Getting the truth through the force screens of censorship

Sometimes it needs heroic persistence, relentlessness, doggedness and the patience of saints

by Kieron McFadden

Let’s go over some basic points again.

Sounds tedious but the horrible fact of the matter is that in the face of a concerted disinformation/propaganda campaign by the globalist crime syndicates behind this attack on our nations, what works, what has yielded tremendous results for the exponentially growing Freedom Movement and the steady permeation of the Truth through the force-screens of censorship, is repetition: the willingness to state and re-state and re-state persistently, relentlessly and with infinite patience the basic truths of the situation.

And whilst so doing not being unduly concerned who “agrees” with one or “approves” of one or making the other guy wrong because he doesn’t, to bypass one’s innate craving for approval from a humanoid group and just go right on calmly stating the blindingly ruddy obvious.

We are at war

You get inertia and culture lag and it all seems to take an inordinately long time but it works and it is worth it because the game we are involved in is a war against the enemies and oppressors of Man and to the victor will go the spoils of an entire civilisation.

Here we have a bug that the government and its handlers have been talking up for two years. It is a bug that the government itself admits has a low fatality rate and the CMO has told us most of us have little to worry about. (…/

Fraudulent tests

Notwithstanding that, we have witnessed the fraudulent use of the PCR test ( which both its inventor and the government have stated cannot be used to diagnose illness – see the above link) to create false and alarmingly inflated “infections’ and ‘cases’ statistics.

The fraudulent use of that test and various other tricks and dodges now well known have brought about alarmingly false, inflated “hospitalisation’ statistics and “Covid deaths” statistics.

We’re all now well aware of the mis-definition of a “case” and of a “hospitalisation” and of a Covid death.

We are aware too of the trick of “with Covid” as opposed to “of Covid” by which, for example a hospitalisation or death with Covid means that the person had some other illness that caused him to be hospitalised or die but he happened to have recently had a PCR test (see above) which returned a “positive”.

The fraudulent nature of the PCR test combined with similarity of symptoms has led to influenza cases, for example, being called “Covid” cases and that of course, especially during a flu season, has helped create the illusion of a pandemic.

Really Bad Mathematical Models

And of course into this bewildering morass is thrown the alarming mathematical models that managed to scare the crap out of everybody without actually ever being even remotely accurate.


Suppression of Safe Workable Remedies

Oh and in case I forget, we also have the suppression of known remedies such as Ivermectin that have in competent medical hands saved many lives and prevented many hospitalisations. They might not be for everybody but their workability and safety (apparently superior to the efficacy and safety of the vaccines) tell us that a government that really gave a crap about saving lives would at least have made such remedies available to those who wanted them. But of course the deployment of safe and workable remedies would have undermined the drive to create a health scare and the illusion of a “deadly pandemic”.<

As a result of all this jiggery-pokery with false stats and mis-definitions we have a bug that has been propagandised into appearing far more infectious and deadly than it actually is.

And before anybody starts, let’s just clarify here: yes the bug can be a serious issue for some (see the CMO’s description of to whom above) but this relatively small demographic isn’t “everybody”. For that relatively small demographic, shielding, isolation, the known safe remedies and so forth are, or should, be available. And of course there are the vaccines for those who want them although their efficacy is dubious at best and their safety in the short and long term is a serious concern.

Remember the Nightingales?

Hospitals were set up at huge public expense to treat “all those Covid cases” as people started dropping like flies due to “the virus”.

Only people didn’t start dropping like flies and hospitals set up to specialise in “treating” Covid19 had to be shut for lack of customers. And quickly, lest they advertise the fact that there weren’t enough Covid victims to fill more than a tiny few of their beds.

Why? Because the vast majority of people seriously ill “with” Covid had one, two, three, four or more pre-existing comorbidities such as cancer, which the NIghtingales were not set up to treat. When it came to treating otherwise reasonably healthy people “struck down by the new deadly virus”, throughout the entire nation there were hardly any customers.

Why the Relentless Propaganda Blitz

All right so we have had two years of a bug, bad enough for some as bugs tend to be, propagandised relentlessly and knowingly into appearing more sweepingly deadly and scary than it actually is.

Well, evidently this is all geared to getting the citizenry to submit to injection with still-experimental biochemical agents whose long-term safety is untrialed, as yet unknown and therefore speculative.

What is in those biochemical injections the government and its handlers are so desperately keen and grimly determined to inject into every citizen they have told lie after lie after lie to gain our acquiesence? What have we not been told?

Or is it merely that someone is trying to engineer a situation in which the citizenry can be compulsorily medicated with whatever that someone decides we should be medicated with, regardless of whether that medication has had trials to test it efficacy and safety?

We really need to take on board the fact that governments are trying to acquire the power to make mandatory EXPERIMENTAL agents of unknown short, medium and long term safety.

I can think on more dangerous a power to hand the crooks, halfwits and plausible liars that infest government than the power to force us to take whatever experimental chemical they see fit.

And just to round off here is a mind-blowing video I recommend

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ style=”border: none;” src=””></iframe>

People’s Media News Dashboard


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