The floundering COVID19 psyop: government shoots self in foot several times

A master plan or mere stupidity?

by Boudicca

So here is a quote from the British media ( that cannot help itself letting slip some revealing stats half-hidden among the smokescreen of its efforts to back up the government’s floundering psyop.

“The latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) report, published today, does not feature Covid-19 in the 10 leading causes of death in September.

In England, coronavirus was the 19th most common cause of death, and in Wales it was 24th.

Of the 39,827 deaths registered in September in England, 1.7 per cent, or 690 deaths, involved coronavirus, and in Wales the figure was 1.3 per cent of the 2,610 deaths, or 35 fatalities.”

Note that the alleged number of deaths that “involved Coronavirus” was 690 on September in England and in Wales it was 35!

But what does deaths “involving Coronanvirus” actually mean?

According to the newspaper it includes those “where the virus is mentioned anywhere on a death certificate”.

Being mentioned somewhere on the death certificate does not necessarily mean “killed by COVID19”. So in all likelihood the actual death rate from COVID 19 is even lower than these low figures.

Bear in mind too that even in the relatively small number of fatalities actually ascribed to COVI19, what we are looking at is cases where a disease not usually fatal on its own helps some fatal precondition finish the person off.

Let’s imagine some poor devil is dying from cancer. Because of that his immune system is shot to hell and virtually any bug that comes along, which would not normally be fatal can finish them off. So along comes COVID19 and, sure enough, provides the final straw and they  die.

So what CAUSED the death?

Was it the cancer that was already killing them, which in so doing had rendered them so weak they could not survive a bug that does not kill a well person?

Or was it the bug, on the grounds that it hastened their death by some unspecified time (a day? a week? who knows?)

It depends on how you want to spin it and THAT depends on what kind of scare you are trying the create – THAT in turn depends on what you are trying to do to the country.

It is fascinating to watch how the numbers are spun by the government and its allies in the media to make a bug less deadly than flu (see the chart) sound like the Black Death.

We already know the trick the government is using to claim there is a “massive spike in cases” through the caper of using thousands of false positives given by a dodgy, inaccurate test etc etc. I hardly need to repeat YET AGAIN what the vast majority of the population already know.

But we need to remember when it comes to meting out some justice to those responsible that it did not just rely on fiddling the stats. It relied too on making sure a large a number of people needlessly died in the early stages just to ram home the “deadly pandemic” scenario.

This was done by releasing the elderly early and untested from hospitals care BACK into their nursing homes where there were no protocols in place for protecting the residents and this caused the bug to cut a swathe of carnage through the ranks of the residents killing large numbers needlessly. In other words, an engineered outbreak in our nursing homes that amounted to a cull of the elderly.

And don’t forget the widespread use of DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders, which further guaranteed deaths.

And putting people on ventilators was an intervention that actually killed many people too.

The con game continues unashamedly flying in the face of statistics, common sense, humanitarian concerns, common decency  and the fact that most of the population have seen through it.

Is the government TRYING to provoke a revolt?

Or, more likely, is someone pulling the strings trying to provoke a revolt in pursuit of a strategy in which slightly dim stooges and front men such as the Prime Muppet and his henchmen are pawns destined to be sacrificed to an angry mob.

This is speculation on my part but I am trying to make sense of why the hell someone would wreck the country and seriously piss off its people on such a manifestly flimsy pretext – a gambit that is almost certain to end up with these clowns strung up by an enraged citizenry?

Are we witnessing a master plan or mere stupidity?

It is one of the two.


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