rate of 10%. In that case: 10000 people tested, 10 people who actually have the bug and around 1000 people who test positive but don’t actually have it. 10 accurate out of 1010 inaccurate, makes it a less than 1% accuracy rate.

The government luridly announces 1,010 “new cases found”, of which there are only 10 true cases and a thousand false – and an epidemic that exists only in government stats and not in the real world.

We are being conned on a massive scale by criminals who think it is perfectly all right to lie through their teeth to and cynically terrorise the British people.

We must demand that the perpetrators and their accomplices, proxies and collaborators are brought to trial.

Nobody should be allowed to get away with bringing that amount of terror and outright harm to the nation.

Kieron McFadden writes exclusively for UK Reloaded and the Liberty Beacon project.

He does not think highly of Matt Hancock


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